Trump’s Attack On Democracy

While Donald Trump claims to be the “law and order” president, he has broken the law and breached the U.S. Constitution more than a few times, especially last week in Portland, Oregon. Charles French provides us with a chilling assessment of where this could lead. Thank you, Charles, for this excellent post, and your generous permission to share it with my readers.

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What happened the other night in Portland, Oregon should have all Americans who believe in the Constitution, Freedom, and Democracy outraged and frightened. Please do not divert the subject by speaking about “riots”. That is an issue that is addressed by local and state authorities, not the Federal Government.  The President does not seem to care about the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Fourth Amendment says, “The right of the people to  be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Having Federal agents, wearing police insignia without identification of person or office arresting people without warrants and taking…

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20 thoughts on “Trump’s Attack On Democracy

  1. and there’s this video from Portland, peaceful protests? bullshit!

    If these stupid mayors won’t do their damn jobs to protect their citizens from this crap, someone has to.

    Should the government just let the towns burn? If they do, the president will be blamed for not doing anything but if he tries to do something, anything, he’s condemned.

    people continually amaze me with their outrage over every single thing that happens in this country, everything, every single day.

    I think some people simply thrive on unhappiness and discontent when it’s not their person in charge, but when it is, even if things are going wrong, there’s silence, like it’s the ideology attached to the person that really matters the most to them.


  2. I’ve feared this for some time now as he gets more and more paranoid. Is Martial Law next? It wouldn’t surprise me a bit. And as has been true throughout the history of the world, the poets and writers are the first ones to be shut up. The pen is a mightier sword than all the rhetoric in the world. The spoken word can be forgotten/revised/denied/misinterpreted/ignored, but once written down and put out there it is owned by all who read it. I have also compared the Turd to Hitler on many occasions and been shot down by the cries of the people who disagreed with me. At one point when I pointed out to the people I know here who are voting for him because he says he is against abortion, they are voting for one issue in a world that is full of issues that should be recognized long ago in these past years. The Prez has no control over this issue, he is just blowing dust again. Look at all the issues, not just one that he has no power over. In fact, look at the one mentioned here. If he can do it to Portland he can do it wherever you live also.

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    • Like you, I began comparing Trump to Hitler early in his tenure, but people called me an alarmist. Those same people aren’t calling me that anymore. He has threatened, in the past few days, to send troops into “cities run by liberal democrats” … not if that doesn’t show that he is acting in a dictatorial manner, I don’t know what does. And yet, even some of my own friends/readers are applauding what he has done in Portland. I’m so damn sick of this whole thing … I condemn every single republican senator for lacking the courage to convict him in February. The world would be a much safer place today if they had. He belongs in a prison cell, not the Oval Office.

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      • Amen to that! He should never have been allowed to take office because everyone knew he paid off the Electoral board to get there. We knew it then and we really really know it now. And yet there are still people who will vote for him again. They should all be locked up together, preferably behind one of his walls, and he should be in there with them all — his adoring public! Maybe a few of them will change their minds after being forced to spend time with him. I’ve completely stopped making remarks around my friends because they refuse to listen to sense. I hope they will all be happy together after our modern day Hitler begins building his ovens.

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        • Such a mess we have made of it, and yet as you say, some 40% of the nation still support him. Like you, I wish them well once he declares martial law … or worse. I just want out. If I knew how to make a difference, I would, but I don’t, so I just want out.

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          • Same here. I wish I could afford to move someplace today, but that’s not an option. Too bad so many have to suffer to satisfy a power mad demigod and his faithful followers.. I wonder if there is really any women who still think he’s good looking?

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  3. It is not a response; rather, it is a plan he has had for a while, and he intends to go into cities that are run by “liberal democrats.” That is unconscionable. Crimes in a city should be dealt with by the local and state police and not by the federal government. To say that they are the same ignores the magnitude of the violation of the Constitution. I do not condone violence or any kind of criminal activity, but what Trump has done is remarkably similar to Hitler claiming to be invited into Poland and Putin saying the same about his invasion of the Crimea.

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    • You, of course, are welcome to say it’s not a response. That belief – or its enunciation – doesn’t make it so.

      I have talked with Republicans and many, many people who are liberal – and have been quite liberal in their lives but who are no longer welcome to question or criticize in any way the direction of the Left in its headlong rush into totalitarianism and the ongoing push to undermine constitutional rights and freedoms in the name of magically improving (pick your favorite) social justice, improving tolerance, diversity, equality, inclusion, and so on. What is being pushed is EQUITY and GROUP IDENTITY RIGHTS. These are NOT constitutional values. At all.

      These liberal democrats vilified and attacked and publicly threatened have disagreed with the authoritarian method by which these uncivil virtues are being imposed on them by their employers and politicians, and who have committed the terrible crime of not self-censoring as their copnstitutional rights are being eroded but speaking out on behalf of what they know are their constitutional rights, namely, free speech and due process.
      Crickets from the Left.

      No political leader on the Left is standing up for them and their steadfast allegiance to our shared rights and freedoms. And they are LEGION.

      My point is that Trump is able to use what’s going on for his own benefit. That’s why I say it’s a response. He’s not sending these forces into cities that have no mass demonstrations, that are not pulling down and defacing statues, who aren’t drawing Black Lives Matter on public roadways and demanding policy realignment to equity and group identity rights; he’s using the situation and civil unrest that is already in place. And the situation is in place because people are hopping on a civil disobedience bandwagon thinking well of themselves that they are advocating for meaningful social justice and presuming their constitutional rights and freedoms are not under attack when they are; they are very much advocating for changes that are implemented today by actions that are themselves unconstitutional. Shut up. Sit down. Agree with us. And that insistence we all have to go along as due process and freedom of speech evaporates right before our collective eyes and yet doesn’t seem to matter a tinker’s damn to day’s social justice advocates… until their</i constitutional rights are suddenly and openly threatened by Trump. And then it’s – as they say – a whole new ballgame.

      But don’t come crying to the LEGION and pretending that constitutional rights matter NOW. That’s the hypocrisy in action. The Left needs to wake up. They are the public tipping point that has given power to the Tea Party and evangelic extremists by way of Trump that has enticed a legion of liberal moderates to cast their votes this way because of the very real threat the Left has decided to pursue against our shared constitutional rights.


    • No attack against the Constitution should be ignored. This seems suspiciously to me like those who undermine it for reasons they think promotes social justice (free speech, due process) are fine doing so, but then scream bloody murder when others do it for reasons they deem unacceptable. We simply CANNOT have it both ways without being hypocrites.


  4. What Trump has done is deplorable. But keep in mind, this is a RESPONSE. One cannot in good conscience decry this deplorable action without ALSO decrying the deplorable state that caused it. And that cause is as much a threat to the Constitution as Trump’s heavy handed response. And the true liberals of the Left not addressing, not criticizing, not standing up to the threat the social justice movement is bringing into being, going along with the totalitarian bullying currently in vogue (the NYT – assigning an investigative reporter and photographer to publish Tucker Carlson’s home address as a threatening means to him and his family to shut him up?) means Trump can use this equivalently deplorable and authoritarian movement called ‘social justice’ to galvanize his base and offer an excuse to do this. It’s not all Trump, in other words.

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