Confirmation of Sabotage!

I don’t understand why we haven’t heard more about this story …

G.O.P.-Led Senate Panel Details Ties Between 2016 Trump Campaign and Russia

Everybody understands this, right?  After the years of Trump decrying that the investigation led by Robert Mueller was a “hoax” and a “witch hunt”, the Senate Intelligence Committee, a bi-partisan committee comprised of eight (8) republicans and seven (7) democrats, determined that Russia did, in fact, conspire with members of the Trump campaign to influence the 2016 election in Trump’s favour. committee-membersThree years … these 15 people have dedicated the last three years to investigating the exact same things Robert Mueller and his team investigated, reviewing the exact same data that the Mueller team reviewed, and they have drawn almost the exact same conclusion!  That Russia did interfere in our elections on Donald Trump’s behalf, and that the Trump campaign aided and abetted them!  WHAT THE HELL more proof does Congress, do Trump’s base, need in order to be convinced that Trump & Co BOUGHT the election … he did not win it, but he PAID for it!!!  Oh, he didn’t do all the dirty work with his own hands, but left most of the dirty work to the likes of Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, his own children and  others, some of whom are serving prison time today, others who should or soon will be.  But you can bet your last dollar that Trump knew every move that was made, every dollar spent or received, and knew just how far Vladimir Putin was willing to go to help put him into office.

Below is a chart showing who, amongst the Trump campaign, had contact with the Russians and when. contacts

For further detail about the key players, the New York Times has an excellent assessment.

Some of the most insidious republican senators were on the committee … Richard Burr, Tom Cotton, Susan Collins, and Marco Rubio … and yet, the findings were in agreement with those of the Intelligence Community and of Special Investigator Robert Mueller.  This speaks volumes, and yes, I have seen the story reported in the New York Times, The Washington Post, Politico and others, but … nobody seems to be talking about it!  Why???

Is everybody too wrapped up in his threats, his bullying, his name-calling, to stop and take a look at this report and what it means???  Is his ‘deflect and distract’ operation really working that well?  I would agree that there are a few serious issues this election season:  the denigration and destruction of the United States Postal Service, systemic racism, voter rights and suppression, climate change, the handling (or rather, mishandling) of the coronavirus pandemic, the failing economy … well okay, perhaps more than a few.  Still … we cannot remain silent on the results of this committee report!

For one thing, it is only further proof that the 2016 election was, in fact, interfered with by the Russian government and with the full knowledge of Trump and his cronies.  For another, we are told by the intelligence community that the Russians have been working to help sabotage our November election that is just over 10 weeks away.  Do you really think it’s coincidence that Russia claims to have a vaccine for the coronavirus that will soon be ready to go?  Do you think it’s coincidence that Trump has been ‘demanding’ the G7 allow Russia to sit in on their next meeting, whenever that may take place?

Since I don’t have a direct conduit to Mr. Putin’s brain, I cannot know his reasons for ‘preferring’ Trump both 4 years ago and now, but I can form an intelligent guess.  Putin wants the U.S. to look the other way when he does things that may be against United Nations protocol.  Putin has made no secret that he would like to rebuild a Soviet-style empire.  He needs the U.S. to, at the very least, sit back and turn a blind eye.  Donald Trump is not an intelligent man, and is far more easily manipulated with the promise of some small reward than Hillary Clinton would have been, or than Joe Biden would be.

You can, if you are so inclined, read the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report … well, you can read the parts that are not redacted, at any rate.  And there’s another point.  Why does any of this report need to be redacted?  These are events that happened, mostly 3+ years ago, and I cannot conceive of any events or conversations that would cause a national security issue today, hence the need for heavy redactions.  The only damage this report will cause is to the key players who were treasonous in their dealings, who put Trump and the Republican Party ahead of the best interest of the nation.  We the People have a right to know … we have a right to know who said what and when.  We have a right to know just what the Russian government did to sabotage our election!

I close with one reminder:  despite the help of the Russian government, despite the gerrymandered districts and restrictive voter I.D. laws, Donald Trump did not win the vote of We the People – he lost by nearly 3 million votes.  He won only the electoral college, and that only because of unfair district boundaries.  Will we allow this to happen again this year?  I damn sure hope not!

25 thoughts on “Confirmation of Sabotage!

  1. Sadly Jill, this latest confirmation of sabotage and $5 will get you a good Venti Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks. Do not expect any other good to come from this revelation…which had been revealed in the Mueller Report and went nowhere too. The GOP elephants in the room will pretend to see no evil and hear no evil in this Senate Panel report, but sure as heck will continue to speak a lot of evil in support of trump’s malfeasance. Thank-you!

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      • If Mitch McConnell will be remembered by me for anything, it will be these words spoken about Elizabeth Warren on Feb. 7, 2017 : “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.” As Elizabeth said on March 5, 2020 “We will persist.” Thank-you for persisting!

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        • Ah yes, I do remember that!!! It played well in the political cartoons for quite some time thereafter! I shall, then, follow Senator Warren’s excellent example and … persist! Or, in the lingo of the day, I shall keep on keepin’ on! Thank you for the reminder!!!

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  2. Numerous former WH admin staffers have warned us about Trump. His niece warned the world that her uncle is a monster. Now a recording has cropped up in which his sister says he has no principles, is cruel, and cannot be trusted. Yet nothing budges his cult followers. Those cult followers will become violent when he loses.

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    • I simply cannot understand that cult mentality, but I have no doubt you are right, and when he loses there will be a hue and cry. After all, his cult are the ones with the mini arsenals in their garages and basements. I still think the alternative solution, which I cannot state aloud lest the men in dark glasses show up at my door, would be the cleanest, safest one for the nation. Sigh.

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  3. Donald Trump is of the night. He will do whatever it take to bring about the result he desires but if it looks like he’ s losing may withdraw from the fight om the grounds of ill health rather than be embarressed. Whatever jis excuses just make sure he goes.

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  4. I don’t understand why we haven’t heard more about this story …

    I think I can try to answer that. With 76 days to go (or whatever it is) the retail-electoral-politics are such that it doesn’t really help a lot of Democrats to get elected by re-litigating the Russian interference issue.

    There might be some races here and there where it might, and of course this latest information can be leveraged to stir up our own base when needed. But there’s a reason you barely heard a peep about the impeachment and high crimes and misdemeanors during the convention last week. It’d muddy the water.

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  5. The House should start impeachment proceedings immediately, Trump is guilty as sin for collusion, at the very least obstruction. Hillary was investigated for much less, and it cost her the election. This should be a slam dunk win for Biden 🙂

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  6. Jill, my post tonight will be a nice tandem piece with this. I want Trump supporters to tell me why this is not a concern to them without resorting to the name calling of critics that Trump uses. This is not fake news. These findings are from real people who are in the know. One thing we should not lose sight of, Paul Manafort who went to jail following what the Mueller report found, was Trump’s campaign manager for over four months (note Trump said he was there only a few weeks, which is yet another lie from Trump). While there, a Republican platform position toward Russia was softened? Why? Keith

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    • Just proves the old saying that “great minds think alike”! I look forward to your post this evening. I do wish we could reach a broader audience, though, for our posts typically fall on the ears of those who already agree with us. When you ask those “Why” questions, it would be great to get some real feedback from the people who have the answers.


      • Jill, I just posted it. In light of the Senate Intelligence Committe report and the 73 Republican forner Intelligence people under Reagan and the Bushes citing Trump as a security threat, and a former Trump official Miles Taylor echoing the same, I revisited the statements made by Trump in Helsinki. The reactions thereto by Republicans need to be reviewed. Keith

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  7. Don’t know when this report finally came out, but whatever it reported will never be enough. Trump’s Justice System (sic sick) has already claimed him not guilty, so nothing can be done about it. It does not matter who they sic (sic sick) on him.
    How much did this bipartisan committee cost to redeclare Trump guilty, and yet still be powerless to change the result. Unless you can turn back the clock and declare his election NULL AND VOID–MAKING EVERY EXECUTIVE ORDER NULL AND VOID–this is just so much water over the Chunnel. Trump has succeeded in windhooking the hoodwankers. He is golden.
    He is fake news altered to look alternative. It is time someone alternated him!

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    • But he loses that immunity the day he leaves office. Frankly, if the people of this nation were all as incensed as some of us are by the ways in which Trump stole the election, and the things he has done since, he would lose his immunity while still IN office, but he still has his devoted little ignorant base.


              • Okay, wrong place again, but I finally found that tidbit about Jonathan King that put you on tenterhooks. And what I am going to say is probably not going to be to your liking. Everyone has some kind of skeletons in their closets, some much worse than others. Knowing what you know now, do you regret playing Everyone’s Gone to the Moon, or MacArthur Park, or do you regret not playing Six White Boomers, which you cited not playing for the same reason as you still played the others.
                And then there is Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson shouted his perversion at the heart of the world, and nobody cared if kids screamed. He paid handsomely those parents who allowed him to use the bodies of their children for his sexual pleasures, which greatly benefitted the parents’ lives, but ruined the lives of their children uncaringly. WHERE DOES SOCIETY DRAW ITS LINES? Where do you draw your lines?
                Does star power exempt Jackson like being POTUS seems to exempt Dumbpty’s Junk Truck from raping the people of the USA without compassion or compunction?
                Americans as a general rule condone the acts of the rich and famous, while demanding perfection of the lesser beings in society. I call bullshit! The Pilgrims still dominate American society, and it makes me want to vomit!
                Do I condone the actions of the trio of singers from the opening of this comment? No, of course not. But there are so many effin’ doudle standards in this world they seem to be becoming meaningless.
                Too bad Trump is too cowardly to shoot someone on 5th Avenue, he’s already killed hundreds of thousands of others, not just from Covid 19, but from all kinds of harmful political decisions and executive orders that to take him to court for each one individually would take several lifetimes. WHERE THE HELL DO we the people DRAW THE LINE, or are we the people too scared to even try?


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