Skewed Priorities!!!

Coronavirus cases have hit 5.6 million in the U.S., the highest of any single nation on the globe.  The death toll in the U.S. is an astounding 171,535, again, the highest of any nation, despite the fact that the U.S. accounts for less than 5% of the global population.  More than one thousand people are dying in the U.S. every damn day.  People … moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children.  We are 80 days away from arguably the most important election in the history of this nation, while the Trump-dominated federal government is doing everything in its power to keep We the People from our constitutional right to vote.  The economy is largely, contrary to what some will tell you, in the tank, and millions of people are out of work, facing eviction by the end of the month.  Congress has stalled on the rescue bill that would help people over the hump, and the U.S. Senate has taken a vacation until September.  Many … some 20 million people … have no medical insurance.  Children are going to bed hungry at night.  So what, given all this grief, does our government choose to focus on???

Well, for one thing, UFOs.  That’s right … Unidentified Flying Objects!  According to Politico …

The Pentagon, under growing pressure from Congress, said Friday it has established a new high-level body to investigate reports of “unidentified aerial phenomenon” following multiple incidents in recent years of UFOs reportedly intruding into military airspace.

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force was created by Deputy Defense Secretary David Norquist on Aug. 4, elevating an effort that since 2018 has been under the purview of the Office of Naval Intelligence, officials said.

Our government, for which we pay dearly, is more interested in looking for spaceships from fucking Mars than helping people keep their homes, keep safe, and feed their children!!!

What else are they focused on?  Hillary Clinton’s emails!  Yep, you heard me right, folks.  The damn fools in the conservative group Judicial Watch are still hounding Hillary Clinton who … listen to me closely, please … who HAS BEEN ABSOLVED OF ANY INTENTIONAL WRONGDOING.  Yes, she used poor judgment in choosing to keep certain emails on a private server … 8 years ago!!!  She has answered written questions under penalty of perjury about her email practices.  Leave the woman alone, for Pete’s Sake!!!

Fortunately, a trio of judges felt the same, and ruled in a 3-0 decision that Judicial Watch was not entitled to depose Clinton in connection with an 8-year-old Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking records of details about information national security adviser Susan Rice discussed during interviews in 2012 about the deadly attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya.

It has been proven 40,000 times that Hillary Clinton did not cause nor have knowledge of the attack in Benghazi, that she could not have stopped or prevented it.  LEAVE HER ALONE!  Concern yourselves with the multiple crises facing this nation today, not what might have been done differently 8 years ago!

It is past time for our government to govern.  It is past time for all parties in the United States Congress to put aside their differences, to put aside partisanship and work in the best interest of the people.  It is time for somebody to put Mitch McConnell on a plane to Siberia with a one-way ticket so that Congress can get on with their work.  It is way past time for Congress to STOP enabling the actions of the madman in the Oval Office!

The top priorities of the government of this nation, if we are to survive into the next decade are:

  • Get financial assistance to those who need it most — quickly!!!
  • Implement mandatory masks, close schools, bars & restaurants, do whatever is necessary to halt the increase in the number of cases and deaths due to the coronavirus
  • Ensure the right of every eligible voter to vote safely, either by mail or drop box, in November
  • Force Congress back to the bargaining table … bring the Senate back to Washington and sequester all 535 members of Congress in the Capitol building until such time as they hammer out a compromise that helps people in need. Keep Steve Mnuchin, Donald Trump and Mark Meadows out of the negotiations … it is NOT their place!

UFOs and Hillary Clinton are NOT the priority today!  If the executive and legislative branches cannot fathom that simple concept, then we need to throw da bums out … EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!

22 thoughts on “Skewed Priorities!!!

  1. What a disgrace these people are. Hillary? Really? That’s the best they can do. My God, it never ends. I liked what I heard from Biden/Harris the other day concerning just what you suggested Jill. Mandate masks…contact tracing…more rapid testing. In other words, science will once again have a seat at the table in a Biden/Harris administration. Now we just have to make sure it comes to fruition on Nov 3!!!

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    • Poor Hillary is their “demon of choice” and likely to remain so, just as is Obama. Two of the wisest people in politics in this 21st century, and they are continually demonized by the right. Indeed, step one is get the jackass out of the Oval Office and as many as possible out of Congress!

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  2. Trump is in meltdown. Whatever it is–stroke? It’s crazy stuff. If someone in power doesn’t do something fast about the problems with the people losing homes and needing food, and the post office, there’s extreme trouble ahead. We’re sinking deeper in the political muck of the DC swamp by the day. For heaven’s sake, someone do something! Get some of those old stinkers in the Senate off their rich bottoms and back to work. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • Congress could have ensured that there was no disruption at all in benefits, despite Trump, if they had set aside their partisanship and come up with a bill with a veto-proof majority. Instead, the Senate went on vacation for a month!

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  3. Jill, recent history is telling. A whistleblower on “60 Minutes” reported in January, an US mask maker who had idled two manufacturing lines as hospitals were seeking cheaper masks made over seas, called the whistleblower and said he envisioned a mask shortage if the coronavirus hit our shores. He could turn these two lines on with some funding. He followed up a couple of times, but the source said no one would listen. You see, making masks would run counter to the president’s hoax story.

    This is a key reason experts said hold off on masks because they are needed by doctors and nurses first. But, that shortage message was clouded and masks were downplayed along with the president’s message that it was a hoax which continued to the end of February. Masks were needed but we need to prioritize.

    If the president had come out in January after being briefed and told us of the risk of the pandemic, he would have saved lives. Actions and planning could have been started rather than spending time defending a misinforming president. Some of his followers still believe the hoax stuff because conspiracy folks won’t let it die. And, Americans are dying.

    So, when I hear the president say he is not responsible, that could not be further from the truth. He was briefed and for some reason, he chose to lie even to this day. Taking the president at his word is a fool’s errand. Trusting him with life and death decisions is dangerous. Keith

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    • So much has been done wrong in order to preserve Trump’s “hoax” theory, so many mistakes made. We’ll never know how many lives might have been saved if Trump & Co had put aside their own prejudices, their own self-interest, and done the right thing, upheld their oaths. And now, we have no true count of new cases, for testing has been intentionally slowed and reporting has been taken out of the hands of the CDC. Is it any wonder other countries are closing their borders to U.S. citizens? And now, Trump is trying to push pharmaceutical companies to rush a vaccine, likely without the months of testing required, in order to give him a boost right before the election. The words Banana Republic come to mind more and more often these days.


  4. Jill, I use again the word “DEFLECTION.” NEVER look where Trump is pointing, you are missing what he is doing 180 degrees opposite. This UFO SIGHTING investigation, obviously was called to deflect Non-Worshipping Trumplodytes from the destruction of the USPS, and the Electoral Disaster. But seems he forgot the oder in which he was supposed to release these distractions. Luckily his delivery does not always match his conniving skills. Had he leaked UFOGATE first, as I’m sure he meant to, the other matters could have passed by unnoticed. But this scares me even more. If he did release this news as he meant to, what is he really trying to deflect his opponents from?
    Start looking under rocks and in impenetrable cavelets, The truth is there, we just have to know where to look for it!

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    • Sigh … been looking under those rocks for years now, and I keep finding the same sort of lowlifes, though in truth, most of them have crawled out from under the rocks and are now walking amongst us. The UFO story wasn’t likely meant to deflect and distract, as it was nearly hidden in a news cul-de-sac, but it crossed my radar quite by accident.

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  5. Is there any nation on Earth that allows Americans to enter their country? I can’t think of any. Today, Canada extended Canada/U.S. border closure for another month. Fat chance it will open in 2020. A few weeks ago Canada cracked down on U.S. tourists claiming to be on their way to Alaska. Seems entitled Americans thought they could declare Alaska then traipse about B.C. and Alberta at will. We’re not stupid, by law all Americans claiming to pass through Canada on their way to Alaska are given a rear view mirror tag at the border. Failure to display or exit Canada in reasonable amount of time to drive to Alaska, face steep fines and permanent exclusion from entering Canada. You should have heard indignant whines coming from U.S. citizens! How dare Canada regulate Americans wanting to cross the border? Canada replied – suck it up princess. An immensely satisfying response to American hubris.
    As for U.S. conspiracy propaganda all I can do is shake my head and laugh. Beyond bizarre to fathom a nation where conspiracy nonsense is actually taken seriously in politics. America is one bat shit nation.

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    • Bat shit CRAZY nation, Appropriate, considering where corona virus initiated from.
      I believe at least one American couple/family was fined $50,000 CD (should have been USD) for stopping at Canadian restaurants and staying in Alberta campgrounds IN SOUTHERN ALBERTA, days after crossing the border “to go to Alaska.” There was no intention to go to Alaska, they were just avoiding going home.
      Now, I cannot blame them for preferring Canada to the USA right now, but our Covid numbers are going up too, thankfully not as fast as American numbers, but they gotta know they’re going to be discovered when they don’t cross back into America with due expedition.
      I personally wish we could accept all Americans, or people of other nations, after a lengthy quarantine period of not less than a month. But thinking because you are entitled Americans you can play fast with our nation’s rules, laws, and OUR HEALTH ISSUES and not be punished in some way makes it harder for those Americans who want to do things legally.
      Say this slowly, but loudly–and I apologize profusely to Jill, her friends, and all nice caring American citizens–FIX. YOUR. WORLD. BEFORE. YOU. COME. HERE. TO. DESTROY. OURS!
      Thank you.

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    • No, it would seem we are pretty much ‘persona non grata’ everywhere, and even Mexico is beginning to close their borders to us. Oh, the irony. Can’t say we don’t deserve it, though. If Trump is re-elected, I will be seeking asylum elsewhere as soon as possible, for this is not a nation I relate to anymore.

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