More Pandemic Of Stupidity

Pandemic of Stupidity rages on …

When I wrote the post Pandemic of Stupidity on July 30th, I had no intention of turning it into a series, or even a two-part post.  But for Pete’s sake … stupidity just seems to be surrounding me … everywhere I look, there are blatant examples of it and I am truly beginning to despair that far too many people in this country have partaken of some strange substance that turns the brain to mush in just a very short time!

Of course, there was never any doubt that Trump is a victim of the pandemic of stupidity, but the latest example even had my trump-weary jaw dropping with this utterance from yesterday …

“The closest thing is in 1917, they say, the great pandemic. It certainly was a terrible thing where they lost anywhere from 50 to 100 million people, probably ended the Second World War. All the soldiers were sick. That was a terrible situation.”

Through gritted teeth I tell you that World War II ended in 1945, some 26 years after the Spanish Flu came to an end in 1919.  If an average Joe made this statement, it would be bad enough, but for the person who is entrusted with the lives of 330 million people, the person who is entrusted with the nuclear codes, to be this effing stupid is just beyond reason!

And from the annals of stupidity …

“I’m sorry, Jill, but I’m unfriending you.  I really like you, you’ve been a good friend, but your blogs are just too serious all the time!”

This person, once a valued friend and co-worker, informed me that since I’ve become ‘obsessed’ with politics, social justice, and global affairs … since I ‘insist’ on carrying on about the pandemic, about Trump, and about racists … she can no longer be my friend because my writings “make it hard for me to stay happy.”

Okay, then.  There was a time I would have mourned the loss of a good friend, but … no longer.  You see, it’s people like this who would bury their heads in the sand, who would put their own ‘happiness’ ahead of human lives, ahead of the environmental crisis that threatens to bring about the extinction of numerous species including the human species … it is the people with this mentality who threaten our very existence.  So, sayonara, so long, see ya, hasta la vista.  Enjoy your blissful ignorance.

QAnon is coming to Congress?

It is reported that there are as many as a dozen members of the conspiracy theory group known as QAnon running for seats in the United States Congress this year.  Some are low-key, only espousing one or two of the conspiracy theories and not publicly proclaiming their membership in the group, while others are more … shall we say, outspoken. marjory-taylor-greeneTake, for example, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican who is perhaps the most unabashedly pro-QAnon candidate for Congress and has drawn a positive tweet from President Trump. She recently declared that QAnon was “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles out.”

In April, Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, a high-profile lawmaker and a favorite of Trump, donated $2,000 to Ms. Greene’s campaign. A political action committee with which Mr. Jordan is associated, the House Freedom Fund, gave her thousands of dollars more.angela-stanton-kingOr Angela Stanton-King, a House candidate in Georgia who has repeatedly posted QAnon content and obscure hashtags, such as “#trusttheplan.” The Republican National Committee gave $2,200 to her campaign, and the Georgia Republican Party gave an additional $2,800 to Ms. Stanton-King, who, by the way, was pardoned this year by Trump for her role in a car-theft ring!

In many instances, these candidates sought to spread a core tenet of the QAnon conspiracy: that Trump, backed by the military, ran for office to save Americans from a so-called deep state filled with child-abusing, devil-worshiping bureaucrats. Backing the president’s enemies are prominent Democrats who, in some telling, extract hormones from children’s blood.  Oh for PETE’S SAKE!  What in the Sam Hell have these people been smoking/drinking???

None of these candidates are likely to actually take a seat in Congress next year, but the fact that they are in the race, the fact that they are spewing and spreading such garbage, such nonsense, and that people … some people … will believe their every word and even vote for them, causes me to wonder if the human species even deserve to be on this otherwise beautiful planet.

25 thoughts on “More Pandemic Of Stupidity

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  2. Upon reading the various parts of this post my Propensity for Loquacity is chomping at the bit! I’ll begin with a quote for the “lost” friend : “Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion.” – Edward Abbey. Abbey…should you wish to know, or not…was an author of fiction and nonfiction essays, as well as an environmental activist. By chance several years ago at my monthly book swap I came across a 10th Anniversary Edition of Abbey’s 1975 novel “The Monkey Wrench Gang” and I was hooked! I later was able to locate a copy of the 1982 “Down the River” and a 1988 20th Anniversary Edition of “Desert Solitaire”. My Son, knowing and sharing my fondness of Abbey, gifted me with “Edward Abbey : A Life” which is the September 2001 biography by James M. Cahalan. Abbey was both a hero and a scoundrel, but what a life! On trump and his limited familiarity with history…one should be astounded by this latest slaughter, but this one is not! Whilst QAnon members being electable for any government position should seemingly be an impossibility…keep in mind that back in 2016 we once believed the same of trump!! We have already witnessed the impossible, not only become the possible, but the reality! On this sad note, I leave you with another Edward Abbey quote : “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.” Thank-you!

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    • Excellent quote by Edward Abbey!!! I shall have to look into his work … “The Monkey Wrench Gang” rings a bell for some reason, but today my mind is too muddled to recall quite why. You make a good point in reminding me that a short 4 years ago we scoffed at the thought of a television comedian with a sexist, racist loud mouth becoming president. Sigh. How low, I wonder, can we go? Not sure I want to find out.


      • Curiosity bids me ask…which Edward Abbey quote were you commenting about? The first quote for your former friend or the quote at the end for you? In my estimation both quotes are excellent but a curious mind wants to know which one you meant. I wonder if the reason “The Monkey Wrench Gang” is tickling your brain cells is that during my search for Abbey’s other books, I read that around 2009 there were plans to make a movie based upon that book. To my knowledge that has never taken place. No need to comment further here about Ms. Greene…you already know how that ended!! Thank-you!

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        • I actually thought both quotes were spot on, but it was the second to which I was referring! You may be right … but now, I have a desire to read “The Monkey Wrench Gang”! Yes, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr … I know how that ended and how it is likely to end on Novmber 3rd … grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


  3. Well said, as always Jill. On my way back from hike today, there were two good ole boys standing on the side of road with signs. One of them said: “Only Democrats owned slaves.” The other one said: “I only kneel for God.” I rest your case Jill!!! America is in deep deep trouble

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  4. Breaking news: President Putin has just announced that the Russian ministry of health has produced the first working Covid-19 vaccine. It is undergoing late stage trials and very effective, in fact Putin daughter has taken it already so it’s safe. Russian is willing to share the vaccine with the world, unlike our idiot-n-chief who wanted to keep it all for ourselves. This is awesome news that life will return to normal (hopefully) by fall! Cheers to all!!

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    • Sometimes I almost wish Russia or China would take over our country and get rid of religion once and for all, with their anti science and conspiracy theories, and improve the educational system. But…then, there would really go the environment and freedom of the press and many other not so good things.
      But how does a country survive with this degree of blatant stupidity and apathy, as your friend seems to be full of (apathy). No loss, by the way.
      I feel much like Pendantry, above. The earth needs a reset before all is gone and it would be better off without us.

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      • Hello Mary, to be fair there is no perfect country, every one has pros and cons. Russia in it’s current state is actually a democracy, after the breakup of the Soviet Union the Russian Constitution was drafted with the help of US advisors! They also enjoy freedom of religion these days and you’d be surprised that the majority of Russians follow the Christian Russian Orthodox church, of which Putin and majority of his gov’t belong to. They are smart enough not to impose their faith on the population, and do not mix politics with religion. That’s why the Russian church get along and works so well with the state.
        China is Communist on paper, but over the past 20 years billions of Chinese has adopted Christianity despite the gov’t crackdown. Now the Chinese gov’t has a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy on religion and look the other way.
        In the US, somehow we dropped the ball on separation of church and state. Now the gov’t pays for planned parenthood and the Catholic church wants to impose it’s will on abortion and women’s rights. It’s a mess.
        I agree that the Earth needs a rest, perhaps that’s why pandemics occur every so often?

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      • Hi Mary,
        The world, Life itseIf, would be better off without us, no one will say that stronger than me. Thanks to people like Trump’s Pets and Psychophants, BoJo’s JoeBlows, Vlad’s Pickled Vlassicks, etc. we are hanti-Nature, anti-Earth, anti-people, and anti-change. No one but us wants us here, and a good percentage of us don’t want us to be here either.
        But we are here, and we are more than capable of change. Yeah, I know homo sapiens hate change, but it has come to “change or die out.” I prefer trying the former first, and the latter as a last resort.
        What do we need to change? Our disbelief in ourselves. We know we are capable of greatness, every time we respond as one to tragedy as one people, (many of us) working together to assist the afflicted, to overcome widespread disaster, sending others to help in local disasters, we show our hidden greatness. A lot of people would rather we rule rather than exist in harmony with life. They believe their god gave them the right to tell everyone else what to do, except their god didn’t give them nothing because it don’t exist. Still they believe in Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse.
        As I see it, and have said here before, we each have to take responsibility for our own lives, our own choices, our own actions, and our own inactions. We have to stop relying on governments to tell us what to do, on religious authorities who tell us how to live, and we need to stop pretending money has value when all money is is pieces of funny-looking paper that is no good for writing on or wiping our asses with, or bits of metal that are quickly becoming without worth, because what is a penny to a multi-billionaire. Canada has stopped making pennies, while turning out loonies and twoonies in metal form.
        No, little changes made slowly will not be enough, we need, if we are going to take our proper place as part of life, and not thinking we are superior to all other forms of life, to cause a revolution like has not been seen since the dinosaurs decided they had to change or die, which is the choice WE are facing today.
        In the long run it does not matter to me which we choose, but those are our choices. CHANGE OR DIE OUT. What’s it going to be?

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  5. The first time I voted for a President it was for John F. Kennedy. Some people were against him because he was Catholic and the old anti-Catholic stories came out such as the belief the Pope was coming over to take over the U.S. Government. If I was them I’d shut up about bad morals of the Democrats after the stories about what Trump was supposed to have done. I wouldn’t have wanted a child of mine around him. Princess Diana thought he was creepy when he sent her flowers. 😦 — Suzanne

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  6. […] causes me to wonder if the human species even deserve to be on this otherwise beautiful planet.

    I don’t wonder about that at all. I believe that homo fatuus brutus deserves its imminent fate 😦

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  7. Hello Jill. Grand post. The destruction of the public school system by the evangelical Christians and the Republican party has led to this current situation. A place where my ignorance is equal to your education. Where an hour of watching misleading YouTube videos spewing misinformation is equal to your life time of study. Expertise is insulted and disrespected, while idiocy is praised and promoted. The Dunning–Kruger effect is worn as a badge of honor.
    Like you I am tired of it. I value facts, they are pesky things. I have no time for nonsense like flat earth, and religious people who claim the earth is under a dome. We have to stop the systematic destruction of education in the US, force all schools including religious and charter schools to teach science and accepted known facts. We need to pay teachers much better and prioritize education funding. That includes state paid tuition for students to further their educations beyond 12th grade. Other advanced countries don’t have this idiocy as they make it so their people can get an education. It works, it creates a a better population and an informed electorate. Hugs

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    • Thanks Scottie!!! I am in complete agreement with you! The decline in our education system is largely responsible for much of the stupidity and ignorance we see today, and under Betsy DeVos, it can only get worse. If Trump is re-elected, we can give up any hope of improvement in the foreseeable future, so it is imperative he be ousted and let us begin to repair some of the damage he has done in just 4 short years. Otherwise … I’m not sure the damage can ever be repaired. Sigh. Big hugs, dear friend!

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  8. I’m sorry about your ‘friend’. She apparently is overlooking your ‘Good People’ series and your ‘Jolly Monday’ posts. She will miss those, as well as your campaigning ‘snarks’ in which you expose the ignorance and stupidity of those US citizens who can not stomach the truth and instead make up alternative truths of their own – like QAnon!

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    • Thanks Frank! She’s too busy trying to make herself happy to miss the ‘good people’ or Jolly Monday posts … and too busy criticizing others, which seems to add to her happiness. As I see it, she wasn’t who I once thought she was, so I’m not losing sleep over it.


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