I Tried Not To Be Snarky …

Tonight, I am angry.  Surprised, aren’t you?  I’m angry most nights, and in fact I wake up angry most mornings, if I’ve managed to sleep at all.  It’s inevitable … when your country is run by bloody fools who appear intent on destroying not only the nation, but most of the people in it, you’re gonna be angry, unless you’re among the ‘chosen few’ who are a) white, b) wealthy or else not too bright, and c) a bigot.  I’ve been trying to scale back a bit on my snarkiness, but … sorry, folks, I just can’t help myself ,,, it’s bubbling over.bubbling-cauldron

How to cut the military budget

I’ve long decried our giant military budget as unnecessary and an unconscionable waste of money when people are homeless and children are going to bed hungry at night.  Ours is by far the largest military budget in the world …

military budget

We spend nearly three times more than the next country on the chart, China, despite the fact that we have less than one-fourth as many people!


It is foolish, and it is done largely to boost the already wealthy arms industry.  We do not need all the hardware, all the bombs, guns, tanks, and other crap we buy each year.  We do not need to be continuing the nuclear arms race, but rather finding safe ways to dispose of what we already have!  In fact, the biggest single threat to our nation is sleeping in the White House as I write this!  So much money … wasted … an ego trip for a July 4th or Memorial Day parade … while children starve.

But wait … Defense Secretary Mark Esper thinks he has found a way to cut back on the military budget!  Listen to this one … you’re gonna love it!  Esper has a proposal to cut $2.2 billion from our bloated military budget by cutting … military healthcare!  Senior defense officials say this move would imperil the health care of millions of military personnel and their families as the nation is in the midst of a pandemic that is spiralling out of control, largely due to Trump’s mismanagement and bungling.

What a brilliant idea … NOT!  Nope not brilliant, but fairly typical of the Trump entourage … it’s what we’ve come to expect.  Cut benefits and services that benefit the average Joe and expand profit margins for the already-wealthy.  Great job of falling in line, Esper … pathetic job of serving our troops and their families.

A most improper use of the White House … OUR White House!

robert-trumpDonald Trump’s brother, Robert Trump, died on Saturday, and Trump is supposedly considering holding his funeral at our White House!  NO, just effing NOOOOO!  That is not Trump’s personal property to do with as he wishes!  He cannot do this and if he does, he should be carted off to prison as soon as the funeral is done!

In addition to the fact that this cannot possibly be legal, is not kosher, and will cost We the People taxpayer dollars, there is the fact that Robert Trump was not a nice man, to put it mildly.  But then, why would we have expected otherwise … his last name was, after all, Trump, and his sire was the same Fred Trump who created the monster who sits in the Oval Office.  Robert may not have been quite as nasty as the one we know best, but make no mistake, he was a greedy, nasty man who would screw over his own family for a dollar.

And Donnie cared so much about his ‘baby brother’ that while Robert lay dying in the hospital, Trump phoned the hospital from his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, to see how he was doing.  No, he couldn’t even be bothered to give up his Saturday morning golf game to visit his brother one last time!

Robert Trump was not even part of the Trump administration, had no official role in our government and was NOTHING to any of us.  Let the Trumps have his funeral elsewhere … at a funeral home or Mar-a-Lago … I don’t really care, but the White House belongs to the people and We the People do not want it used to hold a funeral for yet another grade-A jerk!

A medical sycophant, Dr. Atlas shrugged …

Trump finally found himself a doctor who would toe the party line … er, the Trump line … one who would say just what Trump wants him to say, unlike Dr. Anthony Fauci, a highly reputable doctor who told us what we needed to hear, not what Trump wanted him to tell us.

scott-atlasTrump’s latest medical “expert” is Dr. Scott Atlas, and he warns against “coronavirus overreaction and hysteria”, says the nation should reopen all the schools, restart normal sporting events, and has downplayed the need for students to wear face coverings or practice social distancing if schools do reopen.  “It is proven children have no significant risk,” says Atlas.  NO, SIR, it is NOT proven and in fact … how would you explain the children who have died or spent time in hospitals???  And … “overreaction and hysteria”???  More than a thousand people are dying every day of the coronavirus and this jackass has the unmitigated gall to say we are overreacting???  He would play with the lives of our children in order to appease the Oaf in the Oval???

He argues against more testing and recently he told Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, that science does not definitively support government mandates on wearing masks.  ‘Scuse me, Trump and Atlas, but I’ll take Dr. Fauci’s word for what we need to do, not yours!

A bit about Dr. Atlas …

  • His specialty is neuroradiology, not infectious diseases
  • He has never worked within the CDC nor in any official capacity as a medical advisor within the government, and has only served as medical advisor to the campaigns of Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney
  • He has argued for the elimination of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka Obamacare.
  • He is a frequent guest on Fox News

Do you see anything there that makes you inclined to believe Atlas over Dr. Fauci, or even Dr. Birx?  I sure as hell don’t.  First Trump promotes a drug that not only does not cure the coronavirus, but can cause life-threatening heart problems.  Then he suggests we drink bleach.  Then he says we should all go out and socialize more, send our children back to school, and not wear masks.  And now, he’s given us a quack and tells us to believe the quack over the real experts.  I think not.  Would somebody please muzzle this fool???



21 thoughts on “I Tried Not To Be Snarky …

  1. and there’s this and exactly why i don’t trust faucie and gates, they’re on the board of a big vaccine company. follow the money and the influence, but that’s only good for the right wing NRA isn’t it?
    The hipocrasy is nauseating and makes me as angry as anything else going on in this country by the stupid elitists running things into the damn ground.


  2. if one of obama’s daughters died, which would sadden me if it happened, but you’d probably be okay with having that funeral in the whitehouse.

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  3. Life is not normal without your snarks…..here’s a few of mine. My resulting rising BP warranting a new, stronger RX just adds to the fires – my VA and Medicare doctors piss me off, my heads-in-the sand Senators piss me off, and my neighboring banner waving trumpettes piss me off. And now – direct from my WH – a celebration of the life of another trump asshole. How much must I endure? The military spending – oh what the hell…..what’s another trillion or two added to the debt we are already loading onto our children and grandchildren? Surely, they will dig up our bones and spit on our memories for what we have allowed to happen. This coming election is our only chance for redemption. Ahhhh – I feel better now. Time to go take my meds.

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    • Thanks Larry!!! I thought perhaps my snarks were getting too … too blasé … too much of the “same ol’ same ol'”. You sound like a pro snarker yourself!!! And all very valid snarks, as it were! Yes, go take your meds and have an ice cream … you’ll feel better soon!

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  4. Jill, thanks for the small dose of snark. Appointing a doctor who is not expert on the topic reminds me of the first NFL medical committee to discuss concussions. It was committee that did not include doctors who studied neurology. In the very good movie with Will Smith called “Concussion” that the NFL tried to bury, Dr. Bennet Omalu, the Nigerian born, but highly credential forensic neuropathologist that Smith played, was rolling a ball uphill against this committee.

    His research on several deceased players’ brains indicated severe and prolonged trauma termed CTE. Seeing Trump appoint any doctor who agreed with his mission to distract people from the task at hand and his mishandling, reminds me that the NFL did not want to know about the severity of concussions. By the way, before he died, renowned sports writer Frank DeFord made the comment to Bryant Gumbel on “Real Sports” the NFL has become a gladiator sport, meaning there is no way to fully protect the brains from some injury. I think of the term “gladiator” as I see people push for money making sports to start up without protection from COVID-19 (I should have remembered this for your post of last week on sports).


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  5. I turned the news on for a couple of minutes yesterday and it took me the rest of the day to calm down. Snark away. Cuts in health care, education food, and everything else, seem logical to those who are unaffected by the cuts…rich white males who are psychopaths and empty of brains and any moral standards at all.

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  6. Cool snarks, Jill. So cool you can send them to Alaska without a seasonal jacket, or parka. They will still melt the hearts of all Trump’s Psychophants, if there are any up there. Can we send a fact-finding committee up there on November 2nd, with Trump himself as Committee Chair. Then he won’t have to acknowlege the lack of warmth from those sTrumpettes who have finally realized he really DOES NOT CARE about their children

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