Lebanon, America, and Politics

Earlier this week, Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote an excellent article that I set aside to address when time permitted. Meanwhile, our friend Nan over at Nan’s Notebook, wrote an excellent post about the issues addressed in Mr. Friedman’s piece regarding our current political situation. I urge you to read Nan’s and Mr. Friedman’s words and ponder … ponder where we are heading if we are foolish enough to allow Trump to spend another 4 years in the Oval Office. Thank you, Nan!

Nan's Notebook

I just read an article by Thomas L. Friedman, who is an opinion columnist for the New York Times … and I felt it was vitally important to share what he had to say.

He began by recounting the recent explosion in Lebanon and then remarked how so many of the people immediately asked, not so much about what happened, but who did it. And more importantly, what political advantage did they gain from the event.

He then went on to point out how these questions demonstrate several similarities between the United States, Lebanon, and other Middle East countries. Of course our natural reaction is, “What similarities! The U.S. isn’t anything like the Middle East!”

I’ll let Friedman answer …

The United States is becoming like Lebanon and other Middle East countries in two respects. First, our political differences are becoming so deep that our two parties now resemble…

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9 thoughts on “Lebanon, America, and Politics

    • I have liked everything I’ve read thus far about Starmer … he seems to genuinely care more about people than profit, and frankly I’m fed up with Boris! I’m pretty sure you are, too 😉 The same is happening here … the right pushes further right, while the left goes further left. There truly is no longer a middle ground, no moderates, no place for compromise. Sigh.

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