Saturday Surprise — International Cat Day!

Hello dear friends and welcome to the …weekendBig plans for the weekend?  Relative to the last 20 or so weekends, we do actually have ‘big’ plans, for this evening.  We are having a cookout with our friends/neighbors Maha, Ali, and their three sons.  We haven’t gotten together to share a meal and an evening for quite a while, largely due to the pandemic, but it should be fun.  They are from Iraq and grill a number of interesting dishes, while we will provide such mundane things as potato salad, pasta salad, homemade cranberry sauce, and a dessert or two.  The best part, though, is just spending an evening in their company, lots of love ‘n laughter!

Today, August 8th, just happens to be International Cat Day!!!  As one who shares a residence with five cats, I dare not ignore this day, else I could end up in shreds!  International Cat Day was created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) in 2002. The IFAW has existed since 1969 and was founded in Canada.


A few interesting and fun facts about cats to kick off the day …

  • Over 30% of U.S. households are shared with at least one feline family member. We don’t refer to ours as pets, and don’t consider ourselves ‘owners’, for really, they are furry family members, not an object to be ‘owned’.
  • Mary Todd Lincoln was once asked if Abe Lincoln had any hobbies? And her reply was “cats.”
  • Charles Dickens once said, “What greater gift than the love of a cat?”
  • John Lennon was also a big fan of cats. Over the years, he had cats named Salt and Pepper, Major and Minor, Tim, Sam, Mimi, Bernard, Sally, Elvis, and Jesus.
  • The British Government employs over 100,000 cats to keep mice away—that’s almost double the population of Greenland.
  • The mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, is a cat named Stubbs. He is now responsible for the town’s steady stream of around 30-40 tourists daily, which is pretty good, for a town of just 900 people.
  • In the 1870s, a Belgian village trained 37 mail cats to deliver letters. Conceived by the esteemed Belgian Society for the Elevation of the Domestic Cat, the plan was to wrap waterproof mail bags around each feline’s neck. The plan failed.
  • Tom, of the Tom and Jerry cartoons, was originally named Jasper.
  • The wealthiest cat in the world is Blackie, a feline who inherited its owners’ near $13 million estate after their death.

toon-2While all our kitties, past and present, have been average tabbies or tuxedos, there are a number of rather unique cat breeds in the world.  Rather than me telling you about them, this video presents an array of ten of the most unique ones in the world …

The purpose of International Cat Day, besides giving me an excuse to post some fun cat pictures, is to encourage people to adopt a cat from their local shelter, and also to help educate those who live with cats about such things as feline health, grooming, care & feeding.  With that said, how about some cute & fun kitty pics?


basket of kittieskitty-8kitty-9

black-catYou’ve all heard the myth that black cats are bad luck, but did you know that in the UK and Japan, black cats are considered good luck!  In the English Midlands, new brides are given black cats to bless their marriage, and the Japanese believe that black cats are good luck—particularly for single women. Meanwhile, the Germans believe that a black cat crossing your path from left to right is ominous, but if the feline switches directions and goes right to left, it’s fortuitous.  Who knew?

Let’s finish our celebration of the cat with a cute kitty video, yes?

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s short ‘International Cat Day’ celebration!  Remember … cats are people too!  If you are lucky enough to share your domicile with a cat … be sure to hug him/her today, and maybe splurge and give them a bit of catnip, or just a tiny bit of tuna … or tuma as our own Miss Izzie calls it!  I hope you have a fun weekend, whatever you do!toon-3

30 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — International Cat Day!

  1. Namaste, Miss Jill! Cat Day was a special day and I gave special treats and extra pets to Monkey. Our cat’s name is Jawsy, but I call him Monkey. He is older than me so he is my big fur brother. Monkey is a Persian that is called Black Smoke cause of the color of his fur. Gem’s cat, Asher, is called a Blue Persian. Asher does not look blue, his fur is gray. Gem had a Chocolate Persian and he was so special, his name was Coco Puff and I miss him. This letter is so awesome. I loved both of the videos and the photos and the cartoons. WNBHAK! Thank you and Bye!

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    • Namaste, Benjamin!!! Yes, Saturday was a special day in our house, too, with five furry family members! Did you know that in the UK they call kitties, “moggies”? I kind of like that word, don’t you? Some day I hope you’ll get Auntie H to send me a picture of Monkey/Jawsy and Gem’s Asher! You’ve seen pictures of our cats, right? I’m glad you liked the videos … I picked them out just for you! Love you, Benjamin!!! WNBHAK!!!


    • I knew I had read that somewhere, but couldn’t remember where! Thanks for jogging my memory! And no, they surely have not forgotten, for ours let us know on a daily basis who is really running this household! 😉


  2. Elvis Asher Pawsley placed his paw of approval on this post! Asher has recently become the family “Cad” or “Dat”, depending upon which member of the family you might ask. He has quite admirably attempted to fill the void left in our cynophile’s life. Therefore, a quote for a lover of any and all animals : “If love had feet, it would leave an indelible imprint of four little paws.” – Atmaja Bandyopadhyay. Thank-you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad that Elvis A Pawsley approved of the post! I was concerned he might find it lacking. I thought Auntie H had gotten another dog? I must’ve dreamed that! I do love that quote!!! Thank YOU … and Elvis Asher Pawsley, of course!


      • Auntie H was adopted by the “Cad-Dat”…Asher the cat masquerading as a dog. There is a plus in the minus of a need to take him out for walks…just my opinion! Asher also eschews those qhastly bones that Harley loved.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I so fully agree with you on the walks thing. I have always been more of a dog person than a cat person, but admittedly this is one big PLUS in the cat column. Another is that they will eat when hungry, whereas a dog will devour an entire dish in a five-minute period, thus necessitating multiple daily feedings. Still, there’s nothing quite like a big, wet, sloppy canine kiss.


  3. I did not know it was International Cat Day! Although I don’t have any now, I miss all of those I’ve had the pleasure of residing with over the years. In particular, I miss brother and sister Fibber McGee and Buffy Marie, a tabby and calico who were both characters. Thank you!

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    • Indeed, they have a way of remaining in our hearts forever, don’t they? We have lost many over the years, and I still remember each one vividly and still miss them all. I love those names … Fibber McGee and Buffy Marie!


  4. Dr. Rex, you beat me by a paw print…”Caturday” was intended to be part of my witty comment to Jill’s cat-tastic post. Not a cat-astrophe, for though my wit is limited my quotatious habit will fill the void. Thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, but sorry you no longer have the two. All of ours are, and have always been, rescues, and at one time, up until a couple of years ago, we actually got up to 10! Entirely too many for a small townhouse, but we cannot seem to turn one away. I miss all of the ones we’ve lost, and they will always hold a special place in my heart. Critters have a way of doing that.

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