Saturday Surprise — It’s A Surprise!

Good morning my friends and welcome!  Have you noticed that weekends aren’t quite what they used to be?  Even so, though, we will celebrate the beginning of the weekend in style this morning, and with hopes that this weekend will bring joy in one form or another.  For me, it means that at least I don’t have to cook, for daughter Chris cooks on Saturday night, and Miss Goose on Sunday, so I do get a break.

The folks at the San Antonio Zoo in Texas did not waste their time while the zoo has been closed due to the pandemic!  These folks played with Lego building blocks!  Take a look at some of the things they built …





mantisAmazing, aren’t they?  I used to build with Lincoln Logs when I was a kid, and managed to do a windowless log cabin a time or two, but that was the extent of it for me!  This Lego zoo is awesome, and … the icing on the cake is that you don’t have to mingle and mix, but you can see all the Lego-critters from your car as you drive through.





butterflyThe “Wild Connections” exhibition of animal sculptures was created by famous New York artist Sean Kenney, who is also a certified Lego professional. Who knew there was such a thing as a ‘certified Lego professional’???  These animals are entirely made from Lego bricks and will be on display until September 5th. The exhibition features over 30 LEGO sculptures, created with more than three million LEGO pieces, of animals like pandas, lemurs, tortoises, birds like peacocks and bald eagles, and even insects like bees and butterflies.





dragonflyEach sculpture is unique and took a lot of time and patience to make. For example, the sculpture of baby pandas took 405 hours to make and the artist used 53,460 bricks to build it, whereas the sculpture of a bald eagle took 184 hours and 42,198 bricks to build. It’s good to know that artists like Sean Kenney used the global lockdown to create and shed some light in these uneasy times!





calfSays Tim Morrow, President and CEO of the San Antonio Zoo …

“LEGO bricks have been a large part of many childhoods sparking curiosity, ingenuity, and creativity. Now they can be experienced larger than life, in nature by families visiting the zoo. These giant plants, animals, and bugs are the perfect complement to a zoo visit.”






I hope you enjoyed seeing these amazing creations!  Hopefully, by next summer, we can see the animals up close and in person, but for now, aren’t these grand?

Have a fun weekend, whatever you do!

73 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — It’s A Surprise!

  1. Namaste, Miss Jill! The Lego Zoo is a double WOWZA! Mr. Sean is the bestest Lego builder ever! I love Legos and I have lots and lots of them at home and at Gem’s. I don’t know how many Legos I have. There’s too many to count but it’s not 3 million. I would need a humongous room to keep them in and they would cost lots of dollars too. Maybe when I get bigger I can build awesome things like Mr. Sean if I keep practicing. I will, cause building things with my Legos is fun and playing with them is fun too. WNBHAK!! I love you muchly! Thank you for my special Lego letter and Bye!

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    • Namaste, Benjamin!!! I was so hoping that you would love the Lego zoo!!! Yes, Mr. Sean is a great Lego builder, and Gem tells me that he has some books about it, too! I think that when you are bigger, you will be just as good, maybe even better, as Mr. Sean! Keep building! Have Gem send me some pictures of your creations! Love you muchly too, my young friend! 💕


  2. Benjamin, a Lego aficionado since his toddler years, will love this “Letter from Miss Jill”! WE LOVE LEGOS! Legos inspire the imagination, promote unlimited creative thinking and encourage problem solving for children…the benefits are endless for a child’s growth and development…for “children” of my age too! Many the hours that we spend building and playing with the creations constructed from the multitude of Lego containers and kits that we continue to accrue. We even have a 36 x 50 inch Nilo playtable just for the Legos. This is an astounding accomplishment by New York Lego Professional Sean Kenney!! Bravo to the San Antonio Zoo for providing a home to these fantabulous Lego sculptures! Thank-you!

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    • I recalled that he loves Legos, so I was hoping he’d get to see this ‘letter’ from me! I’d much rather see kids building and creating with Legos than sitting pushing buttons on a video game for hours on end. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and hope he will, too!


  3. Thanks for sharing the photos!.. they are amazing and it is something creative being done for the enjoyment of many, not something destructive leading to pain and anger!… 🙂

    Nothing remains the same, every day bring change in some form and those that welcome change evolve and continue on their road to happiness, those that do not go the way of the dinosaur… 🙂

    Until w meet again, hope all is well in your part of the universe and all your tomorrows are filled with love and happiness… 🙂

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    • I’m so glad you liked the Lego zoo!!! Yes, Legos and other creative toys like them encourage imagination and creativity … so much more so than the video games that kids spend hours each day on. These animals amazed me … the patience it must have taken!!!

      You’re so right about change … it is hard, sometimes, but nothing remains the same, and we must have the flexibility to change with the times, else we are left behind and stagnate. All is well in my part of the universe … how about yours?


  4. We saw a documentary about Lego – the best job in the world and very hard to get in is to go and work on the creative team at Lego headquarters. I was always envious of my friend’s little brother for having the new Lego. Couldn’t wait to buy some for our children and they and their partners are still playing with it – the xmas present ( not cheap ) of choice.

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    • Well, that’s a darn good question! Never thought about it, but that would be tedious, wouldn’t it? Then again, just building one of these would be more than my limited patience could endure.


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