Dear Kentucky, Please do us a Favor

Mitch McConnell is the poster boy for why we need term limits … the man has long overstayed his welcome in the U.S. Senate and needs to be put out to pasture. Our friend Jeff has written an impassioned plea to the good people of the State of Kentucky to please remove this wart from our posterior! Actually, Jeff phrased it far more kindly than I would likely have done, which is why he’s so great at what he does! Thank you, Jeff … let us hope Kentuckians are listening!!! The few I know are ready to dump Mitch, but they obviously don’t speak for the whole.

On The Fence Voters

A letter to the voters of the great state of Kentucky:

For the last 36 years, you have elected Mitch McConnell to the United States Senate. The loyalty shown to Mr. McConnell is genuinely something I’m sure he takes quite seriously and appreciates greatly. However, this year, I’d like to ask you a favor. Would you please consider removing Senator McConnell by voting for Amy McGrath on November 3, 2020?

Yes, I know. Who am I to ask such a thing? Well, I’m a concerned American who currently resides in the great state of Oregon. I’m about as far away as you can get from your state, not just in miles, but also in political ideology. But I’m also an individual who believes that we can and should do better for all Americans. And the truth is, your Senator has almost singlehandedly stopped hundreds of pieces of legislation.

Now, you…

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10 thoughts on “Dear Kentucky, Please do us a Favor

  1. NEGATIVE!!!! I’m sorry, I got the results yesterday but didn’t get online all day and am only now seeing this. At least I think I didn’t get on yesterday but am in the middle of an MS episode and I think part of my last brain cell died a few days ago. I wonder how long a person can exist on less than one brain cell? Actually I don’t know how many cells I still have since I no longer have a neurologist, but most of the time I feel like they are all dead when I’m trying to find a word that eludes me. The last neurologist I saw after the one who began the journey had a heart attack and stroke at about the same time and was forced into retirement looked down his long nose at me and told me “quite frankly you can’t afford my services, and even if you could there’s nothing I can do for you because you are dying already”. Nice, huh? That was a long time ago but he was part of the staff at our local hospital, making me even more upset with this darn hospital. At least I was treated better when in there with the broken leg

    As for the things they have closed in this building, not only the activities room where the polls were set up but also the public restrooms! If I have need of one while doing my laundry I have to come back home and pray all the way that I can hold it until I get inside my apartment. I think that is criminal and wish someone would arrest the staff who closed and locked the restrooms. The only source of soap and water outside our apartments I might add, since the kitchen is also locked off. Our manager was the receptionist when I moved in here and those are her only qualifications for the job, that and the fact that she is still breathing!

    I had better get off here before I begin ranting and raving all over the place! Take care my dear friend. 😇💖

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    • Got your email … will respond this evening! I’m so glad your test results were negative. I am incensed by what that neurologist said to you!!! He should be reported to the practice he is in, to the State Board of Health, and to the American Medical Association! That is simply unconscionable! Bastard!

      Oh, my friend … what a mess they have made of your building! I wonder … isn’t there someone you can report these things to? Closing the restrooms must surely be against some code? Sigh. Life just keeps getting more and more difficult, doesn’t it? Hang in, my friend! Love ya bunches!!! ❤

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      • I just want out of here as soon as I can find another place to move. Most of the affordable places have waiting lists that are a mile long, so not too sure I’ll find one. Thinking about just moving into one of the barns out on the farm, Hoping the boys would convert a corner of one of them to living space and I can move in there, get some German Shepherds for company and have a nice garden again next summer. Probably just a dream but I live for my dreams.
        I’ve tried reporting this place but no one is interested in helping. If there was a committee of residents it might work but no two people in this place will work together to improve anything. I’m so fed up with them all at this point!

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        • I don’t blame you!!! You know what? You would probably be a heck of a lot happier out on the farm living in a barn. I know I would be. I wish I could live on a desert island … no phone, no internet, no … nothing. Just me and nature. Sigh. I am pondering … I always thought I’d like to return as a wolf in my next life, but these days … I don’t think I want to return at all.

          As to your residence … have you tried writing to your great Senator, Mitchell McConnell??? No doubt he would be willing to help his constituents! (Yes, it is a joke, albeit a really bad one!) Sigh. Love you, dear Angie! ❤


  2. Would you believe that our wonder boy actually began his political career as a Democrat? It was very difficult to find a Republican in Kentucky back then, but he managed after his first term as a DEMOCRAT to bring them in and things have gone downhill ever since. Amy has my vote, if, of course we can vote absentee. I can’t get out to go to the polls, which before March of this year were just downstairs, making it easy for us all to vote, but now have been taken out by the wonderful managers and staff of the building who are hiding away in their locked offices, if they are even showing up to work now. OOPS! slightly off the subject here, but I think some of them are Republicans. Enough said about that. I think the margin changes by the hour here, but most of the people I’ve talked with are pretty fed up with everything now. Hopefully they are placing the blame where it belongs but you never know. There are always those pesky one issue people who would vote for the devil himself (maybe they have been) if he showed up and said he was against abortion. Well, I’m against abortion too, but Mitch isn’t going to do anything about it and neither is the Turd. I’m considering offering brain transplants to idiots everywhere who refuse to look at the whole picture and focus on one pixel only.

    Interesting tidbit, I’m having a few symptoms of CV-19 and was tested this morning. I sure hope stress is good for the brain cause it sure isn’t making it easy on the old bod here! Love ya kid!

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    • First things first, my friend … please let me know when you get your test results back!!! I will stay worried until I hear. That is the LAST thing you need! As if MS wasn’t enough … you’ll soon have every letter of the alphabet!

      I am incensed that they took the polling place out of your building! They cannot do that! Yeah, I know, I’m spitting in the wind, but it’s just so WRONG! I hope McGrath can really create some enthusiasm and get the sane people to the polls, for Mitch has long overstayed his welcome! Time for him and Elaine to retire and spend the rest of their days shoveling horse dung or something!

      Love ya back, my sweet friend! Please do let me know about your test results! 💞

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