♫ Just You ‘n’ Me ♫

I actually went in search of an entirely different song … Just You and I, which I later found out was done by Eddie Rabbitt and Crystal Gayle.  You will likely see that one pop up within the next few days, but along my journey, I came across this by Chicago, and thought perhaps it was the better choice for a Saturday Wednesday.  

This song was written by James Pankow for the group Chicago and recorded for their fifth studio album Chicago VI (1973). The lead vocals are sung by bassist Peter Cetera.

The second single released from that album, it was more successful than the first single, Feelin’ Stronger Every Day, reaching #4 in the U.S. and #3 in Canada.  

Walter Parazaider plays a soprano saxophone solo during the instrumental section while guitarist Terry Kath uses a wah-wah pedal and phase shifter on his guitar. Just You ‘n’ Me was written after a fight between Pankow and his future wife Karen.  Says Pankow …

“We had had a huge fight, it was a nasty lovers’ quarrel, if you will. She locked herself in the bathroom and wouldn’t come out…’Just You ‘n’ Me’ poured out of me in its entirety. Usually when I write songs I come up with an idea for a chorus or a hook and fill in the blanks in stages. This was a moment of clarity I’ve never experienced before or after. It remains a special event in my songwriting experience”.

This may not be my favourite Chicago tune, but then it would be hard to pick just one fave!  And I do love the brass on this!

Just You And Me

You are my love in my life
And you are my inspiration
Just you and me
Simple and free
Baby you’re everything I’ve ever dreamed of
Yeah, yeah

Give me your own special smile
Promise you’ll never leave me
Just you and me
Simple and free

Life is so easy
When you’re beside me
Oh girl

Come hold me close
Never release me
Oh, baby don’t release me
Open your arms, let my love in
Let me in, let me in, let me in
Love me tonight, love me forever
And ever
You know I can’t forget you

Just you and me to carry on
Simple and free my lovely
To flow as one as love’s reward
Lovin’ you girl is so damn easy

Yeah, yeah
You are my love in my life
You are my inspiration
Just you ‘n me
Simple and free
Baby you’re everything I’ve ever dreamed of, yeah yeah

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: James Pankow
Just You And Me lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Spirit Music Group, BMG Rights Management

13 thoughts on “♫ Just You ‘n’ Me ♫

  1. Jill, we do love Chicago here. We saw them late in their career in the rain. Fortunately, the rain stopped after a brief intermission. Cetera had left, but his replacement sounded fine. They had a unique sound, with their brass, various drums and guitars.

    This is a great song. My favorites are 25 or 6 to 4 and Dialogue. Thanks for the memory. Keith

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    • My pleasure, Keith! Glad to have brought back fun memories, albeit rather soggy ones! I love Cetera, but love Chicago with or without him. I’ve played the first of your faves before, but haven’t played “Dialogue”, and in fact, it’s not ringing any bells. I will look at it tomorrow!


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