Let’s Do the One Thing Trump Is Incapable Of: FOCUS

We are bombarded with so much ‘news’ on a daily basis, much of it designed to raise our hackles, to speak to our worst nightmares, to instill either fear or a sense of hopelessness. Our friend TokyoSand reminds us that in order to win in November, in order to defeat the current regime and begin to restore some semblance of democratic principles, we must maintain our focus. She makes some excellent points that we all need to keep in mind. Thank you once again for your clear thinking and sound advice!


Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

How did you feel when you heard that Trump had suggested delaying the election last week?

Outraged? Scared? Angry?

I certainly saw all of these things in articles, opinion pieces, on social media, and in conversations. And people talked and talked and talked. I found it hard to be online, with so much fear and panic in the air.

It didn’t seem to matter when folks–including constitutional professors and scholars–pointed out that Trump can’t delay the election. That the only body that has that authority is Congress, and Pelosi and McConnell would have to agree to a new date. That just is never going to happen.

No, what I saw was people who WANTED to wallow in the fear and “what if” scenarios and dive deeper into the darkness.

Not to be mean, but I just don’t have time for that. I will respond…

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7 thoughts on “Let’s Do the One Thing Trump Is Incapable Of: FOCUS

  1. What gets me are people who find he hasn’t been telling the truth when they finally get the virus but still intend to vote for him. It makes me wonder what he says they like. Do they dislike blacks, do they think God put him there? What is it? They must live in the same bubble he does. 😦 — Suzanne

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  2. So true. Lack of focus is what they want to spread. If it happens, they have got what they want. It’s happened in the UK. Worst administration ever in the UK. Messed up Brexit. Corruption, criminal negligence on Pandemic yet they are still ahead in the polls. That happens for a reason. Not a pleasant reason.

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    • Agreed. Lack of focus and … fear. They want to make us afraid of what might happen if they aren’t re-elected. This is all so wearying … and that’s part of the problem, the strategy, too … to wear us down. Sigh.

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  3. Jill, the lack of focus of the incumbent president, which was poor, is now off the charts. Just today, he chastised Dr. Birx for telling the truth, while he wallpapers the COVID-19 as everything is fine. He continues to denigrate mail-in voting which is used exclusively in five states and a lot in 35 states, while do nothing to assure voters. And, he keeps flipping on pronouncement like a fish on dry land. Focus is not a word to define Trump. Mercurial and all over the place are better definitions. Keith

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