Never-Ending Snarky Snippets

snarky-4I just can’t seem to tamp down the snark these days … every time I see any news, it raises the hackles and the snark just rolls out.  Today is no exception, and the three four stories below are only the tip of the iceberg.

The purpose of an executive order is not to bypass Congress, though Trump is not the first ‘president’ to use them as a tool to accomplish their goals without the muss & fuss of waiting for congressional action.  Trump has abused the power many, many times, and is planning to do so again this week.

According to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows …

“We’re going to get them done when Congress couldn’t get them done.  The interesting thing is this president will do more in the next four weeks than Joe Biden and his team did in the last 40 years. So, you just need to stay tuned.”

Somehow, this raises red flags, especially that last sentence … it sounds rather like a threat to me.  Rumour has it that the latest batch of executive orders will involve China, immigration, and prescription drugs.

Meadows also said, in the same interview on Fox & Friends, that Trump was right when he claimed that the coronavirus is ‘mostly harmless’.  Without actually presenting any data, Meadows claimed the data shows that for 99% of people, the virus is not harmful.  Hmmm … I wonder why, then, there have been more than a half-million deaths worldwide, 133,000 here in the U.S.?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could actually trust our ‘leaders’, if every utterance by Trump & Co didn’t send up red flags?  Sigh.toon-1

Could it be that Trump and Fox are headed for a divorce?  Trump claims he’s done with Fox and urges his base to switch to OAN.  OAN stands for One America News, however it is anything but a news network … it is a right-wing propaganda network, pure and simple.  So, what led to this breakup?

On Sunday, Fox presented the results of their latest polls, showing Trump still trailing Joe Biden.  As usual when a network says something Trump doesn’t like, it is labeled ‘fake news’ by him.  In this case, he claimed he was leading in “real polls” but did not cite any such ‘real’ polls.

“@FoxNews gladly puts up the phony suppression polls as soon as they come out. We are leading in the REAL polls because people are sick & tired of watching the Democrat run cities, in all cases, falling apart. Also, now 96% Approval Rating in the Republican Party. Another 2016!”

Um, Donnie?  You might want to double check those numbers.  You are trailing Biden in every legitimate poll, and the 96% republican approval rate you cite is way off base.  Last I heard, it was around 85%, with only 57% of republicans saying they strongly approve of the job you’re doing.  And you wonder why we don’t believe a word you say.

At any rate, the switch to OAN doesn’t trouble me overly much, for they do not have nearly the exposure nor the credibility that Fox has (not that Fox has much credibility, either).  Most people never even heard of OAN until a couple of months ago when they started replacing Fox as Trump’s new love interest.

You may remember the controversy over the Dakota Access Pipeline?  The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe have opposed the pipeline for years, saying it endangers Lake Oahe, a reservoir on tribal land that the pipeline passes under.  Today, Judge James Boasberg for the U.S. District Court District of Columbia ruled that the Dakota Access pipeline must be emptied and shut down while the Army Corps of Engineers conducts the environmental impact review that it should have completed before it granted an easement that allowed Energy Transfer Partners to build the pipeline bringing North Dakota crude oil to Illinois in the first place.  The judge gave ETP 30 days, until August 5th, to shut it down and empty it completely.  The environmental review is expected to take approximately 13 months.

And in other pipeline news, another highly controversial pipeline, the Atlantic Coast pipeline, has been canceled after numerous lawsuits by environmental groups had kept the project in limbo for nearly six years.  Duke Energy and Dominion Energy said that lawsuits had increased costs to as much as $8 billion from the $4-5 billion initially projected.  The project would have crossed the Appalachian Trail, a historic 2,190-mile hiking trail.

So, score two for the environment this week!

We are personae non grata, and rightly so.  Our failure to take the needed precautions to tamp down the coronavirus has led to a steep escalation in new cases, and last week, the EU announced it would not accept travelers from the U.S.  Canada had already closed their borders to us, and the UK is likely to follow suit.  And now … Mexico!  This is the ultimate irony, after Trump has spent nearly four years trying to ban Mexicans from coming into the U.S.  This is what I call poetic justice!toon-3The town of Sonoyta, just across the border from Lukeville, Arizona, has blocked the border from the U.S. due to growing concern about the surge of cases of the virus in Arizona. Sonoyta Mayor José Ramos Arzate issued a statement Saturday “inviting U.S. tourists not to visit Mexico,” and that people from the United States should only be allowed in “for essential activities, and for that reason, the checkpoint and inspection point a few meters from the Sonoyta-Lukeville AZ crossing will continue operating.”

Good for you, Mayor!  It was the right decision … but I’m beginning to feel a little trapped.  If the election should go wrong on November 3rd, and we all feel like leaving the country, will there be anyplace left where we would be welcomed? toon-2

28 thoughts on “Never-Ending Snarky Snippets

  1. I am reminded of an old MAD magazine item on corruption in city councils. One panel (which was excellent art in its pathos) showed a voting location and a line of ragged, sad, beaten-down old hobbos getting dollar bills from a large smug politician before they vote, they all wear a button ‘I like Lox’, he is wearing a button ‘I like me’.

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      • There is a difference between the two. It focuses on the two cultures, basically it works like this.
        Trump is an elitist white privileged boor who tries to pretend he is a Man of the People by acting like a ‘regular guy’, only he comes across to most as a schlub, unless of course you buy into his views.
        Boris (Or BoJo) is an elitist white privileged ‘chancer’ who affects an air of the English eccentric wit in the hope it will endear him to the common people who will in our class system still defer to him ’cause he’s a toff , gor bless him’.
        Johnson and his ilk look down their noses at Trump as a typical American ‘new money’ uneducated oaf and like other leaders in the world look to play him.
        That’s the summary.

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  2. Hello Jill. I read the other day that Mark Meadows was complaining that no one told him the job had no real authority and he basically has nothing to do except get yelled at by the president and pass the anger from tRump around. He should have asked before jumping into the fire. Second what does that say about the management style or lack of in the WH? Be well. Hugs

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    • I saw that same thing! Well, we all knew from previous staffers that the management style can be defined by one word: chaos. But, as for Meadows … if he’s so dissatisfied, why is he still spreading Trump’s propaganda? I’m happy enough, though, that he’s out of Congress, and I hope he finds himself out of a job come next January! Hugs, my friend!

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  3. Jill, today CNN posted an article “As Trump gaslights America on coronavirus, Republicans face a decision.” If using the term “gaslight” to describe the president isn’t embarassingly sad, the first sentence references Trump’s “delusional vision.” This would be funny if it were not so alarming.

    I posted today “That Trump anchor,” citing an article by Politico and poll updates from RealClear politics. Even ultra conservative Mark Theissen sounded alarm bells. But, what he and the legislators running don’t realize is it is going to get worse as COVID cases build and the economic malaise gets worse and remains that way into next year. Plus, they have Trump running around with his racist gas can making fires worse. He does not realize he is losing voters who don’t like his overt racism. Keith

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    • I have found that CNN article and saved it to read when I finish my a.m. post and comments. Thanks. Yes, it is a sad statement about the person in the Oval Office. Sigh.

      I noticed your post earlier, just haven’t gotten to it yet, but I will read it shortly. If Mark Theissen is sounding alarm bells, you know the GOP is getting nervous. Hugh Hewitt, on the other hand, is tooting Trump’s horn in the WaPo. Grrrrrr. Oh yes, it’s going to get worse. New cases are skyrocketing, states are mandating masks and closing businesses again, and Trump will become even more unhinged as he sees his poll numbers dropping. We’re in for a long, hot summer, my friend.

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  4. I wish I knew what the Executive Orders were going to be for just in case its declaring war on the UK.I like to be prepared. I take it Meadows is a moron from thee same class as his boss, to call,, coronavirus mostly harmless id ludicrous given the 133,000 deaths in your country alone. What;s harmful then? So Trump lies about the polls, it’s onlyy to stop him burstingh into tears all thhe time like a big girls blouse.
    Well done the judges and the piipelines.

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    • I’ll be keeping an eye open, watching to see what they are … nothing yet, though. Or, it’s being kept a secret, but sooner or later it will come out. Yep, Meadows is one of the co-founders of the ignoble House Freedom Caucus you’ve heard me natter about. He has zero conscience and is a grade-A jackass. He’s from Keith’s state of North Carolina. Yeah, apparently hospitalization, requiring oxygen, and death aren’t considered to be harm! Jerks. I left a message for Mike Pence this afternoon and told him he’s an unconscionable liar for saying this. Sigh.

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  5. Last I checked Jill, about 15-20% of people who test positive are harmed quite a bit, including hospitalizations, long-term lung damage, and a host of other problems….Oh, and death! For President Moron, however, he could care less. Just throw out a number and his folks will rejoice with tears in their eyes at what a great leader he is.

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    • Yep, if it’s harmless, where are all these deaths … which, by the way, it is said are under-reported by as much as 30% … coming from? I think hospitalization and death are pretty harmful things. I left Pence a message tonight about this and told him he was an unconscionable liar. Sometimes I just get angry and have to do things like that. Not that he’ll ever see it, but it made me feel better.

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      • Which is why I go on Twitter. Sometimes it drives me nuts. But it allows me to vent at people I really do not like..hint: The current so-called president. I called him a coward and asked him if he ever worked. He won’t see it, but that’s ok. Like you said…it made me feel better!!

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  6. I always laugh when I see trump boasting of such high approval numbers, that’s just crazy. I don’t think any president has had an approval in the 90% range, bush may have come close after 9-11 but I’d have to look it up.


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    • Probably Bush in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, for he did handle it well in those early days, was the president we needed. But, in the past 50 years, Clinton actually earned the highest approval rating by the end of his term. I was surprised by that. Hugs, my friend!

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