Snarky Snippets To Kick Off The Weekend!

Snark … what would I be without it?  Hmmmm … interesting question … a mild-mannered book-lover?  Healthier?  For sure I would sleep more and better, but … perhaps I would find life boring if I didn’t have so much angst on my plate, eh?

A tweet from beyond the grave …

I find it more than a little bit creepy when a new tweet pops up by a man who has been dead for just over two weeks.   Herman Cain, business executive, writer, and Tea Party activist and one-time presidential hopeful, died on July 30, as a result of the coronavirus, which he likely contracted from attending Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the prior month.

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Then, all of a sudden yesterday …

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Multiple other posts have appeared from ol’ Herman, including one linked to a Trump campaign video which accused Biden of having “a racism problem”, and another criticizing Gretchen Whitmer, the Michigan governor who was also in the running to be Biden’s vice-presidential candidate.

Turns out, it was Cain’s daughter, Melanie Cain Gallo, doing the dirty deed …

“We’ve decided here at Cain HQ that we will go on using this platform to share the information and ideas he believed in. He often talked about the site going on once he was ready to step away from it. We had hoped he could enjoy reading it in his retirement, but he made it clear he wanted it to go on.”

Seems both disrespectful and a bit offputting to me, but then … I am not a republican, so I guess my conscience operates on a different level.

Let Me Vote!!!

I’ve written extensively on Trump’s heinous attempts to disenfranchise voters in November by denigrating mail in voting, claiming it is wide-open for voter ‘fraud’, and his efforts to de-fund and destroy the United States Postal Service (USPS) so that few will have confidence in mail-in ballots arriving in a timely and safe manner.  And, no doubt, I will write on this topic again, for nothing has changed except that Trump has now admitted the reason he won’t approve the release of funds that were already approved by Congress is that he wishes to stop mail-in voting.

However, tonight, I am incensed by a political figure closer to home, none other than Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose.  Voting-rights advocates and elections officials had requested extra drop boxes at places like public libraries as a way to reduce in-person voting lines and relieve pressure on the mail system during the coronavirus pandemic.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ballot-drop-box.jpg

But LaRose said no no no no no!  He said it’s too late to make the change before Ohio’s presidential election. With 81 days remaining, no, jerkface, it is NOT too late!  Hell, I’ll even help put the boxes up myself!

LaRose held a Wednesday news conference “to assure Ohioans that the upcoming Nov. 3 election will take place as planned, and that in-person voting will be an option, but voting by mail is a secure and reliable option for those who choose it.”

How so???  My medication took from June 26th until August 7th to make the short jaunt from Canada to Ohio … how can he guarantee that ballots will be received in time???  Answer:  he can’t.

And speaking of mail-in ballots …

After all the blustering Trump has done, claiming that voting by mail produces massive amounts of fraud (it doesn’t) and doing everything in his power (and some things he hasn’t the authority to do) to stop us from being able to vote from the safety of our homes, after claiming it would lead to “the greatest rigged election in history” and “the greatest fraud ever perpetrated”, guess who has requested mail-in ballots???

Yep, you guessed it!  According to the Palm Beach County elections website, both Trump and Melania requested absentee ballots to vote in Florida’s primary election on Tuesday.

“Absentee ballots, by the way, are fine.  But the universal mail-ins that are just sent all over the place, where people can grab them and grab stacks of them, and sign them and do whatever you want, that’s the thing we’re against.”

WTF does he think is the difference between an absentee ballot and a mail-in ballot???  And where does he get this idea that “people can grab stacks of them”???  Is the man out of his bloomin’ mind?  Somebody please, put him in a padded room so we can get on with the business of preparing for a safe election day without having to hear the foolish crap running constantly from his mouth!

Taking our breath away …

Yes, literally, Trump & Co are doing everything in their power to make breathing damn near impossible and to complete the destruction of our atmosphere.  While everyone’s attention is focused on the pandemic and the upcoming election, Trump rolled back yet another environmental regulation, this one concerning limits on methane leaks.

The new rules, issued Thursday by the Office of Management and Budget, effectively rescind the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate methane, the largest component of natural gas. Although it dissipates faster than carbon dioxide, methane is estimated to be at least 25 times and as much as 80 times more potent in terms of trapping heat in the atmosphere.

According to EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler (a man with strong ties to the fossil fuel industry) …

“EPA has been working hard to fulfill President Trump’s promise to cut burdensome and ineffective regulations for our domestic energy industry. Today’s regulatory changes remove redundant paperwork, align with the Clean Air Act, and allow companies the flexibility to satisfy leak-control requirements by complying with equivalent state rules.”

Trump has sought since 2019 to eliminate methane limitations because many of the small- and medium-sized companies in the oil and gas business are among his ardent supporters.  I’m sure they are applauding and celebrating now, as the rest of us plan for a life tied to a portable oxygen machine.  Joe Biden will have his work cut out for him next year, re-implementing all the environmental regulations Trump has undone and attempting to clean up behind the sloppiest person to ever occupy the Oval Office!

22 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets To Kick Off The Weekend!

  1. Jill, did you read the typed note on the absentee OFFICIAL BALLOT BOX DROP? There are so many things wrong with that picture I cannot believe you published it on your blog. It looks like a real picture, but is it? IS IT OFFICIAL? (Do you believe it is official? Do you believe everything “you” read?) I am hoping not. First, the note says this box is just for “applications” for absentee ballots, not “for” absentee ballots. (How are absentees to get the forms for the applications. If they are absentee voters, are they having to come near home in order to place their applications into the box?) And can you trust the providers of this box to deliver your application to the Electoral people who the application needs to go to? Will it be deilvered in time to get an absentee ballot sent to you. Will you have time to mark your ballot and send it back. Then, how long a time do you get to put your ballot into this box, if you are not home to put it in this box. Forgive me that I don’t believe the box is official. I’ll stuff the rest of those questions back into my head for now. I think that box is full (of BS!)

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    • Right now, rawgod, we are all submitting our ‘applications’ for absentee ballots, so that is what we would place in the box. The box is likely to be a more reliable way of both requesting an absentee ballot and of submitting our ballot, given the state of the USPS. Yes, I read the note, see nothing out of sorts about it. I see nothing wrong with the picture. No, I do not believe everything I see or read, and am a very discerning reader/writer, always verifying that which I don’t know for certain. You know all this, though. Yes, I would use that ballot box if I did not feel the postal service could deliver my ballot on time. Sigh.


      • But then you might be trusting a box that was not put up by an official government organization, WHILE TRUSTING THAT YOU HAVE. lf the box is a fraud, how will you know, and when?
        And why does the box’u
        s creater think it is necessary to come empty it many times a day? Is there only one of them, that it might get filled up every hour or two? I would be more trusting if there is a DROP BOX beside every mail box, but I do not know whether there is or not?
        Question everything, especially something that appears so harmless. Maybe Trump had them made, and attended to, in those electoral areas (What do you call them in America? In Canada we call them ridings, but I never hear the word “riding” in US elections.) he considers to be pro-Democratic. He could just empty the box and throw those applications in the garbage, or burn them. Who would know.
        I really fear you are too honest, Jill, you do not know how to think like a criminal–read “cheating politician!”
        Maybe I think too much, too deeply. I trust no one, not even me. And I still get duped, time and again. Even knowingly. But I need to trust some things occasionally. And occasionally I get burned.

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  2. What would the “Former Queen of Snark” do with herself, in the unlikely event, that her fine Art of Snarcasm were no longer needed…a very good question indeed! Let us hope that come January 2021, there is at least an empty space to be found herein which trump now fills to overflowing!! Until that much anticipated day, mayhaps the snarcastic lover of books will carve out some time to read another tell all about trump. Michael Cohen’s book “Disloyal : A Memoir : The True Story of the Former Attorney to President Donald J. Trump” is being published by Skyhorse Publishing and due for release on September 8th. The claim is that much of the book was written by Cohen’s own hand on yellow legal pads during the time he was a guest at the Otisville Federal Prison. Should this be of interest, the book can now be pre-ordered on Amazon with a price guarantee of a mere $32.50. I hesitated, but the other half of the Coffee & Politics Book Club did not!! There are a few other tell all books also in the works, or so I have been told by the other half. It occurs to me that after trump is summarily rejected by intelligent voters across the country this November, there will be a plethora of more scathing books on the topic as more former loyal supporters find themselves in need of substantial income! It also, somewhat belatedly, occurs to me that I have failed to address my comment to the snarks at hand. I’ll simply add : Excellent snarking, as always! Thank-you to the Now and Forever Queen of Snark!

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    • I was thinking that, in the absence of all the trump-induced angst I snark about, I might get bored and have to become a conspiracy theorist!!! 😱

      I have long awaited Cohen’s book and plan to pre-order it this weekend! Of all the ‘tell-all’ books written about Trump, I believe Cohen’s may well be the most profound, for as Trump’s ‘fixer’, he was in on the dirtiest of deeds! I’ve found Bolton’s book to be a bit of a disappointment, and thus far, Michael Lewis’ “The Fifth Risk” is about the most enlightening.

      Thank you for your praise of my snark! It just comes so darn natural these days!


  3. Jill, maybe people don’t know he is dead. So, if someone keeps using his account, they can use his brand to attack. Based on the latest Trump action, they need as many black voices they can find, dead or alive.

    The White House incumbent decided he should peddle yet one more conspiracy theory that Kamala Harris may not have been born here as her parents are immigrants. My question is when caught, will he blame Hillary Clinton liked he did when he came clean on the Obama Birther issue.

    This yet another Trump conspiracy theory that should be called out for what it is – yet another racist attack on a woman of color. Trump keeps telling us his not a racist, but he keeps putting on David Duke’s hat. As Trump attorney/ fixer Michael Cohen testified under oath – “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con artist and he is cheat.”

    It should be noted Lindsay Graham said he accepts Kamala Harris as a citizen, but remained silent on the president’s lack of judgment and integrity.


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    • You may be right that some people don’t know he died … some are not exactly news readers!

      The Kamala Harris “birther” issue is a non-starter, as surely even Trump knows! But yeah, he will blame Hillary or Obama … Hillary is still being taunted and challenged in the courts (see my a.m. post) Sigh.

      Lindsey Graham reminds me somewhat of a banana. Squishy and pliable, green one day, black the next.


    • Jerry, good commercial. The incumbent has had more turnover than any other president, so that loyalty thing he mentioned is not even in the same city as the ballpark. Keith

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    • Thanks for sharing that one, Jerry! Once again, The Lincoln Project knocks it out of the park! Yes, he’s taking body blows, but he has a lot of protectors and enablers … can we beat them? I sure hope so!


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