A Snarky Bit Of This ‘n That

The Supreme Court has been hard at work, trying to wrap up their business before the two-month break coming up.  These days when the Court speaks, it usually raises my hackles, and raised hackles lead to a bit of ranting, ‘cause it isn’t healthy to keep it all bottled up inside, y’know.

I am thoroughly confused about the rationale behind yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling that restricts access to birth control for women.  Within the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA), there was a mandate which says that insurance plans sponsored by large employers must include preventive care — including all forms of birth control approved by the Food and Drug Administration — at no additional cost.  Trump and his band of merry henchmen came along and decided that any company having a religious objection to birth control, can opt out of the mandate, leaving their female employees a little poorer after paying full price to purchase their own birth control, sometimes thousands of dollars.  For some it is cost-prohibitive.

But what confuses me is that the very people who are against birth control are also viciously against abortion.  This is like … it’s like putting two flavours of ice cream on the table and saying, “You may not have the chocolate.  You also may not have the vanilla.”  If these religious groups do not want women to have abortions, then isn’t the best cure a preventative one?  What the hell do these groups want?

The answer to that question, I think, is simple.  They want women to be forced back into servitude, having a baby every year, not having the opportunities afforded to men, such as furthering their education, finding a satisfying career, or virtually anything else.  They want, it would seem, to control women’s bodies, and in so doing, our minds.

And another thing … the earth is already overpopulated.  In 1800 the world’s population was around 1 billion people. Since then it has increased more than sevenfold to reach over 7.5 billion in 2017 and is forecast to top 10 billion by 2050.  Why in hell would we want to encourage unfettered reproduction???  With medical science now able to keep people alive longer, the birth rate is 3 times higher than the death rate.  Okay, wonderful that you can be cured of many diseases and live to a ripe old age, but somewhere human growth must level off, for the planet cannot support 10 billion people!  Especially since humans seem intent on destroying the planet in every imaginable way!

The Court screwed up on this one, and we women will pay a hefty price for decades!  Thanks, Justices Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Thomas, and Chief Justice Roberts … thanks for nothing!

In another Supreme Court ruling, the Court contributed to Trump’s re-election campaign by saying that his financial records, including tax returns, could not be given to Congress for review until after the election in November.  It is my opinion that the Court, in so ruling, has increased Trump’s chances at re-election, for there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that there will be damning information found in those financial records that might convince some fence-sitters of his absolute dishonesty.

But, the news wasn’t all bad on this one, for the Court did rule that Trump not only lacks immunity from a state criminal investigation but also enjoys no special, heightened standard of proof.  In a nutshell, New York District Attorney, Cyrus Vance has been given a green light.  Well, actually a yellow light, for Trump can still plead for immunity in a lower court, and this could easily bounce around until after November 3rd.  I found humour in the fact that this was a 7-2 ruling, with both of Trump’s hand-picked Justices, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, siding with the majority opinion.  Trump, needless to say, was not pleased …

“The Supreme Court sends case back to Lower Court, arguments to continue. This is all a political prosecution. I won the Mueller Witch Hunt, and others, and now I have to keep fighting in a politically corrupt New York. Not fair to this Presidency or Administration!”

Idiots abound these days, don’t they?  Ohio State Representative Nino Vitale seems to have a few damaged brain cells and be following a Trumpian agenda.  Yesterday, when Governor DeWine put into place a mask mandate for certain counties, including my own, where the virus is spiraling out of control, Mr. Vitale seemingly took umbrage and had some advice for his constituents …

“Are you tired of living in a dictatorship yet? This is what happens when people go crazy and get tested. STOP GETTING TESTED! It is giving the government an excuse to claim something is happening that is not happening at the magnitude they say it is happening.”

WHOA!  And this dude was elected into the state legislature???   As I said, idiots abound.toon

40 thoughts on “A Snarky Bit Of This ‘n That

  1. Well,Kavanaugh has done his duty by the Evangelists with this decision There will be more Christian souls for the battle to come..Of course they’ll have to create one when they feel strong enough. Back to have another go at the crusades.

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    • I was actually amazed that Kavanaugh voted with the liberal justices this time, for I thought he would always side with Trump in any and every case. It does not, however, raise him one whit in my opinion, for he is a snake in the grass. Yep, I can see religious wars starting in this country. Sigh.

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  2. Birth control is not just about sex outside marriage. It’s about being able to enjoy sex in marriage, or any loving relationship, without fear of the consequences.
    As for testing does your local idiot advise not being tested for cancer, in case you discover you have it and are forced to endure chemo- or radio-therapy? After all, if you know you have it you can still exercise freedom of choice and not get treatment. And, I suppose, as we are talking about the good ol’ US of A, getting treated is only an option if you’re rich or have good quality insurance. If you are poor, maybe he’s right and it IS better not to know!

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    • You are so right, Frank! In today’s world, it is challenging enough to raise and educate one child, let alone several, and it is irresponsible to bring more and more children into an already overpopulated world.

      As re our local idiot and his desire to stop testing … I doubt he cares one way or another if anybody is tested for or treated for the coronavirus or cancer. He simply does not fathom that our lives have any value, for he lives in a two dimensional world where there is Donald Trump, and there is the rest of the world. Donald Trump is the only one that matters, and the rest are tools to be used to his advantage. So, if we can afford testing, we can get it. If we cannot, we can die. Very simple when you think about it. Sigh.

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      • Hello Jill. He simply does not fathom that our lives have any value, for he lives in a two dimensional world where there is Donald Trump, and there is the rest of the world. Donald Trump is the only one that matters, and the rest are tools to be used to his advantage What a chilling concept yet how true. I wish we could get his cult followers to see this. As you say we could all die and he wouldn’t be bothered a bit. tRump’s world and the rest of the wealthy world is about what is best for them, what makes them more wealth, they do not see the lower incomes as anything but animals to produce them income. Hugs

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        • Our lives have no value to him … heck, his own children’s and grandchildren’s lives have value only in what they can do for him, not out of any genuine love. All you say is true … and I don’t know anymore how to even begin to change it. We talk ’til we’re blue in the face, write ’til our fingertips are callused, and still they cannot see. Sigh. Hugs!

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  3. Jill, you ask, “What the hell do these groups want?” They don’t much care about women’s rights, or controlling women’s bodies. A few might, but not as many as you think. What they want are two sides of the same coin. the coin–more Christian births!
    One side of the coin is population. The Muslims are quickly overtaking the Christians in total population around the world, and this scares the Christians to no end. (Maybe not the rank and file, though surely the authorities, and the right wing Evangelicals.) The more “Christian babies born,” the longer it will take to have more Muslims than Christians, and the more chances of war or pestilence in the Middle East to cause a sudden decrease in their numbers. Therefore, no abortions, and no birth control.
    Mind you, keeping women barefoot and in the kitchen is a part of that, just not the biggest part.

    So let us flip the coin over to see what else we see. Church revenues are going down, what with all the atheists turning away from religion, and all the many new branches of churches. There isn’t as much available money to go around, like there was in the 1950s. The Roman Catholics and the church of Latter Day Saints aren’t doing too badly yet, they have huge stores of money, and they have investments and commercial enterprizes all over the world to keep the money coming in. With covid-19 effecting world economies, those investments may no longer be wise ideas. Time will tell. But Covid is also having other effects. A lockdown of any length means no church offerings, and that affects the Evangelicals more than most. As a group they do not have the fortunes other denominations have, and their leaders need a steady supply of money to maintain the life styles they deny to the rank and file, who have to suffer to see god, while the clergy run around the world in private jets, using their fortunes to keep them well-entertained Monday to Saturday.
    These leaders want more babies as much as do other religions, but only because more worshippers mean more offerings. Am I being cynical, but with reason. If you don’t tithe, or better, you won’t be reaching those pearly gates they promise their paritioners that are waiting to welcome them.
    So, Jill, that is the quick version of why Christians deny birth control while also damning abortions. They have to be the biggest organizations, with the most money they can suck out of the people.

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    • I think your analysis is very astute. It may be only part of the answer, but it certainly makes sense. Frankly, I’d rather throw my money away in a one-armed bandit (slot machine) in Vegas than to give a single cent to any church. As for the evangelicals, I’ve written about Jim “god wants me to have nice things” Bakker, Joel Osteen and several others who live in million dollar mansions, own yachts and private jets, and live like kings, while the people who are supporting them are struggling to put food on the table. I think, though, that their plan to spawn more and more babies will backfire on them, for two reasons. First, the planet cannot support all the people it has now. Food scarcity and water shortages will have devastating effects. Second, today’s youth are more aware, more savvy than generations past, and by the time all these babies they are spitting out come of age, most will have realized the trouble the world is in and be more concerned with putting their efforts (and money) into education, saving the planet, and other worthwhile causes than tithing to some church that spews mythological rhetoric. Sigh.

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      • I hate to say it, Jill, but never underestimate the power of brainwashing. All religions use it, but some much more than others. Catholics, with all their rituals, rules, and sensory enhancements; Mormons with their exclusivity and secrets, Evangelicals with all their threats and unfulfillable promises–all designed to capture a child’s mind before it even realizes he/she has a mind. This is Christianity at its finest, and its most despicabieness.

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        • Agreed. Religions use it, politicians use it, advertisers use it … this is why it’s so important that we teach people to think for themselves, to reason, to seek out facts rather than fall for the rhetoric that is all around them.

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          • It works because people have naturally lazy minds. It is easier to believe what you are told, rather than find out for yourself. Teaching people to think for themselves is almost impossible, because truly they have to teach themselves how to think. That means showing them they have been brainwashed.
            My next statement is going to sound contradictory, but “teaching is a form of brainwashing.”

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            • Lazy and greedy. You’re so right. At least on your first premises. But, on the last, I shall have to ponder after a bit of sleep, for my mind is too fuzzy to agree or disagree at the moment. Lack of sleep catches up at some point.

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              • It kind of depends on what is being taught, but whether it is a school book, or how to play music, or playing cards, teaching is giving one person’s opinions, beliefs, methods, or stategies to someone else. If the teaching is not harmful to the teachee, it may be acceptable to share ideas. However, if the teaching is harmful, then it is brainwashing, I think.

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  4. Obviously you don’t remember your Sunday School days. Birth control was not necessary because all good little Christian boys and girls ABSTAINED from sex outside of marriage. Jeez, I think I compensated for the abstainers.

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    • You have to remember that I was raised in a Jewish household, so we didn’t quite get the same lessons you did. But yeah, my mother was Catholic and I well remember the “abstinence is next to godliness”, or some such b.s. Now, when the hormones are raging around age 17, who cares about being godly??? Yeah, I have a feeling you probably did!!! I, on the other hand, was too busy being rebellious in other ways (hotwiring cars, skipping classes, being a general PIA) to care much about sex!

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        • Heh heh … a skill I learned around the age of 13. Of course, I can’t do it now because everything under the hood is electronic, but back in the day … After all, how else was I to use my father’s car if he hid the keys from me?

          Indeed, churches wield enormous power and if they used it for good, as they mostly claim to do, I would have no problem with them. Instead, they violate the laws when they play politics, they are rather a reverse Robin Hood, in my opinion, robbing from the poor to give to the rich. And they spend a large portion of their time attempting to shove their brand of bigotry down others’ throats. This is, in part, what led to 9/11 … missionaries trying to force Christianity on a Muslim population that they neither understood nor respected.

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  5. Hi, Jill! Don’t know what to make of it all! Yes, allowing Birth Control should decrease the need for abortions. Loved Keith’s comments! And you are so right….”Idiots Abound”! BTW…I love Pooh Bear! Hugs to you!!!!! 💙

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    • This country is headed for a catastrophe … I don’t see how we can possibly stay on the path we’re on and survive. Just how it will blow up is what keeps me awake nights, and I’ve got no idea, but somehow it’s all got to come to a head. I love Pooh, too … have you read “The Tao of Pooh”? Much wisdom comes from that ‘bear of very little brain’. Big hugs and much love to you, my friend. ❤

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  6. Hello Jill. I think the SCOTUS not only shot down presidential immunity from state prosecution but also from federal if I understood the reporting on the ruling. That removes the DOJ opinion that presidents are beyond indictment or investigation. The Muller report could have gone another way if this ruling had come out before the report. It really is good for democracy that we do not have a 4 / 8 year king.

    Have you seen this? Is this sheriff anywhere near you? Be safe, we need you and your voice. Hugs

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    • I haven’t read the entire ruling, so I’m not sure, but it definitely made the case that, no matter what Bill Barr claims, Trump is NOT above the law. Now, let’s hope Cyrus Vance can make the case.

      Heh heh … Sheriff Jones happens to be the sheriff of my county. He is a bombastic idiot, a racist, a homophobe, and an all ’round fool. I had noted this in a post that I think you missed https://jilldennison.com/2020/07/09/only-two-snippets-of-snark/

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        • “Jill snark” is fueled by large amounts of coffee and nicotine! Sheriff Jones is a piece of work, though. You won’t be surprised to learn that he is a big Trump supporter, and a few years back he went to a number of local businesses and arrested immigrants working there. No reason … they had green cards and were perfectly legal, but no matter to him. Hugs!

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  7. But what confuses me is that the very people who are against birth control are also viciously against abortion.

    No, that’s the wrong way of looking at it.

    Here’s the better way: The very people who want to control what women do, also want to control what women do.

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    • Good point, Neil. Just as some will never be rid of the notion that blacks are somehow inferior to whites, some will always believe that women are somehow inferior to men and that they should be subservient. Thankfully, most people have moved into the 21st century, but obviously some have not.

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  8. Definitely a mixed bag on his financial records Jill. Bottom line, it wouldn’t have mattered either way. Even if we got to see his records, and there was bad stuff in there, his cult wouldn’t give a rat’s ass. I suppose a few independents might be appalled. But the fact is, after 3.5 years, if anyone even thinks about voting for this moron again, they’re beyond hope.

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    • I know that his rabid base wouldn’t be swayed by anything in his financial records. But … there are some, perhaps, the more serious-minded thinkers among his supporters, who might finally understand that he has been ripping us off for decades, that he is a shyster and a thief, and not at all an honest ‘man’. Sigh. I agree with you … anybody who, at this point, can still consider casting a vote for him is beneath my consideration. Sigh.

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  9. Jill, two comments. SCOTUS did rule 7 to 2 he had to release financial record to the NYAG, yet the second ruling was puzzling. As for the birth control ruling, the significant majority of employers will offer birth control protection as they do not want to tick off their female employees.

    What I don’t understand is why evangelicals do not like birth control – a Colorado study shows birth control reduces the number of abortions and healthcare costs in the state. Plus, there is a correlation between poverty and large family sizes, so birth control helps there reduces poverty. The belief that evangelicals can cause people from having sex has been proven to be untrue, so birth control should be available. (I will not name the religious university, but a friend said the kids go off to this college and go wild).

    Sorry to conclude on an anecdote. Keith

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    • Yes, it was puzzling … I can’t help but believe that holding off until after November 3rd was a deliberate ploy to keep from further damaging Trump’s re-election bid, though.

      I hope you’re right that employers will continue to provide insurance that covers the cost of contraception … it is so very important. You’re exactly right … if women have access to birth control, logic and common sense tell you that there will be fewer unwanted pregnancies, and therefore fewer abortions. It’s as simple as 2+2=4, but the evangelicals seem determined to force women to bear children they cannot take care of. Funny thing, too, is that ask an evangelical how they feel about providing health care, shelter, food, and other life’s necessities for that child for 18 years, and watch the look of horror cross their face. Sigh.

      Heh heh … I think I know the University you’re talking about … starts with an ‘L’?

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      • Jill, you have chosen wisely with the “L.” Sheltered kids go off to be with other sheltered kids and the hormones kick in and they end up studying more than textbooks.

        I have long advocated holistic and truthful sex education being taught at houses of worship as an option. Abstinence is fine to mention, but so is respect, saying and understanding no and the various forms of birth control. I have shared before a friend who is asked by numerous kids from her church about these matters. Keith

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        • Abstinence … works for some, but not for hormonal teens, or even lonely women in their 20s and 30s. Human nature cannot be overridden by logic and reason, for the most part. It’s only later, when the consequences become real, that they might wish they had listened to those who were ‘older and wiser’.

          While I don’t agree, I do understand the argument of the anti-abortionists. However, those who would eschew birth control continue to puzzle me … it is naught more than ‘preventative medicine’ … what logical argument can there possibly be?


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