We’re Better Than This … Or Are We?

More and more these days I am disgusted by the behaviour of some of my fellow humans in this country.  Okay, so we have fools in our government who believe it is okay to denigrate people, to tell lies and issue meaningless threats, but do we really need to emulate them?  I realize there have always been people for whom violence, or the threat of violence, was a way of life, an answer to all their problems, but today I’m seeing more and more of it.  How many times have we read in the past 7 months about someone threatening a store employee for merely doing his or her job, enforcing a store policy to wear a mask while inside the store?  So many that I’ve lost count.

Just last week, a man in Pennsylvania shot a clerk at a cigar store for being told he must wear a mask inside the store.  Then when police went to the man’s home to arrest him, he pulled an AK-47 automatic rifle and fired at police.  The man’s attorney, attempting to justify his actions, said he was “just not handling the pandemic well.”  And this is just one of many such incidents.  Is this, then, to become our new ‘norm’?  Come on, people … surely we’re better than this???

Kill the messenger?

The cruelty of humans never ceases to amaze me.  Dr. Anthony Fauci … you all know the name by now … is probably the most reliable source for information about the coronavirus pandemic.  He is, as I recently noted in another post, highly qualified and a top expert in the field of such things as infectious diseases and pandemics.  Those who respect science and the opinions of experts, listen to him.  Others listen to Donald Trump and his minions who have repeatedly and consistently denied that the pandemic is a big problem … nothing to see here folks, it’s all going away soon … and turned their backs on the recommendations of the experts, much to our detriment.  Okay, fine, but …

fauci“Getting death threats for me and my family and harassing my daughters to the point where I have to get security is just amazing. I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams that people who object to things that are purely public health principles are so set against it and don’t like what you and I say, namely in the word of science, that they actually threaten you. That to me is just strange… I wish we did not have to go through that.” – Dr. Anthony Fauci

Yes, my friends, people are actually threatening not only Fauci, but his family as well … threatening to kill them!  WHY???  Apparently because they don’t like his recommendations and/or predictions.  He recommends wearing masks, recommends certain areas of the country need to remain shut down, recommends schools stay closed, and predicts that the virus isn’t going to magically disappear as Trump claims it will.  So … if you don’t like what someone says, the answer is to threaten to kill them?  This is a sad, sad statement about the values, or lack thereof, of some people in this nation.  No, I don’t believe the majority, or even a significant number of people would do such a thing, but the fact that there are some people who would is appalling.

He didn’t like masks, so …

A Florida man, James Copenhaver, was dining at Ricky T’s Bar and Grille in Treasure Island, Florida, when he spotted a young boy wearing a mask, sitting at a nearby table.  Copenhaver himself was not wearing a mask, and apparently took umbrage at the young boy wearing one.  He walked over to the boy and told him to remove his mask.  He then asked the child to shake his hand, and the boy refused.  What he did next is yet another example of the cruelty of which humans are capable.  He grabbed the boy’s arm, leaned in close to his face and spat in the boy’s face, saying, “You now have the coronavirus.”

He wasn’t, however, content with that, but walked over to the nearest restaurant employee and attempted twice to punch the man … for what reason remains a mystery, other than that Mr. Copenhaver had apparently had a few too many drinks.

CopenhaverThe employee Mr. Copenhaver tried to punch managed to get Mr. Copenhaver outside, wrestle him to the ground and hold him until the police arrived, at which time he was arrested on charges of simple battery and disorderly conduct.

Who does this to a child???  Frankly, if somebody did what he did to my child, he would likely be lying in a hospital bed or a morgue right now.  Again, no I don’t think this is representative behaviour for the vast majority of people in this country, but … I do see it happening more and more frequently and I find it highly disturbing.

I repeat what I said in the beginning … this is no way to solve the many problems facing the people in this nation.  I really want to believe that we are better than this, but it gets harder by the day.

29 thoughts on “We’re Better Than This … Or Are We?

  1. And this is why I haven’t been able to write anything in the last couple of months. At the beginning of the pandemic I got riled enough to bash Trump for his actions, but since then I’ve hunkered down into a tiny bubble, unable to voice an opinion. Bless you, Jill, for being strong and able to draw attention to the a**holes who seemingly think this is all a hoax. I just wish someone would shake them all up.

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    • I’m sorry to hear you’ve been unable to write … but I do understand. In my case, if I couldn’t write about all the horrors of the day, I would go nuts … this blog is my venting venue, plus it helps force me to understand the issues in order to write accurately about them. Thank you for your kind words.


  2. ‘Or are we?’ A very valid question Jill. I’m just not so sure anymore. If around 40% of America still support the current president, what does that say about them? I’ll just leave that right there.

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    • 40% says a lot, doesn’t it. I can understand 10 maybe 20% tops, but 40%?
      I’ve wrecked my brain trying to think why?
      I come up with ignorance, fear, religion and racism…some combination. I just never knew it was so prevalent. Thin veneer, indeed.

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    • Nor am I, my friend. I think that anyone who can still support Trump is not somebody I care to know or can call ‘friend’. But yet, my attitude doesn’t exactly promote civil discourse, finding common ground, and all the things I’ve been asking for, does it? I’m at a loss here … I don’t know how to deal with the deep divides and polarization we see today. Sigh.

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  3. A quote…

    The longer I lived and the more I observed, the clearer it became to me that man had progressed very little beyond his earlier savage state. After twenty million years or so of human life on this Earth, the lot of most men and women is, as Hobbes said, “nasty, brutish, and short.” Civilization is a thin veneer. It is so easily and continually eroded or cracked, leaving human beings exposed for what they are: savages.”

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  4. Jill, a real man (or human being) does not issue death threats to anyone, especially when they are trying to save lives. A real leader would call people on the carpet for this BS. But, we don’t have one of those in the White House.

    The same goes for a person who spit in a child’s face. I guess he can go home and feel important. A real man (or human being) would not take advantage of someone inferior in size. Yet, that small person is a much larger person than the small minded spitter, whose name I will not mention.


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    • I fully agree, Keith. But, sigh, we both know this ship has no cap’n. As for the person who spit in the child’s face … it’s easy enough to pick on someone half your size, and it is also the sign of a coward. Unvonscionable. Sigh.

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    • Jill, this incumbent in the White House, who explained away the 1,000 deaths a day, as “it is what it is,” has convinced his base that wearing his mask is a personal affront to him. Only, a shallow ego-centric person would dare say something that stupid.

      Yes, he has changed that message over time, but his initial verbiage that the coronavirus is a hoax and telling people not to wear masks and reopen businesses sooner, have been ingrained in people’s heads. I shared with you our friend who has COPD who told my wife this was all a hoax two weeks ago after telling her “this is my president.” I sent her note and asked her to please wear a mask as I worried for her safety. If she gets it, she will not fare well.

      Herman Cain may have caught the virus at the Tulsa pep rally, as six Trump campaign staff tested positive. Regardless, he refused to wear a mask and socially distance. He died two weeks ago of COVID-19. We are at 160,000 deaths now. My wearing a mask has nothing to do with the idiotic stance of the president. It has to do with my and my family’s health and that of others I come in contact with.


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    • No, my friend, we do not have one of those in the White House. What we do have is a person who will trample anyone and everyone to hold onto his power and profit from his position. A person without conscience. A person who was groomed to believe that it is okay to step on the ‘little people’ in order to climb the ladder to success. A person who talks out of both sides of his mouth. A person sans values or morals. A person who must be returned to Mar-a-Lago on 20 January, lest we lose 230+ years of progress.

      Anyone … ANYONE … who would do such a thing to a child, is sub-human in my book. Sigh. What the heck have we wrought, my friend?


  5. it’s interesting that bloggers call out the death threats towards Anthony and other experts and rightly so but why do these same bloggers not call out people who send death threats to the president or other associated people? Perhaps a double standard and though they give verbage to the notion that violence is not the answer, it certainly is when it comes to the president. Hypocrisy of the highest order abounds and I am tired of it from all people on both sides of the political isle. Just stop already.

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    • Please, Scott, tell me the names and organizations of people sending the guy you call your president death threats. I want to see real, and thorough, factual evidence that not only this is being done, but who is doing it. I WILL NOT ACCEPT AS EVIDENCE such comments as I have written myself that I hope he catches covid so he learns the truth that covid is not a hoax “firsthand.” Nor do I mean expressing such sentiments as I wish he had some right-wing hating him, because they are the ones who commit violence. Left-wingers tend to be non-violent, except in hockey sometimes. I will write about such people, and wonder why, in print, they feel the need to express themselves through violent means and methods. All I request is facts, figures, etc.
      But it has to be real, I am going to kill you, Trump!, not just I wish someone would kill you Trump. Millions of people might want to see Trump out of office, but there are few on the Democratic side that would actually try to kill him. Evidence the fact that no one has tried to assassinate him yet since he became president? Chances are they would have succeeded, more do than don’t. But I have yet to hear of anyone even trying, and you can bet Trump is enough of a coward to not scream on his Twitter that someone tried, for real.

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    • First, every president since George Washington has received death threats … it comes with the territory and that’s why they have round-the-clock Secret Service protection. Second, I’m not aware of any outside-the-norm death threats against Trump. Dr. Fauci, on the other hand, a scientist working to save lives, and his family who have no horse in this race other than being related to a man doing his job, have been threatened with death. See the difference, Scott? No double standard here, no hypocrisy. No partisanship. No nothing other than a poor example of man’s inhumanity to man. I wouldn’t blame Fauci if he said “F*** it … you can all die for all I care … I quit”. But he hasn’t … to his credit, he is a better man than I.

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    • Thee are any number ore crazies out there in any number.I;m discounting anyone who wants to kill Trump as that’s a perfectly normal feeling. It;s like those who target children;s horses at night and once they have called them over either do a lot of damage or kill them.Some peoplle have no self control which is probably hereditary. For the rest of us the best w can do is to teach by example.

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      • Heck, in my ornrier moments, I’ve threatened to kill Trump myself! Me and my trusty rolling pin! But, you’re right … there have been few actual attempts or credible threats against Trump and there will always be some who … well, would like their names in the history books ala Lee Harvey Oswald or John Wilkes Booth.


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