♫ Overjoyed ♫

Tonight I am in a mood that is crying out for some Stevie Wonder.  There are very few that I haven’t already played here at least once (can you tell that I’m a huge Stevie Wonder fan?)  However, I did find one!

Overjoyed is a hit single written and performed by American R&B singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder on the Tamla (Motown) label from his 1985 album In Square Circle.

The song was written first for the 1979 album Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants, but was left off the album, and re-recorded for the 1985 album In Square Circle. In the liner notes for the song, “crickets, nightingale & additional bird sounds, ocean, pebbles in pond, stone dropped, crushing leaves” are listed under “environmental percussion”. The song was first performed live on the May 7, 1983, episode of Saturday Night Live, where Wonder was the host and musical guest.

This song has been covered by numerous artists, including Diana Ross, Mary Blige, Grover Washington, Celine Dion and many more, most of whom I have never heard.  

I had to force myself to listen to this four five six times tonight, just to make sure I had gotten the right lyrics, that he wasn’t singing off-key … you know, all those details that must be just right!  😉  And now, I think I might actually be able to sleep for a few hours … dreaming … of … zzzzzz … sandman has come … zzzzzzzzzzz … 

Stevie Wonder

Over time, I’ve building my castle of love
Just for two, though you never knew you were my reason
I’ve gone much too far for you now to say
That I’ve got to throw my castle away

Over dreams, I have picked out a perfect come true
Though you never knew it was of you I’ve been dreaming
The sandman has come from too far away
For you to say come back some other day

And though you don’t believe that they do
They do come true
For did my dreams
Come true when I looked at you
And maybe too, if you would believe
You too might be
Overjoyed, over loved, over me

Over hearts, I have painfully turned every stone
Just to find, I had found what I’ve searched to discover
I’ve come much too far for me now to find
The love that I’ve sought can never be mine

And though you don’t believe that they do
They do come true
For did my dreams
Come true when I looked at you
And maybe too, if you would believe
You too might be
Overjoyed, over loved, over me

And though the odds say improbable
What do they know
For in romance
All true love needs is a chance
And maybe with a chance you will find
You too like I
Overjoyed, over loved, over you
Over you

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Wonder Stevie
Overjoyed lyrics © Johanan Vigoda Admin. Acct. Stevie Wonder Catalogue, Jobete Music Co Inc, Black Bull Music Inc, Jobete Music Co., Inc.

19 thoughts on “♫ Overjoyed ♫

  1. Jill, one of many great ones by Stevie Wonder. Yesterday, I was watching an excellent documentary on The Apollo theater’s history. They showed a Motown review show that included twelve year old Stevie. One of the amazing parts is Stevie created a song on the fly using the audience’s clapping and their response to his invited chorus. At twelve, he showed his amazing talent. Keith

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    • I’m glad you liked it! I still find myself humming it at odd times throughout the day! Stevie was, from what I’ve read, truly a child prodigy! He certainly ranks in my “Top Five” favourites!


  2. “Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories. And the longer a song has existed in our lives, the more memories of it we have.” – Stevie Wonder. “In Square Circle” was released in September of 1985, but was not brought to my attention until late October of that year. “Overjoyed” is one of the songs that has existed in my life for many decades and the memories attached to it are bittersweet, yet treasured. Thank-you!

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