Only Two Snippets Of Snark …

Just a couple of short snippets tonight …

Laws and rules are in place for a reason.  Granted, some of them are ridiculous or outdated and most of us only laugh about those.  But, for the most part, we obey the laws and expect others to do the same.  This era of populism, this reign of Trumpism, however, seems to have given some the idea that it is okay to disobey the laws that are inconvenient for them.

Yesterday, the governor of my state, Mike DeWine, put into place a mandate that everyone must wear a mask covering mouth and nose when in a public venue.  Numerous other governors, in lieu of a federal mandate, have imposed similar ones.  So, everyone in those states is either wearing a mask or staying home, right?  Wrong.  Not only are about a third of the people simply refusing to wear a mask, but local authorities are, in many cases, refusing to enforce the ruling.

In my own county, the virus has spiked significantly in the past two weeks as a result of businesses opening back up and people being exposed more and more.  Yet, the county sheriff, one Richard Jones, has said …

“I am not going to enforce any mask-wearing. That is not my responsibility, that is not my job. People should be able to make that choice themselves.”


County Sheriff or Cowboy Bob???

Why hasn’t he been fired?  Enforcing the law is, after all, his job.  This scenario has played out all around the country.  Businesses are far more likely to enforce the rules of mask-wearing than local law enforcement.  But worse yet, people who choose not to wear a mask are getting violent over it … there is simply no excuse for this!  I cannot wear a mask, so I stay home!  Period.  I no longer even go into the grocery to buy my weekly groceries, but order online and pay $5 to have them picked, bagged, and I can drive by and pick them up.

This nation has many problems to solve, but until we act responsibly and with respect for others, we aren’t going to even be able to begin to solve them.  I am disgusted with those who care not one whit about the lives of their own families, let alone the rest of the world.  You want to risk your life, fine … go parachute jumping, or join the army and ask for duty in Afghanistan.  But nobody has the right to willfully and maliciously put others at risk for their own pleasure.

Typically, I would have no problem with the president of the nation weighing in on when schools should re-open.  But these are not typical times and we have no real president, just a fake who has only his own self-interest in mind.  And Trump is not merely ‘weighing in’, but is attempting to bully, browbeat, and dominate the conversation, as he does with most everything.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had issued strict guidelines that should be observed in re-opening schools this fall.  We should all listen, for the lives of our children are the single most important thing in the world to us.  But keep in mind that our children’s lives do not matter to Donald Trump.

Trump wants schools to re-open in full asap.  Why?  Because, he wants businesses to re-open and be booming long before election day on November 3rd, so he can point to a thriving economy.  Businesses need employees in order to be fully functional.  Employees have young children who cannot be left alone while mummy and daddy go to work.  Hence, the schools must reopen, in the mind (such as it is) of Donald Trump.  Just one more example of this nation’s narrative to put profit over people. And so …


Why the heck are one hundred and twenty-seven thousand people wasting their time ‘liking’ this post???  Do people really have nothing better to do with their time than like and re-tweet such ignorant, malicious tweets?

Now, there was a time when the president could bluster and bully all he wanted, but the CDC had integrity and would stand by what was right.  That was then, this is now.  There was a time we had a president who was intelligent and caring.  There was a time we had a functional Congress.  There was a time when we had an independent Judicial branch.  None of that applies today.

A few hours after the tweet, a press briefing was held during which Mike Pence said the CDC will issue new guidance on re-opening schools next week.  Meanwhile, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield said that his earlier recommendations shouldn’t be used as an excuse for not returning children to classrooms.  What a cop out.  I would have resigned (in a very public manner) before I would have capitulated on such a critical issue.

There is nothing more valuable to this nation than our children … not industry, not entertainment, and for damn sure not Donald Trump’s re-election!  Our children are our hope for the future … they are our tomorrow.  I would like to think that states and school districts will make their decisions on whether or not to re-open based on the situation in their area, but … Trump has threatened to withhold federal funding from any state or district that doesn’t re-open, saying …

“We hope that most schools are going to be open. They think it’s going to be good for them politically, so they keep the schools closed.  No way.  We’re very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools, to get them open.”

Never mind that in nearly every state in the nation, the number of new cases has surged.  Never mind that re-opening bars, restaurants, beaches and hair salons was a stupid thing to do, but this … opening schools while the virus is raging … is beyond stupid.  I don’t have school-age children, but if I did, and if I were forced to send my child back to school, I would either homeschool or move.  I hope every other parent feels as strongly about this as I do.

Okay, friends, I now return you to your regularly scheduled lives.  Smile.  😖

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  1. 1. It is a well known fact in certain quarters that if you believe in Donald Trump and whichever supporters of his who claim to espouse Christianity then you will be saved from the Pandemic. This is a very important belief because if you do not embrace their words you will catch Covid-19 and turn gay or get a different skin colour and either become an atheist or a Muslim or a Catholic. This virus is all part of a plot by the socialist/catholic/jewish/environmentalists/central governing agencies cabal and is all explained clearly and concisely in the Book of Wacky-Doodle (Vol XX- The 21st Century)
    2. Cummings is not a popular man. He is there solely because Bojo requires him at present. For further reading on Cummings and his future look up a brief biography on Thomas Cromwell chancellor to Henry VIII and see how well his retirement plan worked out.

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  2. Ah Jill, my life sucks anyway. Your rants keep my blood flowing and my brain functioning (although some would disagree about that) 😈 The upper echelons of government are filled with quacks and quackery. The Bible says, “if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck then it is probably a trump supporter.” Hmmmm, or maybe it was Confucius who said that? I just took my meds, brain is a little foggy……Cicero? Plato? Nixon? 😁😂🤪

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    • I hear you, Larry. I sometimes regret that I have probably contributed to my friends’ high blood pressure and ulcers, but … sigh. This is the world we’re stuck in for the moment … better to be informed than to bury one’s head in the sand. And, at least I do provide bacon most Mondays! I always thought it was Cap’n Kangaroo that said that thing about the duck! Did they have ducks back in the time of Confucius? Glad to know you’re back on your meds … now go lie down and rest, Larry … think happy thoughts, like … um … er … well, I … erm … never mind … better you just go to sleep. 😴 💤

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  3. If it were just about you, then fine…don’t wear a mask, but it’s not. And that is what makes me sad. Wearing a mask protects others, and only to a lesser extent yourself (according to what I’ve read). But of course, people only care about themselves these days and their rights, not the rights of the person standing next to them (although I wonder how they would feel if that person next to them exposed them to Covid because THEY didn’t wear a mask?). I’ll just stay safe in my own country, with borders nicely closed, and keep on wearing my mask even though we have very little virus here because it will keep it from coming back in force…

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    • It shows a distinct lack of respect and responsibility to go maskless these days. There are times when I’m grateful for the stubbornness of the citizenry in this country, but this is not one of them. Sigh.


  4. I feel sorry for the sheriffs in that so few people can never control a third of the population and their outflung fists at the same time.. Be better if the had a big stockyard to put them in with a deputy at each corner to stop escapees. Masks on you can go. And instruct all barstaff not to serve anyone not wearing a mask.and you’ll be viewing CCCTV film afterwards.
    Trump should be grateful that the CDC have strong plans for the protection of Children, at least he’ll have someone to blame if they’re wrong., whereas how’s he going to explain death among the little population, he’d be lynched.and in the interests of fairness, I’d help.

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    • I agree that enforcement would be difficult, but to refuse to even try is, in my book, dereliction of duty. After all, the purpose of law enforcement in many cases is to set an example. If they go all out and fine a good portion of people violating the mandate, perhaps it serves as a warning to others. Trump cares not about our children … his only goal is his own re-election so that he can finish the job of destroying the country that he began in 2017. I would love to see him go unarmed and unguarded into a crowd of angry parents whose children got sick because he insisted they go back to school too soon. He’d be shredded.


  5. Did you see this article about Sweden from the Times and the idea that open businesses reduces the economic harm from Covid-19? There’s a reason why advocates aren’t referring to Sweden any more… and yet this is the model Trump presumes will fix the economic woes sacrificing hundreds of thousands of citizens in its holy grail name. The real models to follow are Taiwan and New Zealand and Japan, whose economies have picked up quickly as each virus outbreak is contained.

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    • Yes but….. US is not Sweden, you can’t compare apples to oranges. With 10X the population chance of infection is much greater. Also other countries have real leadership with an enforceable plan of action, we have Trump & Fauci, nuff said. Also helps if half the population would agree to wear masks, and Trump stop holding silly rallies needlessly infecting more ppl. I think the US is going for herd immunity, at this rate everyone will get infected simply b/c 1/2 the population doesn’t care, or too selfish.
      Jill is right to be concerned, if you have the opportunity I suggest moving out of the country for a few years until this pandemic blows over. Puerto Rico is a US commonwealth, great tax breaks and climate, don’t need Visa or passport, great little island and lovely ppl. Most importantly low to no cases of infection… Costa Rica or Panama is also very nice this time of year. Lake Chapala region in Mexico is gorgeous, too bad the Mexican gov’t won’t allow US hoards across the border, LOL!
      Under this administration, with US imposing isolationist policies against rest of the world, well we have arrived.


      • The point is that the economy even when no businesses were closed still ends up taking the same overall hit but does not rebound as quickly or as robustly as countries that shut down businesses, took coordinated mitigation and tracing and quarantine action early and firmly. There’s a lesson here…

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        • True, but the difference is the US cannot afford to remain shut down for an extended period of time, it will cause irreparable damage to the US economy. Also the US national deficit will skyrocket due to more bailouts and relief checks. US banks are on the verge of collapse, increase bankruptcy filings, foreclosures, bad loans etc.
          We actually have no choice but to reopen the economy and take our chances, which is why Trump is forcing schools to reopen so parents can get back to work.
          It’s damned if we do, damned if we don’t.


  6. It’s the same here. So many mixed messages on masks. We are told to try to wear masks in restaurants and pubs yet they show photos of our leaders and royal family ignoring the advice. Now here’s one for you….. Cummings is doing a tour of our most secret military sights – the word is that he’s coming for them as part of his power grab ….. why……. Even Johnson hasn’t had those tours….

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    • The confusion about masks is scientifically valid. That’s why surgeons and staff argue amongst themselves whether or not they feel like wearing a mask in an operating theater and if doing so has any real medical value. The jury is still out on their effectiveness… said no one ever.

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      • Every human being has bacteria and viruses in our mouths. That’s why surgeons wear masks during surgery, to avoid infecting their patient. It’s scientifically proven, just like washing hands prevent needless infections.
        I was not aware this is even debated upon. I know that alt-right Trump supporters do not believe in science, and Jesus told them not to wear masks b/c it’s a commie Democrat plot to destroy America *sarcasm*.

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        • Yeah, it’s not a debate. Just like masks for Covid-19 is not a debate… if you understand that it is to protect others (like patients in surgery) from you and – if not a fitted N95 or better mask – not a means to protect you from others (although there is actually a fair bit of mitigation).

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    • Yes, it’s rather reminiscent of my childhood when my mother would say, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Lead by example??? Hah! Our leaders feel they are better than us, obviously. Cummings is a blathering fool … I rather thought he would be forced to resign over the last fiasco! Sigh. xx

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