Ignorance Is NOT Bliss!!!

From Columbus, Ohio …maskless

It appears that there is a side effect of the coronavirus that affects only those who do not contract the virus itself … it isn’t a new disease, but rather one that has surged over the past five months: Ignorance.  And note that the leader of the ignorance that has a chokehold on our country is this ‘man’ …

TrumpNow, before I begin my tirade, let me clue you in on something.  When you read that “The White House says …” or “The administration has decided …”, please understand that both “White House” and “administration” mean only one person, Donald Trump.  The White House is actually just a brick and mortar building that has no voice, no opinion, and ‘the administration’ consists of a bunch of mouthpieces who speak only when told by Donald Trump that they may speak, and what they may say.  All orders filter down from Trump himself, for he is the de facto dictator.

The headline in The Washington Post reads …

Trump administration pushing to block new money for testing, tracing and CDC in upcoming coronavirus relief bill

Think about this one, folks.  Trump does not want to spend money … OUR money … for testing or to support methods of controlling the coronavirus.  OUR MONEY … OUR LIVES!!!  He, King Donnie, would prefer to spend OUR money on such things as his golf outings and trips to Mar-a-Lago, Secret Service protection for his grown children as they jet-set ‘round the world on Trump Organization business, than on saving our bloomin’ lives!!!!

A month or so ago, Trump & Pence decided that the threat of the pandemic was over, and it was time to move on with “business as usual”.  After all … there is an election in just over 100 days and … well, let’s face it, the only thing Trump had in his favour was the economy, so he has to do whatever it takes, including taking our lives and the lives of our children, to boost the economy so that he can show his base what a “wonderful job” he is doing.

Trump has said more than once that if we didn’t do so much testing, we wouldn’t have so many new cases of the coronavirus.  In his utter ignorance and inability to comprehend, he seems to honestly believe that theory and is, thus, trying to slow or even halt the testing by cutting off funding.

“Think of this, if we didn’t do testing, instead of testing over 40 million people, if we did half the testing we would have half the cases. If we did another, you cut that in half, we would have, yet again, half of that. But the headlines are always testing.”

This ludicrous thinking is analogous with saying, “If I don’t get on the scale, I won’t have gained any weight.”  Or, “If I don’t take my child who is coughing and has a fever to the doctor, he won’t be sick.”  It is utter stupidity!

That he is trying to cut off funding for testing and the CDC, is an abomination and must be stopped, but even worse is that his followers have contracted his disease and are clamoring for schools to re-open as if nothing were amiss … business as usual … nothing to see here, folks!


The people in the pictures above are perfectly willing to subject not only their own children, but all children in this country, all teachers, parents, grandparents, friends, family members … to sickness and potential death.  WHY???  Because they are in the throes of this disease called ignorance, because Donald Trump, the chief of the Ignorant Brigade, has told them it’ll be fine, and that by sending their kids back to school, they can themselves return to work and the economy will boom almost overnight.  To me, this is criminal negligence.

I’m seriously considering setting up a website to see how many times I can sell the Brooklyn Bridge to these people!!!

I don’t care if you space kids 6 feet apart in the classroom and mandate mask-wearing … kids will be kids and you aren’t going to be able to enforce any of it, especially with younger children.  Plus, they will be touching surfaces that other kids have touched, both contracting and spreading germs.  It isn’t rocket science, folks … it is plain ol’ everyday common sense!!!  Keep the kids home.  If we don’t, I guarantee you that teachers in many areas will strike, and sensible parents who care about their kids will keep them home anyway.


And not that it matters much to me at this moment, but the damned economy isn’t going to re-bound overnight anyway!  There is absolutely nothing that is going to restore the economy to its pre-pandemic state in short order … it is going to take a long time.  Period.  And it isn’t going to happen while we are seeing between 50,000 – 75,000 new cases of the coronavirus per day and nearly 1,000 people are dying from it on a daily basis.

The question, then, becomes how do we fight this pandemic of ignorance, how do we convince people that their lives and the lives of their children and other family members are, in fact, at risk?  We better find a way soon, for this nation cannot maintain this status quo much longer.  We are in self-destruct mode.  I have no answers, but I sure hope somebody comes up with some soon!

breathless-end-of-rant  End of Rant.

39 thoughts on “Ignorance Is NOT Bliss!!!

    • Thank you for the re-blog!!! Now, about that decline in population … look for it to be offset by the inevitable baby boom starting in December, as back in March when people were forced to stay home more, to work from home, with no other outlet for their desire for entertainment … well, you get the picture.


    • ME TOO!!!! I can’t wait for the day that his picture isn’t plastered all over the ‘net and every news site! But, I have doubts that I’ll live to see that day, for even once he’s gone, this nightmare will be re-lived in the media for years to come, I think.

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  1. It’s cruel irony, those who refuse to wear masks may not be around to vote for the president who encourages his ppl not to wear masks. I’m perfectly fine with that, except for the fact they’ll be infecting everyone else.
    Also, the gov’t can’t force parents to send their kids to school, homeschooling is an option or hire a tutor.
    I just don’t see the economy recovering soon either way, or Trump winning the election at all.
    So far we’ve been lucky and the death rate all over the world has been declining, we’ll see if it spikes up again due to poor decisions/ leadership etc or a possible 2nd wave.
    Life is returning to normal for the most part, everything is open, clubs, bars, beaches, restaurants, businesses. Younger ppl are celebrating the end of lockdowns so we’re all out and about, most are wearing masks which is a good sign. I’m anxiously waiting for the day international travel restrictions get lifted, so I have a vested interest in everyone staying safe and getting better.
    Herd immunity or vaccination will eventually offer protection for all. God help us.

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  2. PHEEEEW! Feel better now? I am like Suze. I have never in my life (and I am an old, old, fart) despised anyone as much as this man. But, trump is like alcoholism – he is just a symptom of much deeper disturbing issues. I refuse to give him the power that would say he is anything more than a nagging pimple on my butt cheek. We need to ignore this asshole and work on clearing up the issues that plague us as a nation?

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    • Actually … no … I was shaking by the time I finished it! Like you, I have never despised anyone in quite the way I despise this sorry excuse for a human being. And I do know that we need to ignore his hateful rhetoric, but I don’t think we can afford to ignore his actions, for I fear what some of those may be over the next 184 days until Biden is inaugurated (see, I’m thinking positively!). And we do have many issues we need to clear up, but as long as he and his cronies are working against us, how can we? Sigh.


  3. I have so much I wanna say I cannot remember it all. I forget half of it before I can type two words of it. If it was only the Orange Clown (OC reference brainless blonde intentional, except he is orange and brainless) things would not be so bad, but people, real everyday alive people?, believe him too! Who the m*therf*cking hell do they think they are “people.”Ignorance is not a strong enough word for it. STOOOOPIDITY with nothing between the ears is not obvvious enough for it! SUUICIDAL MANIACS come close but how can you commit suicide when you don’t even know you’re alive CRACKASS crazy stoopid

    The season’s first baby grosbeaks just arrived at our feeding station. They are soooooo cuuuuute, and they not as stoopid as the bloomin riff raff in the Columbus photo above with open sex organs frothing viral bugs polluting a too-packed sardine space screaming moms for Open Schools for Children of Dummies dummies…

    I wish I was as stoopid as them, but I got more intelligence in my left hangnail….

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    • Frankly, I agree with all you say, and that was the thought behind my own words. I’ve been trying hard not to call them stupid, but in truth … if the shoe fits, wear it … and in this case, it seems to be a perfect fit. Whenever I begin to feel just a little glimmer of hope, I look around at these bloomin’ idiots and realize they are blindly out to destroy this nation, and themselves in the process.

      Take time to enjoy watching the birdies, my friend … much nicer than thinking about this mess we have made for ourselves. Sigh.


  4. Jill, people who take the president at his word are running a fool’s errand. People who think the president has the best of interests of them or the country in mind are running a fool’s errand, as well.

    The president has reached the point where he should be ignored whenever possible as not much value comes out of his mouth or fingertips. Until the president stops focus on himself, he will not be in a position to solve problems.

    What scares Republicans running for re-election is the president won’t stop talking.


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    • PS – Watching a perspiring president when Chris Wallace pushed back on his falsehoods in real time was priceless. From his saying again the virus will just go away to the US having the lowest COVID-19 mortality to Biden wanting to defund the police the lies were disproven. When Trump said he takes responsibility for everything, my wife and I burst out laughing. The Teflon Don does not take responsibility for much of anything. Keith

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      • I did not watch that interview, but I did read the transcript and Chris Wallace put Trump to shame! Like you and your wife, I nearly choked when he claimed that he takes responsibility for everything! He hasn’t take responsibility for one bloomin’ thing, and the words “I made a mistake, I’m sorry” simply do not exist in his vocabulary!


    • My friend … it would seem we have a heck of a lot of people running fool’s errands in this country today. Sigh. I agree that he should be ignored … to an extent … or at least his tweets and speeches should be. We must pay attention, however, to his actions, for therein lies a very real danger. I can’t drum up any real empathy for the other republicans running for office, for they willfully tied their futures to his, knowing full well what he was, and then they turned around and handed him the keys to the kingdom on February 5th. They deserve what they get, in my book.


      • Jill, good reply. Even moreso lately, he is at odds with his own Republican legislators and governors, who are having to contend with the hard truths of the pandemic. Hoping COVID-19 will just go away is not a strategy.

        Someone needs to tell Senator Ron Johnson to stand down his efforts to smear Biden by smearing his son on the tax payer dime. His party, our country and the world will be better served if Trump is not reelected. Keith

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        • Thanks, Keith. I think I spend too much time thinking these days and imagining what ‘could’ happen over the next 184 days … or longer. I fully agree with you about Johnson and others who would attempt a smear campaign against Biden, but I fear we will see more of that, not less. My hat is off to Gerson, Will, Brooks and others for making their views known … hopefully republicans will stop and think, ask themselves why lifelong conservatives would be taking a pro-Biden stance.


  5. “Either the United States will destroy ignorance, or ignorance will destroy the United States.” – W. E. B. DuBois (1868-1963) from a speech given in 1905. This quote was, obviously, not about the topic at hand. However, given the recent deaths of two Civil Rights icons it seems quite fitting here anyway. DuBois, as you may know, was an African-American scholar, sociologist, historian, author and civil rights activist. He was one of the founders of the NAACP in 1910 and was the founding editor of the NAACP magazine “The Crisis” for many years. DuBois died the day before the “March on Washington” and nearly a year before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was enacted. His final autobiography published posthumously in 1968, “The Autobiography of W. E. B. DuBois” is an excellent source for African-American history. As to the topic at hand…ignorance and complacency will destroy the United States. Both are rising to unbelievable levels and the end result will be written on the tombstones of its victims. As I often told my Children when they were growing up…wanting and wishing something to be true does not make it so. Thank-you!

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    • Ah yes … while I wasn’t familiar with that very appropriate quote, I am familiar with W.E.B. DuBois, having taught “Black History” for a number of years. The quote … isn’t it amazing to think that was in 1905, and we still haven’t learned? And admittedly, I have not read his autobiography, but am going to now! Thank YOU!

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  6. I agree, Jill. As I wrote in a post several months ago, this nation will not be destroyed by wars or pandemics; it will be destroyed by stupidity. Reasonable people can try to delay that end, but stupidity seems to be spreading even faster than COVID-19.

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    • Yep, we are being destroyed from within, and the heck of it is, those doing the destroying are destroying themselves as well, but are too fixated on their own selfish desires to see the bigger picture. I agree … I think the rapidly spreading ignorance should also be labeled a pandemic, and for this one, I’m afraid there can be no vaccine.

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  7. Trump is trying to redeem himself and show he’s not all bad before November ‘I got the economy going again’. He’s not taking into the equation, Children or economy’ because people don’y matter. I wonder if he’s not going to leave his Presidency as ‘The Worst Ever’title hanging over his head but also murderer/

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    • That may be his goal, but from where I stand, he is doing the opposite and further convincing me, if I had any doubts before, that he is pure evil, that his goal is actually to do harm to this nation and its people. Perhaps, as usual, it is only his base he is playing to, for he’s only making me wish him dead. Oh, I have no doubt that he will go down in history as the worst president, at least of this country, ever. I hope none ever replace him in that.

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  8. Ya know, before 2016 I never hated another human being. I hated things..ideas….behaviors……..not PEOPLE. After the rise of the cheeto I truly hate humans……not all of them..not even most of them. Just Republican cronies of the cheeto, members of our government who follow the cheeto…morons in this country who follow the cheeto………but the ones I despise the most? they are the ones who want the cheeto to have another four…or eight..or lifetime of our presidency. They are, all of them, criminally stupid and IMHO should be put down the way we’d pout down a rabid dog. I am not proud of my attitudes.,I am not proud of learning how to hate. We have to take back our country before this madman in office kills us all.

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    • I hated a few prior to 2016 … two in particular, but never in the way I despise Trump, and never … never did I wish someone dead, as I do him. Every day I wake hoping to hear that he just expired over night. I’m with you on the feelings for the others, too, though in some ways I feel sorry for them, for they are shooting themselves in the foot and are too stupid to see it. Yes, we better make wise choices on November 3rd, not just him, though he is the main source of evil, but those sycophants in Congress who have enabled him. Hang in, Suze.


  9. This is so insane. Masks being a symbol of tyranny is stupid and don’t even get me started about Tomi Lahren’s “masks=slavery” comments. It’s no wonder America has more cases than any other countries. So many other countries have been doing their best to stop the virus. I even did a post the other day where I mention how Senegal only has 8000 cases as well as offering testing kits anyone can afford as well as 3D printed ventilators.

    This is getting so bad that I have to parody a certain popular clone of a 60s anime villain because sometimes I feel like I’m surrounded by covidiots.

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    • You’re exactly right … this is a big part of the reason the virus has run amok in the U.S., while other nations are gaining control over it. First, the ‘man’ in charge bungled it every day from the onset, and second, the people of this nation are so stubbornly ignorant that they are shooting themselves in the foot and can’t even see it.

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      • Sure thing. I agree with your points over there. Part of the bungling started with the disbanding of the pandemic unit a couple of years ago. I’m not saying it was perfect, but I’m sure there wouldn’t be as many cases as there are now if it were still a thing. You see other countries taking this way more seriously and doing their best to help their people.

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  10. I normally don’t pray for someone to die but I fervently do pray that Trump will die . Worse, I hope he suffers with agonizing pain because of all the ignorant things he has done in his lifetime. And even that will not justify all the hurt and suffering that has happened since his birth.
    I agree with your rant… ignorance is higher than it has ever been.

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    • I fully understand. Until Trump, I had never wished anyone dead in my life, but now I do. It doesn’t make me very proud, but if ever evil existed in a human being, it exists in him. Let us hope that he loses by a landslide in November, for that, in its own way, would be agonizing pain to him, though he’d never admit it.

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