What Could Happen …???

The race is on and with just over 100 days until election day, most of us know who we will be voting for.  Most every legitimate poll shows Biden leading Trump by somewhere between 8 to 15 points, and that’s comforting for those of us who genuinely believe that the nation cannot tolerate another term with Trump holding the reins.  But we cannot become complacent, for to do so would be a serious mistake.  Trump still has about a 40% following … people largely with a single agenda who will not abandon Trump no matter what he does.  His goal, and that of the Republican Party as a whole, right now is to increase that following, or short of that, to dilute the vote of the majority.  A lot can happen in 100 days!  The Washington Post published an article by a few of the pundits, opinion writers from both sides of the aisle, who have given their views on what, exactly, Trump could do in the next 100+ days to change the tide and actually win the election.  I thought they were worth sharing … some are worth some thought.  Take a look …

Here’s what could happen to put Trump in the lead

Post-PunditOpinion by The Ranking Committee

July 24, 2020 at 9:41 a.m. EDT

Rankings wrangler Drew Goins here for Round 67, which finds President Trump behind in a trailing-by-13-points-in-Florida sort of way. But it is yet July, which leaves time for not only an October surprise but an August and September one, too. Trump might be praying all those aliens pay a visit and reverse his fortunes, but short of that, here’s what the members of the Ranking Committee think could turn the race around for Mr. President.

— Drew Goins

Better pandemic management

He starts wearing a mask regularly and takes covid-19 seriously. Unless he does that well, he doesn’t have the credibility with swing voters to make any Biden gaffe matter.

— Henry Olsen

Pandemic credit-stealing

Trump would gain a huge amount of ground if he (a) set low expectations for his performance during the pandemic and (b) skated by on the achievements of health officials. Trump isn’t about to start handling the coronavirus competently or effectively, but voters often don’t judge presidents on pure managerial ability. They ask themselves, “Are things getting better or getting worse?” and if things are getting better, they tend to give the president credit. So Trump needs to set as low of a bar as possible and cross his fingers that people who work for him — scientists, public health officials, et al. — do their job well and unintentionally push him over the top.

— David Byler

Non-distancing Democrats

The race will close as they always do, but the momentum behind President Trump’s comeback will be significantly fueled by what Democrats and, by extension, Joe Biden don’t do: condemn violence in the streets of Portland, Ore., and elsewhere and repudiate utterly and without equivocation “defunding the police” or “redirecting funding for the police,” which are effectively the same thing in the ears of a majority of voters. As the Democratic Party collapses into apology for the protesters in Portland, Trump will regain ground lost to voters professing “Trump fatigue.” Better that than fear for personal safety.

— Hugh Hewitt

Large-scale retaliation from leftists

It seems obvious Trump is sending federal law enforcement into cities to confront protesters not just because the TV imagery it creates tickles his authoritarian fancies but also as deliberate incitement, to stoke violent civil conflict. But why? One possibility: to provoke a dramatic, large-scale retaliation from a self-described leftist. That might shift the suburbs against the protests and in Trump’s direction. Is that overheated? Perhaps. But ask yourself: Why is Trump actively trying to push the nation to the brink of civil war? Do you have a better explanation?

— Greg Sargent

A Supreme Court vacancy

A spot opening up on the Supreme Court could remind reluctant conservatives of the same deal they made with the devil in 2016 — and help them ignore even the most devilish deeds Trump has carried out in office. This could win back some of the suburban voters the president has lost over his tenure, and maybe energize others who otherwise would have sat this mid-pandemic election out.

— Molly Roberts

A time machine

Trump is so far behind and so personally discredited, I find it impossible to think of something he might realistically do to rehabilitate himself. Even if we developed an effective vaccine (very difficult given the timeline), it almost certainly would not be distributed in time. As for Biden, I do not believe a single gaffe out there could sink him. What I think would pose a real problem is massive voter suppression. Literally preventing people from voting or their votes from being counted is the greatest threat to Biden, and to our democracy. Aside from that, Trump would need a time machine — to go several months back, acknowledge the pandemic and put in place a mammoth federal response. While there, he could react to the killing of George Floyd like a normal, empathetic human and even champion a list of agreed-upon police reforms.

— Jennifer Rubin


I genuinely don’t have a plausible scenario. At this point, I don’t think there’s any way Trump can become competitive with Biden in the polls. And I think the only way Trump could even conceivably eke out a win on Election Day would be through voter suppression on an improbably (perhaps impossibly) massive scale.

— Eugene Robinson

So Trump saying, “If elected, I will immediately resign and hand power to my new vice president, Mitt Romney,” doesn’t count? I mean, beyond that, we’re into “Joe Biden is identified as the perpetrator in a gruesome double homicide.” I’m struggling to think of anything else that will save Trump.

— Megan McArdle

My own personal favourite it Eugene Robinson’s, naturally.  However, the others all make valid points and we need to keep our eyes on the ball, my friends.

31 thoughts on “What Could Happen …???

  1. IF one is counting there are 101 days until the November 3rd election. In the event that, as we desperately hope, trump does not win…do not expect him to “go gentle into that good night” of ex-presidency with merely a whimper but with a resounding bang!! Thank-you!

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    • Oh, who’s counting … just another silly ol’ election, right? No, he won’t go gently, but if he loses the election, go he will, even if the military have to carry him, Melania and BoomBoom out of the White House! Wouldn’t you love to see THAT on t.v.?


  2. First of all he will cause a significant slow down in mail deliveries so as to cause problems with absentee ballots– thus disenfranchising thousands of potential voters — He will mount endless challenges to the outcome of the election if he should lose it and we will see a return to the days of “Hanging Chads” or worse and, in the end, regardless of the vote, a Conservative-dominated Supreme Court will hand him the presidency … This has happened before …. He will cause countless polling places to be closed so as to disenfranchise thousands of more voters who might have to travel unreasonable distances and stand in endless lines to cast their votes …. He might somehow manage some kind of incursion into the voting machines to swing the results his way — (Blame that one on the Russians) — Get his cohorts to vote him as Permanent President until the Covid 19 crisis has ended … He is not going to go easily — if he goes at all.

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    • The first is already happening … the slowdown of mail. And there is no doubt that he will challenge every vote when he loses, but I don’t think the Supreme Court will simply hand the election to him if he challenges Biden’s win, for Chief Justice Roberts, while he has sided with the conservatives several times, has also stood with the liberals a number of times, and I cannot imagine him doing otherwise here. I do, however, fear massive disenfranchisement and dirty tricks to keep voters away from the polls. No, he won’t go easily, but I have to believe that if we are diligent, if we can convince people how critical it is to VOTE this year, he will go on January 20th, if the military have to carry him out.

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  3. Thank you for sharing!!… unfortunately there is a element of American society that is only interested in their own welfare and will vote for anyone who they believe can protect their welfare, and at this moment that person appears to be Donald Trump…
    And because they are trying to cater to their following, Trump and his minions won’t hesitate to make claims against others, true or not…
    And as Trump won on a technicality (electoral votes) not by popular votes, one will need to watch those states with the high electoral votes..
    And keep communicating with everyone and sharing thoughts, not fear, in hopes we can steer Americas ship into better waters… 🙂

    Hope all is well in your part of the universe and all your tomorrows are filled with happiness!..

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    • You are so right about the element of our society who care only for their own interests. Seems that in many cases, the interests they are looking to Trump to ‘protect’ are racist and bigoted.
      I think the threat to mail-in voting, voter apathy, and as you say, the electoral college are the biggest threats to a fair and honest election in November, and I have no doubt that Trump will use all of these to his advantage. Therefore, he must lose by such a landslide that there can be no doubt what the people want.

      I haven’t the power to do much, but I will continue to use my voice to try to convince people how very critical it is that they get out and vote … no matter what! (I will also keep my fingers crossed).

      All is relatively well in my part of the universe … I remember to be thankful that I am so much better off than many and not to complain over the little things that won’t matter a year from now. Take good care, my friend!


  4. Trump’s tweet 5 minutes ago started off,” That Lowlife Obama’ and starts in on his usual, that President Obama Spied on his campaign. Now they’ve just released the papers that prove it. What”s the betting he can’t produce them.
    If he lies all the way through his campaign, and plays ‘Poor ;ittle me’his own votters will be tired of him annd gladly pass tthe crown to Biden.

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      • Not JUST of course he does, Jill. He will. He won by cheating last time. He plans on winning this time. Think on this, Jill, and I am not the first one to say this: He has used this pandemic to put himself into a position where he can cancel the whole election under emergency powers. He has already said he will do it if he had to. For him, cancelling an election, legally or not, is the same as winning the election. No one voted (will be able to vote) against him, therefore he will have carte blanche to do as he likes. Did he purpisefully create these conditions–one hopes not. But it is within the realm of what he could possibly do to exploit them.
        THIS ELECTION IS NOT A SURE VICTORY FOR BIDEN YET. The “fat lady” might never get to sing on Nov. 3rd, 2020.

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        • I do fully understand the myriad of possibilities, and that his level of corruption … the level of corruption of the entire GOP … makes it such that nothing is beyond the realm of what is possible. However, if I and others simply accept that he will win whether by hook or by crook, then we let out a sigh and stop fighting. THAT cannot be allowed to happen. I refuse to accept that it is inevitable he will win or somehow postpone the election … instead, I must keep trying to make people aware of the dangers and of the importance they vote, no matter what obstacles are thrown in our way.


          • I hope I never said he cannot lose, you know better than that. But I am trying to make sure everyone understands just how dangerous this man, and his followers, actually are.
            Trmp is much too much of a coward to ever drink the Kool-Aid himself, but he is not above asking, or commanding, his psychofans to drink it. However, I can see him dropping a nuclear bomb on Washington, DC, then crapping his panties as he waits for it to send him to his glory land.

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            • Sigh. No, you’re right and I put nothing past him, but I must believe that he can and will be defeated and ousted, one way or the other, else I would not be able to keep breathing. Sigh.


              • Well, I certainly want you to keep breathing, and I do not want you to believe he won’t be defeated, but every coin flip has at least two possible outcomes, putting aside the possibility it might land on its edge.
                Maybe I’m just seeing things too clearly these days, and I want to be prepared for all eventualities. I just held tildeb to account for telling someone to stick their hand in a fire to prove a point. People don’t think what they are saying. And that makes me sick.

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  5. all this talk about voter suppression completely ignores the very real fact that google manipulated it’s algorithms in 2016 to give millions of votes to Hillary, yet no one screamed and carried on about that.

    Silicon valley is a big proponent of voter manipulation but that’s okay with most people. It’s hypocritical.

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  6. Jill, Biden supporters cannot let up and they must vote. There is a power of the incumbency where Trump can dress up his flaws. Right now, he is going out of his way to make China the enemy and only he is taking them on. He is also making them the scapegoat for COVID-19, trying to get people to ignore that he called it a hoax for six weeks.

    What even international reporters do not fully understand, while China does have expansion issues other countries must counter, Trump has enabled an ascendant China with his tariffs, with his retrenchment, with his backing out the TPP, and with his beating up on our allies. China has built supply and customer chains with other countries and is filling the void the US is leaving in global conferences.

    On the flip side, there are a growing number of Republicans who are seeing Trump for what he is. I don’t agree with the first part of this statement, but a Republican supporting Biden and funding The Lincoln Project said he agreed with 80% of what Trump has done, but cannot support “a liar.” He said Trump is a threat to our democracy and the GOP.

    But, someone once said about Trump, if you are going to go after him, don’t let up. If you fail to hit your target, what will be left will be worse. Keith

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    • Convincing those who are not inspired by Biden to vote for him anyway is not an easy task, but you’re right … we must convince them. I fear voter apathy, but also voter disenfranchisement on a large scale, especially given the games Trump & Co are playing with the USPS in this time of pandemic when people are going to rely on mail-in ballots more than ever before.

      Yes, the U.S. under Trump has ceded its global role and China is stepping in to fill the void. Trump has no idea what he is doing and his tariffs hurt the people of this nation far worse than any other. There was a much simpler solution to our problems, but the U.S. Senate blew it in February. Now we will struggle to have a fair and honest election in which we evict the madman from the big White House.


      • Jill, the person knows fear sells. The key is as Mary Trump noted in her book title, the most dangerous person in the world is the person doing the fear mongering. His large ego is matched by the large chasm between what he thinks he knows and actually does. Keith

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        • You are right, of course. But my question is … why are so many people vulnerable to such fear-mongering? It doesn’t take much more than a tiny bit of common sense to realize that what he says is a lie.


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