♫ Here We Are ♫

I’ve struggled to do a music post the last few nights, for a dear friend has been very ill and much on my mind.  Tonight, however, it appears he is on the mend and I found a song I haven’t yet played, so … Here We Are!

I don’t find much trivia about this song, written and recorded by Gloria Estefan.  It was released in 1989 in the United States and in 1990 to the rest of the world as the third single of the album, Cuts Both Ways.

A new Spanish version was released in July 2019 on YouTube by Gloria called “Tu y yo” celebrating the 30th anniversary of the song. This will be included her forthcoming album which will also include 4 brand new tracks, plus Brazilian inspired-music revisited versions of her hits.

The song was Estefan’s ninth Top 10 single, peaking at #6 in the U.S. in 1990, #18 in Canada, and #23 in the UK.  

Here We Are
Gloria Estefan

Here we are
Face to face
We forget, time and place
Hold me now
Don’t let go
Though it hurts and we both know
The time we spend together’s gonna fly
And everything you do to me
Is gonna feel so right
Baby when you’re loving me
I feel like I could cry
‘Cause there’s nothing I can do
To keep from loving you, no no no

Here we are
All alone
Trembling hearts, beating strong
Reaching out, a breathless kiss
I never thought could feel like this
I want to stop the time from passing by
I want to close my eyes and feel
Your lips are touching mine
Baby when you’re close to me
I want you more each time
And there’s nothing I can do
To keep from loving you

There’s nothing I can do
I’m helpless in your arms
Oh baby what you do
I’m in love, this is it
There’s no turning back this time
No no no

Here we are
Once again
But this time we’re only friends
Funny world
Sometimes lies
Become the game, when loves the prize
And though no one knows what’s going on inside
And all the love I feel for you
Is something I should hide
When I have you close to me
The feelings so sublime
That there’s nothing I can do
To keep from loving you, no no no
Can’t keep from loving you baby
No no no
That there’s nothing I can do my baby
To keep from loving you

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Gloria Estefan
Here We Are lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group, Foreign Imported Productions & Publishing

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  1. Should become the new worldwide hymn for citizens engagement.
    As a Bavarian cabaret artist once said when asked about atrocities committed by Napoleon. He only wanted to make the superiors equal to the common citizens. Little did he know that those with shortened necks could no longer live.;-) Michael

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  2. I was given Gloria Estefan’s June 1987 album “Let It Loose” because of the song “Can’t Stay Away From You” and later the July 1989 “Cuts Both Ways” because of the song “Don’t Wanna Lose You”, but as that is a tear-filled story I will share a bit of trivia instead. The trivia is connected to Gloria Estefan’s debut solo album “Cuts Both Ways” which includes this song, “Get On Your Feet” and the title song along with several others. In March 1990 during the “Get On Your Feet Tour” tour to promote the album, Gloria and Emilio’s tour bus was hit by a semi-truck on a snow covered highway in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. Their tour bus was stopped waiting for the highway to be cleared from a previous accident when the semi hit which then caused their collision with a tractor trailer. Several people on the bus were injured including their young son and Emilio. Gloria had been thrown from a top bunk to the floor and sustained a fractured spine which required extensive surgery and nearly a year of intense physical therapy. This experience was the inspiration behind the January 1991 second solo album “Into the Light” and the song “Coming Out of the Dark”. If you are wondering how I know about and remember the 1990 accident…my family has owned a cabin in the Poconos since I was a child. Two of my siblings and their families were there at the time of the accident and needless to say, it was talked about forever! Thank-you! P.S. Love this song and so happy that your friend is on the mend!!

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    • Thanks for your addition to the trivia!!! I did read that she had been involved in an accident in her bus, but no details had been provided … yours are fascinating! I presume that Emilio and their son also recovered from their injuries? A cabin in the Poconos … that sounds like a wonderful place to hole up for the coming winter months, starting around November 1st!!! Thanks again, my friend, and yes, I am relieved as well!!!

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