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One good thing about not being able to go out these days is I have lots more time on weekends to peruse the news, stay on top of things, and feed my snarky side.  This weekend there is much fodder for that snarky side …

Well, no surprise that Trump commuted Roger Stone’s three-year sentence.  The only surprise was that he commuted the sentence rather than issuing a full pardon, but apparently that was at Stone’s request, so he can return to the courts and continue trying to plead his innocence.  Make no mistake, Roger Stone is not innocent … he is a criminal, has been engaged in criminal activities most of his adult life, and the only thing he’s innocent of is being a decent human being.  Roger Stone is guilty of breaking the law in order to help get Donald Trump elected.  He has the blood of this nation on his hands, and it is my belief that he will once again be complicit in working to alter the election of 2020. Roger-StoneStone was to have reported to prison on Tuesday, after being denied a delay.  He claimed he has health conditions that put him at risk for contracting the coronavirus and possibly dying.  At the risk of sounding like a cruel person, to this I say, “Oh well … one less festering sore on the body of humanity.”

Stone stands a seven-times convicted felon, a record that will remain with him for the rest of his life.  He should be spending the rest of his life in prison, but instead he will no doubt be back to his dirty tricks by next week.   In fact, he told NBC News he plans to celebrate his freedom by writing a book about his experience, possibly filing a complaint against federal prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky, and helping “exonerate” his felonious friend, former national security adviser Michael Flynn.  Birds of a feather …

blm-bannerOn main street in the small town of Clifton, Virginia, there is a banner that reads, “Welcome to Clifton where Black Lives Matter”.  Most people are supportive of the sign, applaud its message.  But this woman took umbrage …


She said, in an email …

“BLM is a bit of a dangerous Trojan Horse and they are catching well-meaning people into dangerous posturing that can invite mob rule and property looting. Let’s not be tricked into joining cause with radical extremists seeking to foment a cultural revolution because they hate America.”

Do you recognize the woman?  Her name is Ginny Thomas, and she is the wife of Clarence Thomas, the only African-American on the U.S. Supreme Court.

ginny-clarenceOh, the irony!

It seems that our own “leader”, and I use the term very loosely, isn’t the only one who is clueless on how to address the coronavirus pandemic and keep the people in their countries safe.  Boris Johnson, aka BoJo, has come up with a novel idea for combatting the virus … put everyone on a diet!

According to The Guardian

Downing Street is planning what has been billed as a “war against obesity”.  As well as longer-term proposals to reduce the incidence of obesity, government officials are having urgent discussions about how to persuade people to lose weight in the next few months, before an anticipated resurgence in coronavirus cases in the autumn.

The UK has experienced the highest death rate from coronavirus in Europe, and one potential factor may be high rates of obesity and associated lifestyle-linked conditions such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, which are strongly associated with worse Covid-19 outcomes.

There is logic to people getting into shape, becoming healthier and therefore better able to survive a case of the virus.  However, a few things should be noted.  First, weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, or even over a summer.  Second, exercise is every bit as integral to a healthy lifestyle as better eating habits.  And thirdly, this doesn’t do a thing to address stopping the spread of the virus, only perhaps its intensity.

Ah well, at least BoJo isn’t suggesting that citizens of the UK ingest bleach!

In a comment to my piece about the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi, I noted that there was a video with a number of clips showing Trump’s personal financial involvement with the Saudi’s both before and during his presidency.  One reader asked me to share that video, which is well worth the 4 minutes it takes to view …

17 thoughts on “Fodder For Da Snarky

  1. Jill, da Snarkmaster, thanks for the illumination. A few random thoughts:
    – Stone brags on being a “dirty trickster,” but says he is innocent – there seems to be disconnect;
    – Flynn says he is innocent of lying to the FBI, to which he has pled guilty twice; what does not get enough airplay, is he pleaded guilty to this lesser charge to avoid being prosecuted on other wrongdoings;
    – the president has reopened a can of worms; when you are guilty and escaped conviction, you don’t re-litigate; now two Republican Senators or on record using the word “corrupt” next to the word Trump and Robert Mueller, outside of AG William Barr’s white paint brush, has reminded us that Stone is guilty and other things his team found.

    To be frank, if the president wants to re-litigate, let him. Keith

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    • no one connected with trump is ever innocent. breaking news: Ghislaine Maxwell Assoc Says She Has Sex Tapes Of Politicians With Minors…… including presidents! it would not surprise me ms maxwell has hidden video footage of trump, obama or clintons. she will use these tapes as leverage to get out of jail free. of course it will not prevent her from getting suicided like her associate jeffrey epstein. if true this will be the end of trump reign of terror.

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      • Interesting. Both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, known philanderers, know Jeffrey Epstein. Trump was actually accused of allegedly raping a 13 year-old at one of Epstein’s parties, yet the mainstrean media would not report it as she lacked credibility. Yet, there was a scheduled Court information sharing date in December, 2016. She was coming forward with her story before the election but the press conference and court date were canceled the day of the conference. My guess is Michael Cohen paid her for her silence.

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      • I would bet money she doesn’t have any of Obama, for I do believe that if ever a man was honest and decent, it was he. I seriously doubt she has any of any president, except possibly Trump. She’s out to save her own hide.


    • Seems to me that Trump spends so much time helping out his ‘friends’, traveling to campaign rallies, and plumping his own feathers that he has no time left to actually learn the things he needs to know, like reading his daily briefings, in order to make decisions worthy of a head of state. The level of corruption … Stone, Flynn, Manafort are only the tip of the iceberg … in our government is jaw-dropping, and Trump seems to have left his dirty fingerprints on every last bit of it.


  2. How the hell can Clarence Thomas remain married to a racist? Or has he sold out too? .She sounds like the woman in Toronto who called 911 because there was a blauck youth standing on a bridge, blocking her from crossing it, so she told the dispatcher. The dispatcher actually sent a cop to help her. What is this world coming to?

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  3. Roger Stone is a microbe and one day someone is going to wipe him up with an alcohol swab. The surface of the world will be a lot cleaner..Ginny Thomas somehow always manages to be on the wrong side.She needs to make up her mind and then change it and stick to it.Surely her husband can;t agree with her.
    Aw bless, BoJo is trying isn’t he but I think his timings off. Taking the excess weight off is a good idea for the country when this virus has gone as it can always return but lets get rid of this bout first.

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    • Stone is, indeed, a microbe, a bit of poisonous scum, but he is only one of many who have surfaced during Trump’s reign. It’s going to take quite a bit of disinfectant to clean up after this nasty administration. Clarence Thomas, it is said, is led around by the nose by his wife, so who knows if he even thinks for himself? He and Ben Carson are two peas in a pod. I agree … let’s get rid of this bout first … looks like you guys are doing better the last few days, whereas we hit 71,000 new cases in one 24-hour period. Sigh.

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  4. Oh Queen of Snark, you have outdone yourself! These are most assuredly Slabs of Snark, the Monoliths of Snark…not a single Snippet here! Roger Stone, Ginny Thomas, and let’s not overlook hubby Clarence’s recent votes… each are deserving of their own Slab of Snark. Gathering them all together works well too, after all, they swim in the same swamp! But the video, the video!! I remember this Intercept video essay from mid October 2018 and it is no less infuriating now than it was then. If indeed the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true, then the picture of trump bowing to receive his reward says it all…bought and paid for! Thank-you!

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    • Why thank you, dear Ellen! You’ve made me blush! Clarence Thomas, like Ben Carson, are what used to be known as “Uncle Toms”, and I have little, if any, respect for either of them. Clarence’s wife is a true b**ch, as I have written about her before. Yes, that video has withstood the test of time, and any who haven’t seen it, should. It should be played nightly in the bars that the republicans so love, and on the nightly news, until finally everybody understands that Trump has serious financial ties to Saudi Arabia (and Russia) that affect his ability to make wise decisions. Oh, but wait, he’s never made a wise decision about anything in his entire life!


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