Time For Snarky Snippets!

I’m full of snark from a variety of items in yesterday’s news.  What’s new, right?

A step too far …

We’ve all heard about the ridiculous level of federal force being used in Portland, Oregon, where troops – largely unidentified and unidentifiable – dressed in riot gear and heavily armed, are abducting protestors off the streets, shoving them into unmarked vans without even telling them why they are being arrested or by what authority.  These forces are also using tear gas, rubber bullets, stun grenades and other weapons on protestors and any innocent bystanders who happen to be nearby.  One such person was, in fact, the Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler!federal-troops-portlandAs Mayor Wheeler stood at a fence guarding a courthouse during another night of protest, watching the carnage these federal troops were inflicting upon his city, he was suddenly sprayed with tear gas.  This, my friends, is far too much.  The presence of federal troops was not called for, and in fact last Friday, Mayor Wheeler told Trump to, “keep your troops in your own buildings or have them leave our city.”

Portland was, as most of us feared, only the beginning of Trump’s attempt to impose a form of martial law, for Trump announced on Wednesday that he will deploy more federal troops to both Chicago and Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Is this really the nation we want to live in?  What’s next?  Your city?  Mine?

The judge is right …

Earlier this month, Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney and personal ‘fixer’, was returned to prison, allegedly because he violated the terms of his home confinement.  He didn’t violate any such terms, but the real reason was that Cohen is writing a book.  Yes, another book is in the making, this one about Cohen’s time working for Trump, and given his closeness to Trump, the number of times he paid off prostitutes and whatever other messes he bailed Trump out of, this one should be fascinating!

It is beyond concerning that Trump and his royal henchmen can have a person sent to prison on a lie.  U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein agreed and ordered that Cohen be released from an upstate federal prison by 2 p.m. Friday after being tested for coronavirus at the facility, where he’s been held in a solitary setting since being rearrested July 9th. He will then return to home confinement in Manhattan.

About time …

On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to remove Confederate statues from the Capitol Building.  I applaud this movement … in fact, I applaud it until my hands have blisters!  The one statue residing in the Capitol that has always made me grind my teeth is that of former Chief Justice Roger B. Taney who authored the Dred Scott decision in 1857, which declared African Americans couldn’t be citizens.  Taney’s bust would be replaced with a statue of Thurgood Marshall, the first African American Supreme Court justice.

Other statues the House voted to bring down include Charles Aycock, John C. Calhoun, and James Paul Clarke.  Now, before some … or one in particular … get on their high horse, this is NOT about what you call “cancel culture” … the history remains, sadly un-erasable … but there is no purpose to be served by honouring these ‘men’ with a notable place in the Capitol.  They were not honourable men and while they will always have a place in the history books, they do not deserve a place anywhere else.

But, before you get too excited, it is highly unlikely that this House bill, even though passed by members of both parties, will make it into law.  You see … Mitch McConnell holds the power of life and death over bills coming in from the House, and it’s unlikely he will even allow it onto the floor of the Senate.  In the unlikely event that he did, and that the Senate passed it, it is even more unlikely that the imposter in the Oval Office would sign it into law.  Still … my fingers are crossed.

More corruption???

Ever notice that when you hear of political corruption, it’s usually tied to the name of a republican?  Take ol’ Duncan Hunter … you remember him, right?  He’s the one who used campaign funds to pay for his children’s school tuition, their school lunches, sports equipment, and to pay to take his pet bunnies on a plane with his family.  By the way … he was sentenced to 11 months in federal prison in March.

House Votes

Well, two more are on the radar this week.  There’s one who I’d love to see brought down, for he has been a juvenile pain-in-the-rear ever since he first came to Congress from the state of Florida.  He is none other than Matt Gaetz, who is accused of sending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to a limited liability company linked to a speech-writing consultant who was ousted from the Trump administration, in direct conflict with House ethics rules.  He also used taxpayer money to set up a television studio in his father’s home in Niceville, Florida, which Gaetz uses when he appears on television. Taxpayers foot the bill to rent the television camera, and the private company that built the studio — which Gaetz refuses to identify — takes a fee each time he appears on air.  No estimate on what this has cost us yet.

Larry-HouseholderAnd then there is the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives, Larry Householder, who was arrested by the FBI in a $60 million bribery scheme!  Ol’ Larry is also a republican, not surprisingly.  Prosecutors accused Householder and four others of spinning up a “criminal enterprise” that collected $60 million in dark money from a struggling energy company.  Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, one of the few republicans for whom I have a modicum of respect, has called on Householder to resign.

Mind you that I’m not saying there aren’t corrupt democrats in our government, for surely there are.  But the worst of the stench seems to emanate from the Republican Party of late, starting at the very top and working its way down through the ranks.

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    • As Speaker of the House of Representatives, Larry Householder designed and then helped pass HB 6, a law for coal and nuclear. to gain over a <i.billion dollars in bailout money. Sure, he was bribed $61 million. But what far exceeds those amounts is his crime against humanity, implementing a law that set renewable and energy efficiency laws back decades… just when doing so could cause the maximum harm to everyone.

      He is beyond deplorable; he is an execrable human being… and the last two words are the only questionable ones. in that description.

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    • The corrupt Democrats are fewer and further between, and are not outright imperialists. Gaetz … once arrested and tossed in jail … yet he wears the swagger of superiority as if he had something to be superior about. A grade-A jackass in my book.


  1. Those are not federal troops who have appeared in Portland abducting people off the streets. Those are alien beings who are using the confusion to harvest humans for their starving planet. The vans are transporting the victims to UFOs waiting somewhere in Maryland’s Outback. LOL

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  2. good morning dear. here’s a response to a blog post where the woman is applauding the removal of a statue from the capitol. What do you say, should I post this publicly? “The taking down of statues, which some elude to as “the erasing of history” is not simply a right wing conspiracy to keep alive a “white supremacist” culture as many progressives scream from their little comfortable echo chambers.

    Statues were and are erected not to remind us of our blemished past but they are done so to remember the good that people have done. Now, don’t fling your mobile device through the window, clinch your teeth and growl snark just yet as I need to say more about that statement.

    Most humans on the planet have it within them to do evil, which is reflected and even exaggerated here in this blog on an almost daily basis, and they also have the power to do good, which is demonstrated once a week, for just one post.

    Statues are a reminder of both the good and the bad of those who they represent because, as humans, we have very short attention spans and don’t remember very well or for very long.

    The same people who are applauding the taking down of statues of people in history are the same individuals who will immediately chastise anyone who denies 9-11.

    If we’re going to take down statues, we should go taking down any statues of Lennon, Marx or Stalin which may happen to be in our country, as I’m sure there are some that were erected by leftists in the 20th century who wanted to remember the noble acts of service these great men had on their country, but forget that 20 million people who were killed under Stalin, that doesn’t matter.”

    My point in all this is that we need reminders of the good and the bad so we don’t repeat our horrible history of white supremacy and since most people don’t like to read these days, why not have the statues that they can look at. It takes less effort.

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    • We do not need statues to remind us of the evil that some of these men embodied … for that, we have history books. Statues are for heroes, but I’m okay with removing all statues, period. They are unnecessary, at the least, and controversial at best. Take them all down, rely on recorded history to inform us. In lieu of the statues, how about statues of lions and tigers and bears? Critters are so much more noble and interesting.


  3. Jill, good summary. On your first story, Former DHS director Tom Ridge has some interesting comments, as does Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox. My current post will cite their words. I clicked on and watched the Judge say what he did, and to see the faces of the three morning hosts while he did so was priceless. As for Cohen, his book is the one Trump really does not want out – one does not have a “fixer” to fix nothing.

    As for Gaetz, Yoho and Hunter, to me it is quite simple. When Congress people, Senators, State or Local legislators or Presidents dishonor the office they hold, the entity who provides oversight must act. It can be sanction, it can be public rebuke, it can be removal from a committee chair or it can be removal. Not acting is a disservice to the citizens of the US and it does not matter which party the member holds.

    This a reason elected officials have a low approval rating. They are supposed to be among our better angels, not our worst. The same can be said for the pedophile priests and abusive police officers. The groups that govern them have to act in oversight or the bad apples spoil the bunch.

    A telling part of the movie “Spotlight” about the pedophile priests in Boston is when the reporter talked to a researcher in Baltimore and answered the question on the number of Catholic churches in Boston. With that number, the researcher said based on my experience you have about ninety priests who are pedophiles. It turns out there were 93.

    Oversight, governance – without it we cannot have faith in those institutions. And, it should trouble every American that we have a president who fires Inspector Generals, whistleblowers and testifiers. Why? The reason is obvious. Keith


    • Thanks Keith! I just read your post … excellent. I would so love to see the protestors stop the violence and keep all protests peaceful, thus taking away any possible excuse to send in federal troops. Even so, the way it is being done defies Constitutional Law and is naught but state-sanctioned terrorism.

      As re pedophile priests … I was lucky, I guess. I was sent to Catholic schools until I was old enough to simply refuse to go any more, but the priests that I recall were all wonderful men who genuinely cared about us kids and our education. That said, the Catholic Church has much to atone for, and yes, the priests, police officers, and our elected officials should all be people we can trust … but sadly, they are only human and in many cases not very good ones.


  4. The military leadership has made it very clear that they will not support the use of military force against US civilians without a very clear mandate from both Houses. There is zero possibility of this happening so I have great confidence Trump’s latest Hail Mary attempt to scare voters into supporting him by responding violently to protests in ‘liberal democratic’ cities will work. It’s too bad, in my mind, that so many misguided people have afforded Trump this opportunity. Imagine if everyone went home at dusk and left empty streets for these goon to patrol but returned in great numbers the next day and simply sat down. Trump would have nothing.

    I heard Ocasio-Cortez’s speech on a point of privilege responding to the acceptance of an ‘apology’ by Florida’s Yoho after maligning her in public with invective and demeaning language. Now there is the right response to the bullying tactics used the world over and a demonstration of what it means to stand up and do better. Although I have great criticism for many of her ideas, I have nothing but respect for her integrity and character and principled courage. Those qualifications are being run out of town these days not by deplorable Republicans but by deplorable Democrats and woke media just when we need these on display the most.

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    • You make an excellent point when you say that if the protestors simply went home at dark, leaving the streets empty for the goons to patrol, then engaged in completely peaceful protest during the day, it would be much more helpful than what is happening today. Emotions are running high, for obvious reasons, and it’s hard to step back, to go home seems like letting ‘them’ win. We are often our own worst enemy.

      I hadn’t heard AOC’s response and acceptance of Yoho’s apology, but I’m pleased that she handled it in the manner you say … I’ll check it out a bit later. I like most of her ideas, especially regarding the environment, but I also understand that progress happens in small steps and she wants to “get ‘er done” in as few steps as possible. Still, her heart and head are in the right place, unlike most of the republicans whose hearts and heads reside in their bank accounts.


    • You heard right … but then, he would condemn China for … almost anything. And he vacillates on Hong Kong so much that I’ve concluded he doesn’t understand the complexities of the situation and just parrots what he thinks makes him sound “tough”.


    • True dat … same ol’, same ol’ …

      You may be right, ultimately, but he’s doing a heck of job at terrorizing Portland at the moment. And you have to remember that the vast majority of the gun nuts are on his side! Why do you think he hasn’t been assassinated yet?

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      • One underlying danger the US faces is that IF Trump gets back in and IF he continues to indulge the Right, then folks on the Left and Liberal wings might well decide it’s time they armed up to defend themselves. If we had moved to the USA I would certainly be thinking about it.

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        • Perhaps. I can only speak for myself, and I know I will never own a gun. Not to say I might not bash a few heads in with my rolling pin, but … no guns. The bigger fear is that a lot of the liberal-minded might simply cease to exist. Sigh.

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          • One very salutary lesson of recent history is that when Democracies (in this context the Not Extreme folk) feel they are threatened by ruthless forces, there comes a tipping point.
            Then those who have sewn the wind have to deal with a pretty big kickback because they find those ‘snowflakes’ are coming in hard and strong like a blizzard or an ice storm.
            Liberals and democrats (in the universal sense) can be absolutely terrors in winning wars because they are not shackled by a narrow outlook…more a case of ‘Hey if it works…Use it,’
            I give you as some examples: Sherman’s March to the Sea, The 1943-45 bombing campaign by the RAF & USSAF and The Atom Bombs on Japan. Messy and controversial but those who served them up did not start the problems.
            That’s the trouble with reading History, it gives you a great deal of uncomfortable facts.
            As the song ‘Seems Like A Long Time’ has it…
            “War time is only the other side of peace time
            But if you’ve ever seen how wars are won”

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              • And here is the paradox summed up in the old phrase ‘If you want Peace prepare for War’.
                This are many brave, selfless and truly good folk who go out there and confront the individual bigot or other extremist and convince them otherwise. One to one and takes time.
                But what do you do when confronted by them in their hundreds, thousands en mass?
                I have read many an eloquent and noble commentary which stated if no one had obeyed their leaders WWII would not have happened. This is a happy thought indeed, sadly when the masses are indoctrinated, and more to the point want to be indoctrinated to follow a hostile and aggressive line then no amount of reasoned discourse will speak to them.
                The tipping point has by then been reached.

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                • I guess I’ve just always hoped that at some point humans would wake up and realize that if we all work together instead of against each other, we can actually make the world a much better place. I should have learned by now that far too many humans don’t WANT the world to be better for everyone … only for themselves. So yeah, wars and conflict is likely here to stay until we kill off the human species by ignoring the environment. Sigh.

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                    • In one way it’s an old story. One form of Life replaces another. In our case we were given the gift to be aware of how we could not damage the environment, and we are in danger throwing it away…..thus could become just a smear on the fossil record


                    • What boggles the mind is the human “superiority complex” … humans claim to have been put in charge of the earth, to be superior in their ability to think, reason, build, etc. (not to mention those opposable thumbs). And yet, while we may have these capabilities, we durn sure don’t always use them to the benefit of earth and its inhabitants, but rather put them to use finding better ways to kill. Sigh.

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                    • Sorry for the delay Jill.
                      (Been wandering the lands of Trelli, Arketre & Karlyn….. an empire’s a big place and time goes differently…..How did it get to be Thursday???? 😯)
                      Anyway, using the religious approach:
                      Let us look at the actually message of the opening of Genesis, in plain language:
                      ‘OK you guys. I’ve given you the brains, the opposable thumbs, you even get to walk upright. Now I invested a few billions years to get you right, not a lot of time in my book, but still….
                      Now here’s the planet, it’s been made just right, not too far from, not too close to the Sun. It’s got this neat magnetic field which keeps radiation away. Radiation?….Yeah, you’ve got to work that out for yourselves, but slowly, don’t try and grab everything at once, it’ll fry your brains, trust me. Now there’s seasons, and there’s a whole lot of what I call Weather…that’s…WEA-THER you white blonde haired guys at the back!…..Plenty of planets and animals and the building stuff is easy to obtain.
                      The deal? Well I expect you lot to look after this planet. Don’t disappoint me. You really don’t want to disappoint men.
                      (I can see I gonna have to keep reminding this lot… that’s if they ever listen!….Hoi! Kids uh?)
                      That should get me a howls of protest amongst the fun-de-mentalists but that’s an interpretation.


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