Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor…

Louis-DeJoyLouis DeJoy is the new Postmaster General for the United States Postal Service.  His qualification for the job?  He bought the position by donating $360,000 to Donald Trump’s campaign fund, and another $70,000 to the Republican National Committee (RNC) just since January of this year.  In total, since 2016, he has donated over $2.5 million to Donald Trump and the RNC.  I have not been able to verify his net worth, but he lives in a $5.9 million mansion, if that tells you anything.  He is not a man who really needs that tax refund check or social security check to be delivered in a timely manner.

Oh, and an aside … DeJoy’s wife, Aldona Wos, has also been given a cushy job in the administration as U.S. Ambassador to Canada, with an annual salary of somewhere between $125,000 and $187,000.

Donald Trump has made clear his intent to privatize the post office since his inauguration. In 2018, Trump issued an executive order to create a task force to investigate the operations of USPS because it “was on an unsustainable financial path and must be restructured to prevent a taxpayer-funded bailout.” This “restructuring” involved a variety of measures including multiple increases in postal rates and the slashing of labor costs.

DeJoy moved into his position as Postmaster General in June, and since then has quietly been making changes that de-emphasize getting the mail out on time.  I have personally experienced several delays in receiving my mail, including one that caused me to be without crucial medication for a brief period.  I can only imagine what others have gone through.


Steve Mnuchin

I’ve written before about some of the troubles the USPS has had, particularly since the coronavirus pandemic hit, causing a loss of revenue, mostly from first-class mail and advertising mail.  While it’s nice to get less junk mail, I don’t like knowing what that means for the much-relied-upon postal service. Over two months ago, Congress approved a bi-partisan bill authorizing a $10 million loan to the USPS, but Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has refused to release the money!

Enter Louis DeJoy, who should be standing by the USPS motto, who should be fighting Mnuchin and Trump tooth and nail to get the much-needed funding released by the Treasury Department, but instead he has cut all overtime for postal workers, and has said that if delivering some mail will cause them to be delayed on their routes, they must leave it behind and deliver it another day!usps-2There are two major concerns here.  First, that check or medication you were counting on to arrive today may not arrive until next week, leaving you in a lurch or worse.  Of equal concern, though, is that with just over three months until what is arguably the most important election of our lifetime, and many states offering mail-in voting in this time of pandemic, will we receive our ballots on time, and will they be received at the polling stations on time?  I have voted by mail for several years now, find it a great convenience, and have always had confidence that it was an efficient process.  This year?  I’m not so sure.usps-1My best guess is the issue of mail-in ballots is the main reason that Mnuchin, surely under Trump’s orders, is refusing to release the already-approved loan to the USPS.  In so doing, he is putting lives at risk, and putting our right to vote at considerable risk.  If the USPS has been ordered by its new Postmaster General to “leave mail lying on the floor” in some cases, then how can we possibly have confidence that our mail, our all-important votes, will be delivered?usps-3

Here’s one of the latest ads by The Lincoln Project, a group of republicans who have seen what Donald Trump is doing to this nation and are putting the good of nation ahead of party loyalty.

39 thoughts on “Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor…

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  2. I sympathise.
    Back during WWII as part of FDR’s political juggling act we got Joe Kennedy as Ambassador. Between his Nazi sympathies, Anti-Semitism and prejudice against the British he was a fellow who could have been instrumental in Hitler winning the War in Western Europe, happily FDR paid no attention to him.

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    • As best I recall, FDR sent Joe Kennedy there as ambassador mainly to get rid of him! He was a thorn in everybody’s side. But you know … this brings to mind a comparison. Joe Kennedy was an arsehole and a very domineering father, yet his children all turned out to be decent people. Fred Trump was an arsehole and most of his children turned out to be decent people except for the one. Now, I think that pretty much proves a point I was trying to make to some people who declared ’empathy’ for Trump … no, he wasn’t so much a product of his upbringing as just evil from the beginning! And that concludes my bout of armchair psychology for today!

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      • Spoilt brat from the beginning.
        Like Joe Kennedy historians are going to ‘tear him a fresh one’.
        It’s almost a necessary requirement that any British historian dealing with the early years of the UK’s experience of WWII takes at least a few lines to slag off Joe Kennedy in one way or another.

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          • Song for the day:

            Nighttime is only the other side of daytime
            But if you’ve ever waited for the sun
            You know what it’s like to wish daytime would come
            And don’t it seem like a long time
            Seem like a long time, seem like a long, long time

            Hard times are only the other side of good times
            But if you ever wished hard times were gone
            You know what it’s like to wish good times would come
            And don’t it seem like a long time
            Seem like a long time, seem like a long, long time

            Help me, seems like a long time
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            And don’t it seem like a long time
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            And don’t it seems like a long time
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            You know it makes me sad
            Seems like a long time, seems like a long time
            Seems like a long, long time
            Yes it does,long,long,time, yes it does, long,long time

            War time is only the other side of peace time
            But if you’ve ever seen how wars are won
            You know what it’s like to wish peace time would come
            And don’t it seem like a long time
            Seem like a long time, seems like a long, long time

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  3. I recall that I had commented on a previous post regarding Louis DeJoy’s despicable parody of a Postmaster General, so will omit a repeat. It is no secret that trump has long wanted the USPS privatized and the withholding of designated funds by Mnuchin along with this most recent “plan” by DeJoy goes hand in hand with that goal. If they succeed it will undermine voting by mail all across the country, which is another trumpian goal. The ongoing attempts to decimate the USPS to a shadow of its previous glory makes me incredibly angry. As Eckhart Tolle wrote in “The Power of Now” : “Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath.” The pain is caused by the sorrow of knowing that, should they be successful, the USPS which my Mother served as a Postmistress for many years will no longer be that same honored institution. Thank-you!

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    • I believe you are right … if the plan succeeds (and I firmly believe that voter suppression is the main goal for them at the moment), it will undermine mail voting and likely keep a large number away from the polls. Your anger is justified, as is my own. I didn’t know your mother was a Postmistress!

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  4. Jill, the fact Amazon was paying the post office to deliver non-urgent packages is actually a good thing. Yet, Trump cares more about punishing people than understanding what is going on. There is a need for postal delivery and it would be better if the urgent package companies use it like Amazon does. As for Trump not wanting mail-in voting, he is at odds with Red states and Blue states who use it now. But, facts do not get in the way of a Trump story.


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    • Agreed! Rarely do I get an Amazon order these days, though, that is delivered by USPS, but most are by Amazon courier. People are talking about FedEx and UPS as alternatives, but they are not really alternatives, for their forte is packages, and not letters. Plus, they are more costly by far. No, never let it be said that Trump let pesky facts get in the way of his lunacy! Sigh.

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  5. Damn Congress for following behind Trump collecting manure instead of the promised gild. Theree was a time they could have overridden this and issued the loan USPPS needwed or even the gift some of the big boys gott. The needs of the people should have come first, TThe only chance now if or Trump to drop dead and Congresss to get it back and to agree the loans without Steve Munchkin having a say and the new Postmaster General can be make it a profitable concern or take a hike.

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