The Week’s Best Cartoons 8/22

As always, our friend TokyoSand has found the best of the best political cartoons this week. Some will bring a smile, others a growl, but they sum up the state of our nation with few or no words … such talent! Thanks again, TS!


ByRick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle

This week, editorial cartoonists captured the latest with the Post Office, as well as the Democratic Convention, Steve Bannon getting arrested, Trump trying to “cancel” Goodyear Tires in Ohio, and more.

Which one is your favorite this week?

Democratic Convention

ByAnn Telnaes, Washington Post

ByMatt Wuerker, Politico

ByClay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

ByMike Thompson, Detroit Free Press

ByChristopher Weyant

ByBill Bramhall, New York Daily News

ByClay Jones

The Post Office

ByMike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

ByMichael de Adder

ByPat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

By Dan Wasserman

By Walt Handelsman,The Advocate

By Mark Fiore, KQED News

Steve Bannon Arrested

ByMonte Wolverton

ByMatt Davies, Newsday

ByRick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle

Trump Attacks Goodyear

By eighthourlunch

ByJack Ohman, The…

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22 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons 8/22

      • Freaky times Jill.
        But sadly in the course of Human History not unusual.
        I was listening to an interesting historical viewpoint on Caligula, y’know the Roman Emperor who was reckoned to be extremely mad.
        When taken in the context of the times, his behaviour was effectively raising ‘The Finger’ to the established ruling classes while playing to the gallery of the poor ‘shlubs’ ho thought he was great.
        Meanwhile he was being the complete (several bad words redacted).
        Of course like all these sorts he overreached himself and then the historians got to work on him.
        So Trump…Just another standard anal cavity that crops up from time to time.
        Me? I’m in my own world

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        • Hmmm … I’ll have to read up on Caligula. Or, maybe not, since we have our own version here and he’s driving me deeper into the rabbit hole every day. Yeah, in the grand scheme of things, Trump will be relatively meaningless in the annals of history. But, today in the here and now … 😞. I cannot find my own world … mine seems to be welded to the rest of the world … at least for the moment.

          Liked by 1 person

          • It’s a difficult thing. After last year’s combat on Facebook over Brexit, The Election, Defending Greta Thunberg, Charities, then getting into a tussle of misinterpretation this year, I’ve mostly dropped out.
            Check out the headlines…say uh-uh (or ‘idiots’)
            Then get back to my own stuff. It’s the way I keep balanced… My Own Stuff. Some folk might call it hiding. It an’t…. Smiling at Immigrants, talking to them nicely, in general trying to be polite;, writing things which would offend the Miserable (of all types); Giving to charities; Making Trump in my world a Non-Person; Thinking of Johnson as a hapless freak of the times……All parts of My Own Stuff.😼

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  1. Jill, seeing Steve Bannon hover over the wall reminds me that our parents were very concerned by the company we keep. We witness a 13 year stutterer speak highly of Joe Biden taking more than a little time to help him with addressing his stuttering using his own childhood challenges.

    Trump’s friends include Bannon, Michael Flynn (who pled guilty to lying and Trump was told not to hire), Paul Manafort (who went to jail and a Senate report notes he was more involved in the Russian election interference), Roger Stone (who was convicted of lying and corruption and is self-described dirty trickster), and Rudy Giuliani (who has long sunk beneath being America’s mayor).


    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I’ve long heard, probably at my parent’s knee, that you are judged by the company you keep. Trump’s friends are not ones I would choose to associate with, for sure. And, for the convention this coming week, he has some odious guests planned, such as the couple who threatened peaceful protestors with guns, and the kid who threatened a Native American a couple of years back. Nice, huh?


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