The Week’s Best Cartoons 7/18

And to end the day with a bit of humour, I bring you TokyoSand’s excellent selection of political cartoons from last week! Thank you, TS!!!


ByJack Ohman, The Sacramento Bee

Every week, I enjoy searching for editorial cartoons responding to the news and sharing them with you on Saturdays. This week, there are some recurring themes plus some new ones.

Let me know which ones resonate the most with you in the comments!

Rest in Power, John Lewis

ByAndy Marlette, Pensacola News Journal

Back to School?

ByBill Bramhall, New York Daily News

ByMike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

ByAndy Marlette, Pensacola News Journal

By Walt Handelsman,The Advocate


ByMonte Wolverton

ByMatt Davies, Newsday

ByGraeme MacKay, Hamilton Spectator

ByBill Bramhall, New York Daily News

ByKevin Siers, Charlotte Observer

ByAnn Telnaes, Washington Post

ByPat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune


ByBill Bramhall, New York Daily News

ByLalo Alcaraz

ByRick McKee,

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8 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons 7/18

  1. The thing I found crazy was how Trump thought it wasn’t fitting to wear a mask behind the Resolute Desk but thought nothing of hawking Goya beans behind and on it. It makes me wonder what crazy business he and his family will be involved in next. O_o — Suzanne

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    • Good one, Keith!!! Remember how a decade or two, sports stadiums started being renamed for corporations? For example, here in Cincinnati, Riverfront Stadium was renamed Cinergy Field, after the utility company. Well, perhaps Trump plans to rename the White House???


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