Brief letter to Senators and Congress people (sent Saturday morning)

As I wrote earlier today, Congress has seemingly come to a stalemate in the relief bill intended to help people who are struggling. In lieu of that, Trump has signed executive orders that do little to help people, and that are beyond the scope of his constitutional powers. Our friend Keith compose an excellent letter that he has sent to certain members of Congress, and I am re-posting it here in hopes that others will share his letter with their own senators and representatives. We MUST let them know that we need them to step up to the plate NOW! Thank you, Keith, both for this excellent letter, for permission to re-blog, and for caring so much!


I posted the following on the my two Senators (and select others) and Congressman’s websites.

I am disappointed that Congress has failed to reach a decision to help people. As with any communication problem, it is the fault of at least two parties, so the president’s attempt to blame only the Democrats is just more posturing than fact. Please find a way to make a deal. Americans are hurting and the president does not have the authority to do what is needed.

I am big believer we must deal with the debt, but the hypocrisy of the Freedom Caucus and others astounds me. They had no trouble in voting for a $1.5 trillion tax bill when it helped the wealthy and businesses at a time when we should have been reducing debt with a pretty good economy. So, we wasted that debt cost to make a pretty good economy a…

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  1. Jill, many thanks for the reblog. McConnell is derelict in his duties. Almost as much as the corrupt and deceitful president, McConnell deserves to lose this election season.

    Legislators need to worry less about keeping their job and start doing their job. Get in a room and figure it out. What the president did is beyond his authority. Keith

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    • Agreed. McConnell has let down the people of his state, has failed miserably at his job, and has sworn an oath of fealty to the president, completely shredding his oath of office, his responsibility to the people of Kentucky. He stepped away from the current negotiations, leaving democrats to deal directly with Trump & Mnuchin … an unconscionable dereliction of duty. Sigh. What a mess these new swamp creatures have brought to Washington!


      • Jill, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, as former leader of the Freedom Caucus, is not the best person to negotiate with. It was observed to Steve Mnuchin that Meadows was a bad influence as Meadows has spent a career of blowing up legislation, not making it happen. So, it was destined to fail.

        Another issue we cannot overlook is McConnell will not allow any vote with mostly Dems and a few Republicans to pass as Speaker John Boehner often had to do with the Freedom Caucus (and Meadows). This poorly named caucus simply blocked efforts, often due to budgets. This is why the debt increasing tax bill vote in Dec 2017 was such hypocrisy. Keith

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        • No, and by rights, neither Meadows nor Mnuchin nor Trump should even be involved first-hand in these negotiations, but McConnell ceded his role to them. This is NOT how it’s supposed to work. And now, Trump has lied, seemingly for no reason, and said that Pelosi and Schumer called him, when they did not. No, we can never overlook McConnell’s dominance of the republlcans in the Senate … and their lack of accountability, for they could easily have stood up to him. Hypocrisy and corruption are the middle names of the GOP today.


  2. I’m not sure what the stumbliing block is this time though I can guess tha;t’s it’s more assisstance fir those who don;t need it probably added by the President. He doesn;;t have the right. Remember Republicans there is an election soon and despite Trumps cheating with Republican conniivance there may be many shocks for Republican Senators. You may be a long time in the Wilderness because you decided not t votr for the people instead of the President and the 1%.

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    • Seems to be something like $3 trillion. I think there are many points on which they are divided, but one big one is the republicans want to cut the aid to the unemployed to the bare bones, claiming that to give them more is to encourage them not to seek employment. Same old attitude the republicans have had for years, which translates into “I’ve got mine, go get your own”. Mitch McConnell pulled the republicans in the Senate out of the negotiations, leaving the democrats to have to deal directly with Trump and Mnuchin, both of whom are more concerned with aiding and abetting their wealthy corporate buddies than with the people of this nation. Sigh.

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  3. Good one, Jill. What have I missed lately? Just had a small stroke a few days ago but mostly able to communicate again. At least it’s not like the utterings of wrong words and trying to remember the names of things so I could put a complete sentence together. Kinda funny if you could have heard me. Hate the headache but at least I got some rest! Take care. Hugs.

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