Good Riddance

At long last, the name of Washington’s football team is to be changed to … ??? … they haven’t said yet. However, the fact that they are changing it, decades long overdue, is a positive sign. Our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has written an enlightening post about it … take a look! Thanks, Jeff!

On The Fence Voters

Redskin {red-skin}

noun Older Slang: Disparaging and Offensive

*a contemptuous term used to refer to North American Indian

My friend Jerry wrote an excellent post last week, reminding us that it’s not only black lives that matter when it comes to systemic racism in our country. Native Americans know a few things about hundreds of years of denigration, prejudice, and yes, genocide. I want to expand upon Jerry’s theme from a different perspective.

It finally happened. After years of vehement refusal to ever change the name of his NFL team, Owner Dan Snyder finally decided to retire the Washington Redskins. No longer will the name or logo ever grace the uniforms of their football players. The new name, at present still under discussion, will replace the old one for the upcoming 2020 season.

In 2013, Snyder famously said that he’d NEVER change the name. Yes, all caps is how he…

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12 thoughts on “Good Riddance

  1. But in the greater scheme of things, I couldn’t care less. I’ve never seen a need for football. I know some find it exciting but to me sitting there for six hours in the cold while they play a 45 minute game is as exciting as watching buns rise! They all fall down on top of the person with the ball (and that one has my sympathy) the clock stops, someone with a can opener pry’s them apart, one of them is given the ball again and the entire thing is repeated! Give each one of them a little ball of his own and a roped off section of ground and LET THEM PLAY!

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    • You and I are of a like mind on that! I used to enjoy baseball, but I don’t have the time nor patience to watch sports anymore, and it’s disappointing that it’s become just another venue for corporate greed.

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      • I’m so glad you said that. People look at me funny if I say things like that. Basketball is of course the big sport for Kentucky, but even when my brother gave me tickets for a game I passed them on to whoever asked me for them first. Plenty of cousins wanted them. If I’m gonna sit that long in one place it had better be something with music in it. And I don’t mean just the National Anthem or a marching band.

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        • People in this country … well, perhaps most countries … are sports crazy! It ceases to be sport, though, when they take it so seriously that they threaten violence over it. A few years ago, I attended a few Little League games that my friends’ sons were playing in, and I was appalled by the parents who threatened to hurt members of the other team, the umpires, and even kids on their own team who missed a pitch or didn’t run fast enough! Isn’t it supposed to be about having fun and learning teamwork??? Sheesh. Like you, if I’m gonna sit that long there better be music … preferably Stevie Wonder!!!

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    • 411 new cases in Kentucky reported yesterday with 5 more deaths. We’re getting about that many per day now and yesterday 32 of those new cases were in a nursing home in an adjoining county. Scary! Just hope they are brave enough to leave the schools shut. I’ve heard the kids talk before and they aren’t going to do anything unless they want to do it. Who really thinks they will wear a mask every day when they won’t even wear a coat during a blizzard?

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      • We’ve got you beat … 1,290 new cases yesterday. Yes, it is very scary, my friend. I only go out now to drive to Kroger and pick up my groceries that were ordered online and picked/packed by Kroger staff. All I have to do is wait in my van for them to bring them out. Sigh. It’s convenient and saves me a lot of time and trouble, but …

        As re the schools … Trump is trying to bully the governors, but I hope they listen to the people, some 75% of whom say it’s not safe to send the kids back to school. Even if they do wear a mask all day … they are touching surfaces that have been touched by others, picking up germs … the coronavirus is said to remain live on surfaces for days. What’s the point teaching the kids to do math if they’re going to be dead in a month??? Sigh.

        BIG HUGS!!! ❤

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        • I think my grandson is going to be home schooled for the most part, but he takes welding and I’m not sure my daughter could teach that one. Of course one of my sons could step in for that class, but they all live in different locations. But why teach them anything at all if they are just going to take it to their very early graves? And how many teachers are going to die because a mad man is calling the shots? Two of my granddaughters are teachers!

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          • We homeschooled my granddaughter Natasha from kindergarten thru high school. It began because of her Tourette’s Syndrome, and it was working out so well that we stuck with it. Chris taught her English grammar, spelling, math, and science, while I taught history, literature, environmental studies, and civics. She has a far better education than she would have gotten in the public schools. But … there is a downside in that she lacks social skills, and I regret that. Welding? How old is your grandson? One teacher’s union in Florida is suing Governor DeSantis, and I suspect more around the nation will follow suit. Teachers aren’t willing to risk their lives for their jobs, parents aren’t willing to risk the lives of their children to help Donald Trump get re-elected. At least, I hope. Sigh.


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