A man named Jacob Blake was trying to break up an argument between two women on Sunday.  Someone had called the police, and when they arrived, Blake left the women to the police to sort out and headed back to his vehicle where his three young sons awaited patiently in the back seat.  But, instead of breaking up the fight between the women, police zeroed in on Mr. Blake … and as he opened the door to his SUV and started to get in, they shot him in the back … seven times!!!

Seven times they shot a man … an unarmed man … in front of his children!!!  A man who had committed no crime, had no weapon, wasn’t even acting in any suspicious manner! Jacob-BlakeAsk not why there are protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where the shooting took place!  The only reason I’m not calling it a murder is that by some miracle, Mr. Blake survived and is currently in serious condition at a Milwaukee hospital.  If he dies, this will have been a murder … in cold blood.  If he dies, the Kenosha police department will owe those three little boys a debt that they can never repay.  And whether he lives or dies, this is but the latest in a string of unarmed black people being shot by police in just the past few months … just one more incidence of the systemic racism that is rampant in police departments across the U.S.

  • Breonna Taylor – March 13th – murdered by police in her own bed after police used a battering ram to break down the door.  They had a warrant … for someone else who was not, and had never been, in Ms. Taylor’s apartment in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • George Floyd – May 25th – murdered in cold blood by one police officer, while three others looked on in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Rayshard Brooks – June 12th – murdered by police for the crime of having a bit too much to drink and falling asleep in his car at the Wendy’s drive-thru lane in Atlanta, Georgia.

And these are only the high-profile ones, the ones we’ve heard about in the last five months.  So no, don’t you dare respond to someone saying that Black Lives Matter with your pathetic “All lives matter”, for that is a slap in the face to Ms. Taylor, Mr. Floyd, Mr. Brooks, and Mr. Blake, their families, and every one of us who care about these people.  Don’t you dare make excuses for police departments that tolerate racism among their ranks.  Don’t you dare support people who come out of their homes pointing guns at peaceful protestors who are trying to make their voices heard.  And if you support the racist, race-baiting white supremacist who sits in the Oval Office, then don’t you dare speak to me!

Angry???  Hell yes, I’m angry!  I’ve been in tears all evening, I want to tear someone’s head off!  I hate the racism, the bigotry in all forms, that has become the very definition of the United States.

The officers who shot Mr. Blake, by the way, have been placed on “administrative leave” … why were they not fired?  Why are they on “administrative leave”, still receiving their salary, when they are guilty of nothing less than attempted murder?  These officers were not wearing body cameras, however there was a bystander filming the attempted murder with his cell phone, and that video went viral.  If it hadn’t, would we have even heard of the attempted murder of Jacob Blake?  I wonder.  As Eugene Robinson wrote in The Washington Post  …

“The video doesn’t show all of what happened before Blake headed for the car, and it’s shot from a distance. But what it reveals is enough. Without this cellphone clip, I’m guessing the police report would have spoken of “noncompliance” and “resisting arrest” and some sort of “threatening move” — and that, without evidence to the contrary, Blake might have been filed away as just another Black man who got what he undoubtedly deserved.

There’s a pattern here: Floyd was suspected of passing a fake $20 bill, and he paid with his life. Brooks fell asleep in a Wendy’s drive-through, and he paid with his life. Taylor was just sleeping in her own home, and she paid with her life.

Officials in Kenosha County declared a state of emergency Sunday night. But for African Americans, the emergency is permanent — and it threatens our lives.”

My friends … our country is no longer one in which we can or should take pride.  It is a broken country, one that only works for the wealthy and those with white skin.  The rest of us … are expendable.  Tonight at the Republican National Convention, Mike Pence told cheering supporters, “We will always stand with the men and women who serve on the thin blue line of law enforcement. We’re going to back the blue.”  And reading in between the lines … “To hell with the Blacks, the Hispanics, the Native Americans, the Middle-Easterners …”  The biggest crime in our nation, it would seem, is not colluding with a foreign power, is not shooting someone with an AR-15, is not robbing a bank, is not lying to the American people … the biggest crime is simply being Black.

Tonight, I debate whether it is worth staying here and fighting this fight.  I suppose November 3rd will answer that question, but frankly, if I had the chance to put the United States behind me tomorrow and never return, I would gladly say “goodbye”.

72 thoughts on “Jacob Blake … SAY HIS NAME, DAMMIT!

  1. Might wanna mention that Jacob Blake had assaulted the officers, was wanted for rape, and went for a knife before they shot him, after a taser did nothing (presumably because the dude was higher than a kite.) but you or other political activists won’t mention this part of the story because it will demystify the narrative of victimhood which you all have ceremoniously bestowed upon him. I’m calling this out for the propaganda that it is.

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  2. I’ve been a lurker on this site for a while. So I just thought I’d chime in because this is an every week occurrence.

    What needs to happen is that :


    When other countries shoot their citizens. The USA is quick to call that a human rights violation but when white supremacist do the same to unarmed black people then that’s proper police procedure and self defence.

    The police are the enforcement arm of white supremacy and law enforcement has been infested by white supremacists and nothing been done to root them out.

    That’s why all the madness and rioting on the streets is happening.

    There are white supremacist beat cops, sergeants, captains, police chiefs and prosecutors who are using sheriff departments as havens and nests were white supremacist can be hired to kill black ppl and the white supremacist district attorney will back them up on it.

    White supremacists are terrorists and they should be punished.

    One more thing. Don’t let anyone talk about police training,

    Cops have perfect training on how to deescalate situations as long as the suspects are white. All of sudden their guns don’t work.

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    • “One more thing. Don’t let anyone talk about police training,

      Cops have perfect training on how to deescalate situations as long as the suspects are white. All of sudden their guns don’t work.”

      This is absolutely true… if one replaces reality with this belief. That is what’s it true, you, you see. Not reality. Belief.


  3. My prayers go to Jacob Blake and his family. They and all who witnessed this tragedy will be traumatized for many years to come. I have no hope or faith in this government or any other to solve this problem. Only Jehovah God’s Kingdom can bring a permanent solution (Psalms 37:10,11).

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    • I see the cops jumping all over him, he tried to escape and the cops executed him shot in the back. He had no weapon so why did the cops necessarily have to use deadly force? Wouldn’t a taser suffice? This is the reason we have protests all over AmeriKKKa!

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      • it’s another lesson for me not to share a link, especially if I don’t know precisely what it is. I apologize and will be more cognizant in the future about this kind of thing. Please forgive the lapse in judgement.

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        • Hello Scott. I was wondering if you think police should have the right of judge and jury to determine guilt, assign sentence, and carry out the death penalty for someone accused of a crime but not threatening the life of anyone at the time. We have due process in this country for a reason, and police do not have the right to dispense the death penalty. Sadly too many police officers have gotten so arrogant that simply the appearance of disrespecting them is an affront to their authority and instantly causes an angry violent response from the officers, especially if you are a person of color. Police officers taking it on themselves to mete out punishment for an offence is an illegal act that destroys the confidence in law enforcement and their moral authority. Hugs

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  4. Jill, I share your anger and frustration over yet another senseless shooting. Reading about this was upsetting, but watching the video is absolutely horrifying!! I say to anyone who questions what lies behind this act of brutality…watch the video. Then, if you can, imagine those three children huddled inside the car as that took place. Whether Mr. Blake survives intact or not, this will haunt them the rest of their lives. I ask you then, what would you say to them? Thank-you!

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    • Which video? There’s one showing Blake struggling with officers, escaping their attempts to restrain him, and a witness reporting she heard the police say twice, “Drop the knife”. I’ve also heard there was a taser attempt.

      These things don’t happen in a vacuum and I know it is difficult not to jump on a bandwagon that seems righteous. It is very hard to withhold judgement when something appears clear cut but not giving in to this impulse until both sides are given the opportunity to explain what they thought happened.

      I think there’s no question deescalation training is sorely lacking from the police curriculum. But we have got to stop jumping to our preferred conclusions and granting permission for lawlessness and unequivocal support for anti-American policies like those at the heart of BLM. These terrible situations are being used as fuel for creating more terrible situations. Giving in to this urge aids only Trump. That’s the Herculean task before people of goodwill seeking lasting solutions. If it weren’t so hard, it wouldn’t be worth doing but achieving it all that much sweeter and meaningful, valuable and precious. We can’t come together as We the People when we keep dividing ourselves into ANY partisan camp including race… even for the most righteous of feelings.

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        • An anti-liberal manifesto, meaning the end of individual rights and freedoms, the end of consent of the governed, and the predominance of racialized group-based legal rights. This entails the destruction and removal from public law, the public domain, and all public institutions. It is a revolutionary and Marxist doctrine that replaces Marx’s eternal class based struggle between Proletariat and Bourgeoisie with an eternal race based struggle between blacks and anti-blacks. This is the central message of BLM’s manifesto and expanded by best-selling authors like Ibrim X Kendi (How to be an anti-racist) and Robin DeAngelo (White Fragility). It is Marxism renamed and it is deeply anti-American.


      • The only video I’ve seen proves that Mr. Blake was only returning to his car, unarmed and without any form of insolence or violence. Nothing I’ve seen or read has referred to either a knife or a taser. Y’know, tildeb, there are times when there are no “two sides to every story”, when the truth, the facts, are plain as day and there is a definitive right and wrong. In my book, this is one such, as was the brutal murder of George Floyd.


    • I actually considered including the video here, but … it gave me chest pains and I somehow thought it best not to share it. I’m sure most people have seen it anyway. Yes, I keep picturing those poor young lads, not having any idea what or why, just being petrified. They will never get over that … no amount of money can repair their psyches. Sigh. Thank YOU, my friend.


  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, INEXCUSABLE … yet, the American reality!! Dammit … “A man named Jacob Blake was trying to break up an argument between two women on Sunday. Someone had called the police, and when they arrived, Blake left the women to the police to sort out and headed back to his vehicle where his three young sons awaited patiently in the back seat. But, instead of breaking up the fight between the women, police zeroed in on Mr. Blake … and as he opened the door to his SUV and started to get in, they shot him in the back … seven times!!”

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  6. I’m waiting patiently for the orange moron to make an empathetic and thoughtful comment about this. Yeah, right!! Of course he won’t. He’s not capable. He’s not concerned. And, he’ll do nothing but continue to fan the flames of racism. Less than 70 days now Jill. I wish the damn election were tomorrow. It cannot come fast enough. Thank you for the rant. I feel your anger. Boy do I ever….

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  7. It beats me how anyone can stand up at the RNC and say without shame that the U.S. is not a racist country. Of course, most of them are Trumps or working for Trumps, and the money and/or fear is there. Follow the money. You can no doubt smell the fear. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • I don’t understand it, either, but Nikki Haley sure as hell sold her soul downriver! I once respected her, but after tonight … no chance! She is a lying sack of you-know-what. Why? Because she aspires to transition into the Oval Office in four years and she thinks that sucking up to Trump is the key! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


  8. You’re right about wondering whether or not to stay here. If those of us, who CAN actually escape, choose to leave, what will be left? A nightmare? A dead zone? After trump and his ilk kill everyone do you think they’ll kill each other, until no one is left but the idiot? We are currently living in a disaster area. Lawless, hateful, violent and deadly all which is fueled by the brain dead republican conservative and sociopathic republican party. If things don’t change in November, we are well and truly doomed and I can’t see anything but war ahead.

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    • You’re right … at least in theory. But, the reality is that most people cannot afford to leave the country, so they will stay. Hopefully, they will stay to fight for the eradication of fossil fuels, of racism, of unfettered capitalism. Will the divisiveness and hatred we are seeing come to war? I wish I could say no, but frankly I think it could very well happen, though not in my lifetime.


  9. My friends … our country is no longer one in which we can or should take pride.

    I can’t agree with that.

    What happened in Kenosha is nothing new. What is new, is that the public is finally noticing and reacting against the racism. And I see that as a welcome change.

    I came to USA (from Australia) as a graduate student — many years ago. And I was appalled by the overt racism in New Haven. But nobody else seemed to notice it. They saw everything as normal. So I guess overt racism was normal at that time. To me, fresh from Australia, it seemed grossly abnormal.

    And a foot note — yes, there was (and is) racism in Australia. But it is of a different form, due to a different history.

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    • It is true that every nation on the globe has its own brand and share of racist ideology. I have a friend in Ghana who tells me that people are judged by the level of darkness of their skin. HOWEVER … I still believe that the U.S. has the worst, most blatant, most arrogant form of racism , at least in the industrialized western world. Sure, the UK, EU, Australia and New Zealand have some racist people, but … I think the U.S. takes the prize on this one.

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      • Infants under 2 months show a strong preference for same-as-parents. This biological preference does not mean ‘racism’ as today’s woke defines it but indicates that greater biological differences produce less comfort. For all those folk who presume ‘natural’ means ‘good’, this biological tendency should be a virtue on that basis alone.


          • It means we come biologically equipped and programmed to take greater notice of physical differences. It’s not ‘racist’ to do so. It’s not ideological to do so.

            Jill said , “every nation on the globe has its own brand and share of racist ideology.” Rubbish. That’s woke ideology talking, an ideological point of view unrelated to and unconcerned with understanding reality. She is mistaking biology for ideology in that noticing the difference and altering one’s behavior accordingly means ‘racist’ (like all those 1 and 2 month old ‘racist’ babies, apparently) when in fact we are biologically programmed to do exactly that. Racism to be racism requires prejudice or antagonism directed against individuals on the basis of their group membership. We see exactly this taking place often these days with the favorite target being white males – especially dead white males who have made some significant contribution – receiving a very great deal of antagonism and active discrimination for their membership to these groups. If one is concerned about racism, one should stand against it whenever and wherever it surfaces. Treating individuals on the basis of their individual differences to us and our level of physiological comfort to those differences does not a racist make.


            • Then why, tildeb, are some of us perfectly capable of NOT discriminating on the basis of race or skin colour? Racism is a learned trait, not an inherent one. Sure, children notice differences, but it’s only when society or family tells them that some people are inferior to others that they begin to act on them.


              • That’s my point: being anti-racist means NOT being antagonistic towards a group even if we feel some discomfort with those who appear different than we appear to ourselves. Yet that is EXACTLY what so many people are doing once they believe people are representative of groups that deserve different and antagonistic treatment. Actual skin pigmentation is irrelevant if the antagonistic action by an individual towards others fits the definition of racist behaviour. BLM, for example, is a RACIST organization in that its manifesto is unquestionably antagonistic towards whites on the basis of that racial group affiliation. Hiring processes and admission standards and quotas that uses race as a metric to slot people into groups to be treated differently and with antagonism is by definition racist. Supporting racist organizations and supporting antagonistic behaviour towards racial groups in the name of being anti-racist is incoherent and irrational.

                If we want to support anti-racism, then that makes sense only if we hold fast to the principle of not being racist, of doing what MLKing argued: treating others not by the colour of their skin but the quality of their character. This necessarily means not going along with the social justice idiocy of using race as a meaningful metric to defend discriminating on the basis of race and it means we have to stop believing that disparate differences in racial group results are evidence of systemic racial discrimination. That’s the ideology talking and it is racist to its core.


                • I totally and completely agree with this because it’s not the color of a person’s ski that means a damn thing, it should be the content of his or her character.

                  I personally think this whole notion of “social justice” is not just at all.

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                • I raise this point relative to your claim that ‘every nation has its own brand and share of racist ideology’. No, every nation does not. There are nations where racist ideology has been confronted where found in that nation’s laws and institutions and held to account, and successfully removed in law if demonstrated to be racist. That makes such nations anti-racist. Like the nation called the United States. It really has confronted racist ideology – and other discriminatory ideologies like sex, marriage equality, religion, and so on – in law and within its institutions and has been changing them for the last hundred years. It’s a hard process and takes time and effort to gain public support. So why is racism so difficult to address as a nation today?

                  That people within their populations continue to be antagonistic towards representatives of racial groups is a shared problem of many nations that, like the US, has been evolving away from systemic ideological discrimination for generations… which is why I’m pointing out that supporting the idea NOW that race is a useful metric in public policy and law – as is currently in vogue by people throughout the West believing themselves to be anti-racist by doing so – is the problem with this social justice ideology all the rage: it’s racist. It’s not the nation. It is many people inside that nation who cannot see that empowering race as a useful metric acts against this progress. This is why today’s popular Left wing social justice movement has been correctly described as regressive; it is a social justice move backwards, towards inserting racial discrimination back into law, back into public institutions, back into making a nation truly racist.


  10. Remember, Donald Trump and his entire Minion Brigade want nothing more than to divide and conquer this country. Any dissension works in the favor of a dark agenda and humans have become nothing but bickering, angry mouthpieces thanks to the attention given by social media, thrill seeking news reporting and the deep desire for instant notoriety. I find validity in all the comments here. Things are terrible and the dismantling of a society are rarely the result of one course of action. Without offense to police officers who have right intent and seek to serve and protect, I must add that in my 61 years I have met exactly three ‘protectors of the people’ who were not pompous asses with bad attitudes, obvious ego driven Motives and looking for a reason to point heir guns, not unlike many serving in the military. And this is NOtHING NEW. Corruption, collusion and payoffs have been a part of the political-law enforcement romance for hundreds of years. To affect any kind of real change, society must keep an objective view and be vigilant about every single act of unnecessary violence. The dark agenda loves for its adversaries to become a cliche group, another thing they can point their gnarled finer of judgment towards while swirling their lethal cocktails with the other hand. I have my own personal incident with ‘upstanding police’ involving my very white son years ago in which he was nearly shot and killed by home invaders looking for drugs but for which the police thought was humorous since ‘apparently’ it was just another drug deal gone bad. My son had been pistol whipped and spent a harrowing two hours trying to appease these hyped up maniacs by giving them everything he could think of that was of value. He saved all the lives of his friends living in that house. The police laughed.They did nothing. My son tracked down the thieves himself using his stolen credit card but when he gave the information to police they did nothing. NOTHING. Eventually it was reported the Perpetrator dIed in a drug altercation with other ‘real’ dealers/addicts. No one ever needs to talk to me about the ‘war on drugs’. That was Nancy Reagan’s ugly stepchild of a program which only served to introduce the face of hard drugs to children everywhere that might not otherwise ever have known they existed. Was this yet another terrible incidence of mueder by police? Yes. But make no mistake. When law enforcement work for a political agenda For whatever they feel their rewards might be, they don’t see any color but green.

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    • Connect the dots, starting with the government’s war on marijuana, the emergence of SWAT teams, the militarization of local police forces through the federal 1033 Program, which allows the Pentagon to transfer “vast amounts of military equipment—machine guns and ammunition, helicopters, night-vision gear, armored cars—to local police departments,” and the transformation of American communities into battlefields: as always, it comes back to the make work principle, which starts with local police finding ways to justify the use of military equipment and federal funding.


    • You are so right in most of what you say, my friend. It is Trump’s strategy to ‘divide and conquer’, and it is working because … how could it not? But, the bigger issue is … how do we stop it? It isn’t enough to say that everything has gone to hell in a handbasket and that this is becoming a third-world banana republic, but … if we care, then it is on us to do something to stop it, to … I don’t know, but we cannot simply sit back and bemoan … we must do something, whether that is march in protests, write letter after endless letter to the powers that be, or refuse to pay taxes to a corrupt government who is using our money for nefarious purposes. Sigh. I don’t have the answers, but I know we cannot give up … we must keep fighting the fight, else we have already lost. Hugs, my dear friend. ❤


    • I have a number of black friends who have felt that way for a very long time, now. One spent time in prison for the crime of being black, and nobody seemed to even care that he was not anywhere near the crime that took place. I had hoped the Black Lives Matter movement was finally being taken seriously, that we would finally begin to make changes, but … it all seems to have been lost in the shadow of the pandemic and this election year. Sigh.

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  11. #defundpolice #expat4ever
    US is becoming a war zone, no matter who the winner is on Nov 3rd. Check out Puerto Rico, you don’t need citizenship and the tax advantages are tremendous. You’ll luv the weather, ppl, beach!

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  12. This appears to be a case of unreasonable force. But is it a case of systemic racism by police? That’s the assumption that I am addressing here.

    Quick… name one unarmed white person shot by police. Name one police officer shot by a black person. Because I sincerely doubt you can – and why would you when these events do not garner the same widespread media coverage that a black person getting shot by a police officer gets – I also suspect the operating assumption is that these cases rarely happen and, if they do, few people assume racism was the motivating factor. Why so quick to assume it is a systemic problem but one that only operates in one racial direction? That’s not reasonable.

    From Heather MacDonald: “The persistent belief that we are living through an epidemic of racially biased police shootings is a creation of selective reporting. In 2015, the year the PNAS study addressed, the white victims of fatal police shootings included a 50-year-old suspect in a domestic assault in Tuscaloosa, Ala., who ran at the officer with a spoon; a 28-year-old driver in Des Moines, Iowa, who exited his car and walked quickly toward an officer after a car chase; and a 21-year-old suspect in a grocery-store robbery in Akron, Ohio, who had escaped on a bike and who did not remove his hand from his waistband when ordered to do so. Had any of these victims been black, the media and activists would probably have jumped on their stories and added their names to the roster of victims of police racism. Instead, because they are white, they are unknown.”

    Why does this matter? Because when – not if – police begin to avoid responding to criminal activity that involves blacks, then the already sky high violent crime rate of blacks involving other blacks, then guess who suffers the most? Yup, law abiding blacks in black neighbourhoods. That will be the INEVITABLE result of highlighting every case of bad policing through the racial lens of BLM. And we’ve already seen this happen in England regarding the creation of an international child sex ring run by men of Pakistani decent in full knowledge by all authorities including police at local, country and state levels who knew that any action by them in any way would be presented as motivated only by their racism. This is what is being accomplished now, by using deplorable encounters like this one as fodder, as fertile ground, for a racial narrative that is not true in fact. It is done to groom new believers to The Cause. And look how well it works!

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    • Well yes and no. Yes the neo-liberal oriented MSM does skew reporting, but that does not excuse the blatant hostility of systemic racism shown by law enforcement in this country. How many times in a day so cops racially profile black men? Who’s more likely to get pulled over and harassed for no reason? Are the number of caucasians getting murdered by cops on a daily basis the same as blacks? I don’t think so.
      We do have a really serious problem with police brutality and jim crow level racism in the states. Awareness and non stop protests are what is needed right now to highlight the real issues.
      The way I see it, you have 2 choices. One is to join the movement and fight, the war zone will expand everyday, soon coming to your neighborhood. BLM, Antifa and the radical left will suck you into the war, aided and abetted by the leftist media and politicians. Two, you can pack it up and leave to greener pastures where there’s no racism and hatred, where ppl are united and happy. From my personal experience, and I lived all over the world, Latin america, Caribbeans, Russia, China is much better for living. Of course no country or system of governance is perfect, but it’s better than living in a political war zone where civil war is on the brink. You’d be surprised how many American and European expats relocated over the past decade. The western world is burning, time to jump ship.

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  13. I hope Mr Jacob Blake survives this attack without being paraylsed and in a wheelchair,.If not, I hope those boys are properly compensated for the loss of a father. If the boys had a mother as part of the package at home then I hope she is awarded plenty for having to play twp roles until her children are grown.. The accumulated monies to date in the retirement fund should be subject to seizure and offset against any court award.Sooner or later it will be shown that Black Lives Matter and there will be a high price for ignoring that.

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    • Sadly, no amount of money will erase the memory, the terror, from those children’s minds. But you’re right … those officers should be fired, and let their pensions start a fund for the family of Jacob Blake! Then they should be tried and spend the next 20 years or so in prison. Sigh. I hate this world.

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        • these cops have gotten to be under control, because of their unnecessary use of force, a man’s life has been altered with a permanent disability that he may or may not get used to living with.

          The consequences of some unthinking authorities will forever affect him, his family, strangers who will likely have to care for him part of the time, and who knows who else?

          This is tragic to say the least and those cops, or at least the one who shot 7 times should be terminated from his job immediately, not be internally investigated by the force that will favor him, no administrative leave, no ability to be on any other police force, hell, he shouldn’t even be allowed to be a crossing guard.

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