183 Days …

183 days.  That’s how many more days Donald Trump has to complete his destruction of the United States.  183 days until January 20th, 2021, the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration.  Can we withstand the onslaught that is increasing in cruelty and utter stupidity?  Can we retain a shred of our sanity for another 183 days?  The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind … the answer is blowing in the wind.

There is so much on which I could opine today, but I’ll keep it to a couple.

Relief for whom?

First … Trump insists that the coronavirus relief bill currently under construction in Congress must have two things, else he will veto it:  a payroll tax cut, and measures tying school funding to the reopening of classrooms.  A payroll tax cut???  Who will that help?  I’ll tell you who it will help … employers!  Large corporations will benefit the most.  You, the average worker, will benefit only slightly, and those who are currently unemployed will not benefit by so much as a single penny!  Additionally, the tax cut would be only a deferral, meaning that taxpayers will ultimately be held responsible for repaying whatever money they save this year.  Think about the unemployed worker who does not benefit but is employed when payback time comes and must repay what he never received!  And, at the end of the day, there’s that pesky little fact that the U.S. is so far in debt that there is no chance in hell of us pulling out of it in our lifetime, and this will further decrease revenue.

As for tying school funding to the reopening of physical classrooms … bullshit!  In essence, Trump is saying point blank that the children of this nation must become the sacrificial lambs in order to boost his re-election chances.  Period.  I sincerely hope that every school district in this nation remains closed for the safety and lives of our children.  Short of that, I hope that every parent gives Trump a middle finger and has the courage to refuse to send their children, that every teacher refuses to teach, and that every bus driver refuses to drive. Already in Florida, one teacher’s union is suing Governor DeSantis and Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran for an order insisting that all schools must be open five days every week.  Florida is in the throes of one of the worst surges of the virus in the nation … in the world … yet the children will be sacrificed so DeSantis can bow to Trump’s demands.

Even the republicans in Congress are against both of these measures, yet I am told that they will likely include them in the bill, just to keep Trump from vetoing it.  There is, of course, another option … write the bill with We the People in mind, leave out Trump’s bloody ‘demands’, and pass it with a veto-proof 2/3 majority in both the House and the Senate.  C’mon, republicans … find your damn cojones and do what’s right for a change, instead of what Trump wants.  Just once, remember your oath of office!  You let us down on February 5th … don’t let us down again!

Resumption of b.s.

Remember those almost completely useless briefings Trump held on a daily basis for a time, ‘til he got bored with the coronavirus and fed up with his experts giving advice he didn’t like?  Surely you remember him saying he thought that injecting household disinfectant into the human body would cure the virus?  Well, I said all along they turned into naught but a campaign rally for him, for he spent much more time patting himself on the back and lying about what a great job he had done than anybody spent actually talking about the virus.  They were basically useless, a waste of time, and most of us were relieved when he stopped them.  Well, they’re coming back starting today.

Why?  Because his poll numbers are dropping … have dropped … Biden is leading him by a fairly healthy margin, and he can’t get out and hold the big rallies that have been his trademark.  Tulsa was proof that people actually care more about surviving than paying homage to Donald Trump, and some states are refusing to allow him to hold rallies at this time.  So, what better way to get his campaign message across than a daily briefing covered ad nauseam by every major news outlet?  He’s already said he doesn’t care about the virus, about the surge in cases … and deaths … that he believes the virus will just disappear on its own someday.  So it isn’t about that … it is only about Trump and his re-election campaign.  I wish there were some hope that the mainstream media would boycott his daily briefings, but they won’t … they are as intimidated by him as his staff are.  You and I may boycott them, but others, notably his fan base, will sit in front of their televisions drooling for the hour or two he spends rambling on about himself.  Bah humbug!

Rumour has it that his staff tried to dissuade him, likely realizing that every time he opens his mouth he digs his own grave a little bit more with the sane people in this nation, but his lead bimbo, Kellyanne Conway, said …

“I just think the people want to hear from the president of the United States.”

WRONG, Kellyanne … dead wrong.  We the People want to hear less from Donald Trump … in fact, if he never opened his mouth again, I’d be happy.

Well … I still haven’t talked about Trump’s threat to essentially declare martial law in cities across the nation … only the ones “run by liberal democrats”, as he tells it.  And I still haven’t covered the de-funding of the CDC and reduction of funding for testing, and the plan for Trump to replace Justice Ginsburg … while she’s still on the bench! But, it’s late and I’ve ranted enough for now, so those will wait until later.


27 thoughts on “183 Days …

  1. Jill, if the daily press conferences by the president (or his hyper-loyal VP) continues the misinformation and downplaying of the virus, then he should not waste people’s time. If he cannot add value, he should stop talking and tweeting. He is doing harm when he misinforms. So, if he has the press conference like this, televising them is a waste of air space.

    By the way, I am long tired of complex issues being conveyed in a binary way. They are zero-sum arguments looking to win the debate, not solve the problem. Of course, people want their children to go back to school, but safely. And, we should not forget the adults who teach, counsel and administer at the schools. Safety, social distancing, masks, etc. must be factored into equations. Being ordered back to school by a self-possessed person is not thoughtful governance, it is a autocratic thinking. Keith

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    • I agree that he should not waste our time, and that he is doing more harm than good. But, to him that’s a venue for spewing his campaign message so he’s unlikely to stop.

      The thing about sending the kids back to school, as I see it, is that no matter how many precautions are in place … they are kids. They aren’t going to stay 6 feet away from their friends, they aren’t going to use their hand sanitizer diligently, and when they get hot and sweaty, they’re going to remove their masks at every opportunity. They are kids … they don’t fully understand all of this. And why risk the teachers, support staff, their families, the kids’ families … there’s just too much at stake and I don’t see how it can be done safely. I’d much rather see the schools work on an efficient and effective online program for the kids. And you’re so right … Trump’s thinking is typically autocratic in this as well as other things, such as his threat to impose martial law in “cities run by liberal democrats”. Sigh.


      • Jill, I do agree with your points, I just detest the binary focus, either yes or no. The answer is it depends, but I agree the stars are not aligned no matter how much the president wants to.

        A similar issue, but on an event not recurring school attendance, is the move of the GOP convention from Charlotte. The NC governor said he could not commit to a full convention without precautions. The president did not like that and it moved to Jacksonville, FL. Now, Florida is in pandemic crisis, and the security said they may not be able to protect people in a cut back audience.

        So, let’s regroup. The president’s temper tantrum demand has cost the GOP money spending on two convention sites. Events like this don’t just happen, so natural problems will occur. Then, you layer in the growing pandemic, which is not a surprise at all. One thing is for certain, he saved Charlotte and NC the trouble of telling him he needs to cut back.

        The biggest surprise to me about Trump is how little he comprehends the need to plan things, which is surprising for a developer. Think the disastrous travel ban as an example. Keith

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        • Oh yes, I read earlier that Florida said they may not be able to provide security for the convention. In my book … what’s the point in holding a convention? Trump is going to be the nominee, so just sign whatever document is required and be done with it, for this nation has more important things to worry about. You’re right … NC is lucky he decided to move it! He doesn’t understand the planning required, I think, because all his life he has had others to take care of those pesky little details for him.


  2. At least Florida’s DeSantis is saying it will be a matter of choice for parents to keep children at home or send them to school. If teachers, custodians, secretaries, aides, bus drivers, food service are also given that choice without repercussions then perhaps it will work. I would speculate that schools will be unable to operate when employees have a choice. Also, if they do not have choice and schools reopen in 2 weeks, where will the funding come from to provide PPE for everybody, increased space for social distancing in the classroom, additional bus runs to provide social distancing on the busses…..and what is so horrible about virtual learning at home…except maybe for the parents, but they aren’t working anyway. Maybe they are weary of having their little darlings at home?😁

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    • I truly hope that parents are wise enough to keep their kids home, but better yet if all the teachers and support staff simply refuse to work. I agree about the online learning … some parents truly aren’t qualified to homeschool, but if the kids are getting instruction online from qualified professionals and a bit of extra help from their parents … they should be okay. To me, education is a high … very high … priority, but the lives of people is even higher.

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  3. oh and one more thing, byden and obama slowed down testing for h1n1 and we didn’t shut down the damn economy for that in 2009.

    The fact that people protested over the murder of george Floyd and rightly so, in the middle of a pandemic, the fact that the government can tell us which businesses can and can’t be opened, both of these are proof that though the virus is serious, the political response to it has been nothing but overkill.

    Maybe the surges we’re seeing have more to do with all those people who were out rioting and needlessly destroying property under the flimsy pathetic excuse of “well, they’re just angry” so it justifies ruining the livlihoods of more innocent hard working people.

    Is the virus a hoax? no and trump was an idiot to utter such a stupid statement early on. are those strips of metal in the masks 5g antennas? who, with a functioning brain can even believe such a ridiculous thing?

    Yes trump didn’t respond the way he probably should have but neither did the Chinese comunist party but noone ever talks about them and when people do, they’re demonized as racists and biggots.

    sometimes I think back on the last 8 or so years and profoundly regret the moment I decided to pay attention to politics.

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  4. great plan, keep the children from learning the most they can, maintain isolation of everyone all so that a demented man can run the country.

    He’s not going to win in November, just wait and see.

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    • Sick or dead children can’t learn very well, and those whose parents or grandparents get sick and possibly die will be traumatized. Better to proceed with online learning than to risk our children.


        • I did read your comment … and I fully agree that I don’t give a tinker’s damn who develops the vaccine, but it should be made available to EVERYONE around the globe, and not subject to political considerations. AND … it should be made available either free, or at a very minimal cost so that all can have access. That said … if a vaccine is developed by the U.S. company I mentioned a week or so ago, the one that has never yet successfully created a product, then I wouldn’t trust it one whit. In fact, under Trump’s iron thumb, I wouldn’t trust any vaccine created in the U.S. When I hear that Russia and China are trying to hack into the ‘recipe’ for the vaccine, I am not bothered by it, for Trump has already made clear that he intends to hog every available dose if he can.

          All of that said … while I agree with what you say, I don’t think you picked an appropriate place to say it, for it was so far off topic from Gary’s post that it left my head spinning.


          • Where would have been appropriate? When it comes to our present situation nothing is appropriate. But it was all clear in my mind and I had to put it somewhere. I’ve only had one other answer that I know of so far, from King Ben’s Grandma, so it shows me how little people really care about others. They want what they want, they care about what they care about, and so it goes. There is A BIG PICTURE here, but nobody wants to see it. This is TOTAL SARCASM, but I think I might as well congratulate The Orange Turd on his next victory right now, because he will steal another election. And he will destroy the USA doing it.

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            • Tell you what … write a guest post for me on the topic … I’ll give you a venue to say what you want to say. A lot of people do care about others, but you rather hijacked Gary’s post, going completely off-topic with a rant that was … it just didn’t belong there, my friend. So, if you want to have a slot on either Thursday or Friday afternoon, write a guest post and email it to me.


              • Can you just copy and paste from Gary’s comment section? That was basically my hope and intention, that someone “like you” might think it worthy of a separate post. That comment held all the passion I was able to bring to it. Please let me know ASAP.

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  5. Hi Jill, a big hug for you my friend. It will change! It must! From what I hear from school openings in Denmark it’s not the children who are suffering. The problem is more that they might spread it to their teachers and families. 🙋‍♀️🐝


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