The World Is ONE!

We don’t need a world leader; we need world team players.  We need nations to work together to solve some of the most pressing problems that affect all people in all nations, such as climate change, nuclear proliferation, world-wide poverty and food insecurity.  Instead, we cannot even achieve cohesion within a single nation.  Instead, half the population of the U.S. believe climate change is a hoax and refuse to do so much as turn their thermostat down and don a sweater.  Instead, we add more nuclear weapons rather than supporting the reduction of the global nuclear arsenal.  Instead, we pander to the already-wealthy and turn a blind eye toward the poor.  We continue to populate the earth, even knowing that the earth cannot support more people.

On Tuesday, the U.S. ordered China to close its consulate in Houston, Texas, no later than Friday.  Why?  According to a spokesperson for the State Department, “to protect American intellectual property and Americans’ private information.”

“The United States will not tolerate the PRC’s violations of our sovereignty and intimidation of our people, just as we have not tolerated the PRC’s unfair trade practices, theft of American jobs and other egregious behavior.”

Funny, isn’t it, that the ‘United States’ is perfectly willing to not only tolerate but encourage Russia to violate our sovereignty and intimidate our people.  Have you ever felt intimidated by anyone from China?  I haven’t, but I’ve damn sure felt violated by Vladimir Putin and his henchmen who interfered in our 2016 election on behalf of Donald Trump, leaving us on a ship headed for an iceberg.

That same spokesperson intimated that China was in violation of the Vienna Convention, that they had somehow breached the requirement that diplomats must “respect the laws and regulations of the receiving State” and “have a duty not to interfere in the internal affairs of that State.”

And yet … the U.S. State Department had no problems with Trump bullying the United Kingdom into banning Chinese tech company Huawei from the UK’s 5G telecoms network. No problem with Trump attempting to blackmail the president of the Ukraine into creating false data to bolster Trump’s own bid for re-election.  No problem at all demanding that other members of the G7 accept Russia back into the fold.

The demand for closure of the consulate appears to be in retaliation for two Chinese nationals accused of hacking into U.S. pharmaceutical companies doing coronavirus research.  Russia has also been accused of hacking into drug companies research in the UK, U.S., and Canada, but … no Russian facility has been ordered closed. No sanctions have been applied to Russia.  In fact, it hasn’t been mentioned by any in the government.  Double standard?  Oh yeah, definitely.  China didn’t help Trump in 2016 and isn’t helping him now, so they are not entitled to the ‘special privileges’ that Russia is.  Trump is Russia’s puppet, not China’s.

China vowed to retaliate, likely by forcing the U.S. to close either the embassy in Beijing or one of the five consulates it has in various cities in China.  This, my friends, is how tensions escalate and wars begin.

But let’s talk for a minute about countries hacking into the virus vaccine research.  Mind you, I am not in support of hacking at any level … ever.  However, I think we need to consider some extenuating circumstances here.  We have a pandemic that is killing people in every nation around the globe.  The pandemic is also killing businesses and economies around the globe.  This is not unique to the U.S. or the UK, though these two nations have done possibly the worst jobs of any in dealing with the virus.  Donald Trump has already made it abundantly clear that he is pushing drug companies in the U.S. to rush through a vaccine by election day, November 3rd, in order to give him a campaign advantage.  It doesn’t matter whether it remains effective in the long-term, nor whether there are devastating side effects down the road, just so long as he can tout that he was the reason there is a vaccine. Worse yet, he has declared his intent to buy any and all vaccines for the U.S. and keep other nations from having access to them.  So … other nations will do what they must to attempt to gain access to a vaccine in order to keep their people from dying.  It’s simple.

If you have no food in your house and no way to get any, but your neighbor has so much food that he must store his potatoes on his back porch, yet he refuses to give you so much as a single potato to feed your poor starving children, will you not be tempted to steal a few potatoes from him?  Greed and arrogance go hand in hand, and Trump has a triple dose of each.

People like Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo and others seem to have lost sight of the fact that the people in China, Russia, Mozambique and every other nation on the globe are … human beings.  There is nothing that makes citizens of the United States any better than the people of Afghanistan, Ghana, or India.  They are no more deserving of life than any person in any other nation.  If a vaccine is developed that is proven both effective and safe, the ‘recipe’ should be freely shared with every pharmaceutical company in the world so that enough can be manufactured to help every person on the globe.  This should not be about profit … but it is.

This should be about human life, about people.  It should not matter in what country or on what land mass those people live.  It should not matter the colour of their skin or what religion, if any, they follow.  It should not matter if they are rich or poor.  But it will.  It will because the leaders of some nations are arrogant and greedy.  It will matter because people who have more money than they could possibly need in a lifetime are more concerned with making even more profit than they are with the lives of people.

Imagine if the top 1% of all people on the economic scale gave … oh, say 5% of their net wealth to providing the vaccine, once developed and fully tested, to every man, woman and child on the planet?  The 1% would still be ultra-wealthy by any standards, and how many million lives would be saved?  Call it socialism if you wish, but in my book, it is simply humanitarianism.

I end as I began … we don’t need a specific nation to step up and become the “leader of the free world”, as the U.S. was once known.  We don’t need China or Russia or the U.S. to be the “leader” who dictates how the world should be run.  We need teamwork among nations, we need all of our leaders to put the greater good ahead of personal profit, ahead of their own desire for power.  We need people of conscience at the head of every nation, not the bungling Trumps, Johnsons and Bolsonaros we see today.  We simply cannot stay on this path we are on and still survive.

35 thoughts on “The World Is ONE!

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  3. My impression is the US is creating straw man enemies in the world so we can pretend to be more powerful or righteous, so we can defeat the “bad guy”. I’m not so sure China, Russia or any other nation in the world want to cause us overt harm, but our media who follows orders from the state dept like to spin it that way.
    For instance:
    Congress turns up the heat on China’s political meddling amid Russia investigation.
    So now this CNBC article says China is trying to interfere in our upcoming elections, offering zero proof. But inferring that if Russia interfered in 2016, then China must be doing the same?! This is pure propaganda and unfounded speculation from the US to foster blame on yet another country to distract from our own internal failings and problems. Our current administration is very good at creating phony diversions. Trump has a beef with China, Clinton and the neoliberal press hates Russia. Who are you gonna believe?


    • Hello 1EarthUnited. I think the key word is malicious interference. We have to be adult enough to realize every government uses all the tools they have to influence other countries to achieve the wants / goals of the country doing the meddling. This ranges the gambet from trade to out right black ops against a country. The US has interfered in other countries politics and elections for what the elected officials would say is in our national interest. If you look at cyber threat maps you will see one of the biggest attackers ( and to be fair one of the biggest defenders of attacks ) is the US. There are some really good as near real time as can be done maps that show the US is not wearing a white hat in this regard. So yes China and Russia are active in trying to influence the US election using all the tools they have but so is every other country in some way or another. The difference now is tRump has done two things other presidents have not. First he is welcoming other countries interference if he thinks it favors him. He went after China for doing what the intel says Russia is doing but never breathed a word about Russia doing anything. The other thing tRump has done his best at is destroying the levers of influence we had around the world to influence other governments. For example one reason we keep large forces overseas is the boost in the host countries economy which gives us a large leverage. When I was stationed overseas not only did the military members buy locally, eating out, going to facilities and places, but the military itself buys cars, uses local builders and suppliers along with renting or paying for bases. By suddenly pulling troops from a country that hurts them and lowers the US ability to influence them. The US has lost a lot of credibility and influence in three years that will take decades to fix, if we ever can. Hugs

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      • Scottie, those are very good points you made. I had not considered the economic benefits to the host countries of our military bases. Yes the local economies gain from US “occupation”, but in all honest most European and Asian countries would prefer us not being there. WWII ended over 75 years ago, why are our bases still doing there?
        I do see the need for military bases in the middle east, but that’s becoming a real money pit for us.
        And yes, you are correct that China & Russia do attempt to influence US elections, but to a very small degree mostly negligible. Buying $100K worth of FB/ google ads, internet troll farms, Hillary’s hacked emails is all it takes to swing an American election? I think not, in fact it’s laughable. Independent journalist Aaron Matte debunked the whole Russiagate scam by the MSM, his expose cannot be refuted by the lamestream media and he won an Izzy Award for his work.
        Did Trump benefit from Russian interference, of course he did! And that’s definitely wrong, but the media would have you believe that’s the ONLY reason he won which is false. MSM tried to discount the huge underlying populist movement that propelled him to victory b/c the American public are dissatisfied with the political status quo in Washington.
        China has their own economic and political agenda for the US, specifically to support a Biden victory b/c they believe Democrats are more favorable to neoliberal global trade. That’s why Trump is waging war with China, he wants to keep jobs in the US and squeeze China out of the upcoming 5G revolution in the global marketplace.
        There are many economic and geopolitical forces at play here, all vying for power and control over the future.
        Working in unity with other nations will not happen under the current Trump administration. Biden hopes to change that, at the expense of everyday working Americans. Interesting dynamics at play here.


  4. Hello Jill. The idea that everything has to have a profit motive is an outdated concept. There are things that shouldn’t be for profit. Healthcare and related businesses are things that shouldn’t be driven by profit. Many drugs are researched and created in government funded labs, under government grants, and then the drug is patented to a for profit company that charges the taxpayer for the drug at a huge markup. How does that make sense. Government should be for securing the wellbeing of the people, not the not the profit of corporations. Hugs

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    • I am in 100% agreement with you, my friend. The recipe for the vaccine should not be a secret and the distribution of the vaccine should not be based on either profit or politics. But, it will be. We are living in the midst of a greedy, arrogant world where the only thing that matters is how much money you have. Not the environment, not our health, not people starving … just profit. I hate it!

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  5. Jill, your first sentence says it all. What the US president fails to understand, is the US businesses and people need good relationships with other countries like China. Did you know that China’s GDP falling has an echo effect on everyone.

    With that said, China is notorious for stealing intellectual capital, as is Russia. But, China has far more people and companies, so it is worse there. But, do not think we don’t poke around a little as well.

    Your point about beating up on China and kowtowing to Russia is a good one. Why? To me, clearly Putin has a something on Trump. When people respond that is conspiracy theory, that is modus operandi for Putin. I think the Russian word is “Kompramant” or something close, meaning compromising information.

    Yet, what is comes down to is we have a president who does not build relationships measuring everything in transactions and who is not believable. Sadly, this occurs when he may have a modicum of truth in what he is trying to do.


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    • You’re right that China … probably every major nation in the Western world … is known for corporate spying and theft of secrets both governmental and industrial. But the difference with the vaccine is that it should not BE a secret … it’s life and death and it should not be that the wealthy or citizens of one nation have an edge over the poor in Somalia or anywhere else. I guess this is why they call me a ‘bleeding heart liberal snowflake’, eh?

      Trump has given Russia a free pass on so many things that I cannot help but believe that what Russia has on Trump is a set of puppet strings. Debt, for sure. Other Kompropat (you were close)? Probably … almost certainly. Putin always seems to have a sly grin when he talks of Trump …

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      • Jill, what many fail to grasp is Trump has accelerated the ascension of China through tariffs, retrenchment, pulling out of the TPP, and just being difficult to deal with. China has courted and invested in time and money to create new markets. This was going to happen, but Trump greased the skids. Keith

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  6. That bit about stealing American jobs made me scoff! Wasn’t it American businesses who exported those jobs to China? (and elsewhere). I don’t need to go into why they did so, it should be obvious. It’s a bit late now to turn around and call it theft.
    As for the doctrine of diplomatic imunity, I’m sure I don’t have to remind you about the wife of a US diplomat who scuttled off home to the good ol’ US of A to avoid prosecution for causing the death of a UK citizen by dangerous driving in the UK. I gather that yesteray the UK and US did agree to close the loophole she used so it won’t happen again, but she is still refusing to answer for her error of judgement.

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    • Yes indeed … it was U.S. companies who exported the jobs to China and other nations where they could get cheap labour … it’s all about increasing profit, y’know. Trump’s own daughter used cheap overseas labour in the manufacturing of her clothing line, and the junk that Trump sells on his campaign website is largely manufactured overseas.

      Yes, I well remember Harry Dunn, the young man killed by the wife of a U.S. diplomat in the UK. I was enraged at the time and still am. I didn’t know the two countries had closed the loophole, but still to late for Dunn’s family.

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  7. While the USA have recently lost it’s Leader r of the Free World title, and not before time. Other Empires will want to claim a title from it, I just don’t believe that China wants the hassle in creating it . I get the idea that Russia has enough problems of the moment. This might be a good time to concentrate on consolidation and not offering threats if the UK don’t play the games the US wants because we trade with Russia it should nit stop us trading with the US. It;s time to pull together. I for one would be prepared to lose trade with the US and it should not frighten BoJo,. We should still be a good friend to the US

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    • I just don’t understand why any one nation has to be the ‘leader’, why any one has to have the upper hand when it comes to … well, anything, really. Trade, global health, nuclear disarmament, poverty. How much more could be accomplished if all nations set aside their superiority complexes and worked together for the benefit of all? We really DO need a BDoW to orchestrate this!!!

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  8. Thank you, Jill. You pretty much said what we were talking about, but nicely. There is no reason to make my comment into a post anymore. But therein lies the problem. I wanted to incite passions by displaying my passion, or at least that is what I thought I was doing. I’m starting to think you are a true Canadian at heart, trying to calm everything down. I, on the other hand, was giving up my Canadian apologetic nature for the French use of passion through causing a war with a staid Englishman. Along with the rebellious blood of Louis Riel coursing through my veins and arteries, I also lay claim to a lot of French boiling blood. I keep it well under wraps for the most part, but this time I did not want to. I wanted to aggravate, to rabblerouse, to appeal to emotion. I am defeated. I lay my sword at your feet. May the virus have pity on my spirit.

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    • It’s funny … I was working on this post yesterday afternoon, finished it up around 11:00 last night, then decided I’d go take another look at your comment on Gary’s post. When I did, it occurred to me that I had just addressed the same topic, albeit without as much rancor, perhaps. Maybe subconsciously your comment drove my post without me realizing it. Anyway, yes, mine was toned down a bit, but I have also found that calm, reasoned speech is listened to more than a rant with language and all caps, so while I do occasionally use a cuss word or all caps for emphasis, I try to keep it to a minimum.


      • To all things there is a time, including a time to be reasonable, and a time to makevyourself heard. I have been mostly reasonable since Trump came onto the political scene. This is no longer politics. This is medical emergency! WE NEED SOMETHING DIFFERENT TO HAPPEN!

        BTW, our covid tests came back negative. But what kind uf flu lasts almost two weeks?

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          • Gail seems to be healthy, totally asymptomatic. Me, every time I think I am getting better, I devolve. Only in different ways. Symptoms change daily, but in the end I am still sick, probably in the head. Definitely sick of being sick.

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              • Hugs to you, Scottie. I’d ask how things are in Florida these days, meaning specifically for you two, but since there is so much Florida on Canadian news lately, I think I saw in at least one video. Was it on the crowded beach, or the almost-empty bar?
                As for me, I’m living on mainly liquids these days, few solids stay down. Cream of mushroom soup and chicken noodle soup, both Campbell’s (Do you have Campbell’s soups down there, best condensed canned soup in the world for these flavours!) Free advertising.
                Anyways, I get better, I get worse. Two weeks now. No idea what bug I have, but it’s getting irritating that it won’t go away.
                Kinda like Trump won’t go away for you. Pity, only in the US you say. Please keep him there, in Sing Sing, or Alcatraz, or whatever big prison you have down there. Mer-i-Lego, perchance? Certainly not Maralago.

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