Good People Doing Good Things — Food!

Today’s good people all have to do with … food!  And the act of providing it to those in need.  This wasn’t intentional, but quite coincidental, and it wasn’t until I had written the last story and started my first round of proofreading that I realized the common theme!

A change in plans …

Melanie and Tyler Tapajna paid well in advance for their August wedding, securing a romantic lodge, a Disc Jockey, and a food truck caterer to serve dinner to about 150 family members and friends.  They planned well ahead … but there was one thing they didn’t foresee when they planned this wedding late last year:  a pandemic.

By early July, when they received a letter saying that the venue they had chosen for their wedding would not be open for business, due to the pandemic, the couple was left with a quandary.  They could try to find another venue for their August 15th ceremony, or they could keep it simple, a very private ceremony.  And that is what they did … they had a private ceremony outdoors at Melanie’s grandparents’ house, and their dog Redman filling in as best man. newlyweds-dogBut … what to do with all the food they had already paid for?  Well, these two young people have hearts of gold.   Together, they decided to donate all the food to Laura’s Home — a Cleveland shelter for single women and mothers with children — and arranged to have their caterer deliver a meal worth about $2,000 to 135 people.  But the couple wanted to be more ‘hands on’, wanted to actually help serve the food, too!  So, after their “I do’s” had been spoken, they spent the rest of their wedding day, still in their wedding attire, serving up fried chicken, mac ‘n’ cheese, green beans, potato salad and chocolate cupcakes to all of the residents.newlyweds-dinnerBut it doesn’t stop there.  After the dinner, the Tapajnas didn’t go on a honeymoon, but they’ve already made plans for their first anniversary.  According to Tyler …

“We’re going to give a donation to a charity every year to celebrate our wedding day. We didn’t do what we did for publicity, but we’re now hoping it inspires others to do the same.”

What an awesome way to begin their marriage, don’t you think?


And speaking of providing food for those in need … BATMAN is alive and well in Santiago, Chile, and is helping to feed the homeless!  Yep, you heard me right … and I’ve even got pictures to prove it! Batman-1Well, turns out it isn’t the real Batman, but rather a man who is doing his good deed in the best way possible … anonymously!  He chooses not to reveal his identity, but as Batman, he goes through the streets of Santiago delivering food to the homeless, providing sustenance and light-hearted solace to those in need following months of lockdown in the Chilean capital.

FILE PHOTO: Outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Santiago

The man, who wears a shiny batman suit complete with a coronavirus-ready sanitary facemask, delivers a few dozen plates of hot food to homeless people throughout the South American capital on a regular basis.

“Look around you, see if you can dedicate a little time, a little food, a little shelter, a word sometimes of encouragement to those who need it.”

In the aftermath of the storm …

Nearly two weeks ago, we got the tail end of the derecho storm … serious wind, hail, lightning, and torrential rain … but only for about an hour, and frankly our flowers were grateful for the dousing.  But, in other places, the storm literally battered neighborhoods.  In some areas of Iowa, for example, the storm didn’t let up for over twelve hours!

With electricity out, and thousands of homes, schools and businesses damaged, recovery begins.  Willie Fairley is the owner of Willie Ray’s Q Shack in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and he took it upon himself to do what he could to make sure his neighbors had at least one hot meal a day … at no cost!  willie-truckSays Willie …

“It’s terrible right now. You got a lot of people still without power. We’re just trying to do what we can as a company to make sure we did our part. Because if it was me home with nothing. I would want someone to at least be able to provide something for me.”

willie-shackNearly two weeks later, Willie Ray’s Q Shack is still handing out some 600 meals daily, but the community has stepped up to the plate to show their appreciation!  A group that was inspired by his work is selling t-shirts to raise money for the restaurant and the Iowa Giving Crew. They also presented Fairley with a banner signed by people he’s helped over the last couple of weeks.

“People are stopping and giving little donations, and you know we’re gonna keep giving out food, probably for the next couple months more than likely. We’re just gonna keep taking care of people, doing whatever we can.”

So far, organizers have sold hundreds of shirts and $3,500 dollars.


I think that the thing I like best about these smaller acts of ‘goodness’ are that it shows us … we don’t have to be a millionaire to be a good people, but each of us has it in our power to help someone in small, yet important ways.

31 thoughts on “Good People Doing Good Things — Food!

    • Well, it might take a bit more than just good people’s dedication to rid the world of the pandemic, but hopefully it will be gone … soon … in our lifetime. Meanwhile, it’s so great to have people willing to step up to the plate and be helpers!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all this goodness! I like the dog as best man. And I love your Batman video! Reading your comments about this generous and anonymous Batman, it occurred to me that he is more real as a hero than the fictional Batmen. I forget sometimes that fictional characters are …. fictional. Real people do good stuff!

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  2. Thanks for the good news Jill. I have friend whose family really stepped up during the pandemic shutdown offering free meals out if their Italian restaurant. Truly a little kindness goes such a long way.

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    • You’re so right … a little goes a long way and will be long remembered. What I like best is that it’s contagious … one good deed often leads to another and another.


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  4. Namaste, Miss Jill! Guess what? This week is a special week! Do you know why? On Gem’s calendar it says this week is “Be Kind to Humankind Week”. Gem will tell you about it cause it’s too many words to spell and type. You found some really good humankind. That’s a big word that means people. The dog at the wedding is so cute! I love this Batman and his video, he is an awesome hero! I’m glad the good people remembered to put on their masks to give out the food. Guess what else? Tomorrow we are baking cookies to share with humankind. WNBHAK! Thank you and Bye!

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    • I nearly missed this “special week”! It was hidden beneath last week’s page on my refrigerator calendar and was only removed by Benjamin after his return this morning. The August 25th – 31st “Be Kind to Humankind Week” was initiated in 1988 by Lorraine Jara, who was then living in Toms River, New Jersey. A tragic story that she had read in the newspaper prompted the founding of the week. This is the 32nd year and should you be interested you can read about it in detail at Good people are always needed everywhere! Thank-you!

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    • Namaste, Benjamin!!! No, I did NOT know it was “Be Kind to Humankind Week”! I will see if I can incorporate that into one of my posts before the week is over! And do you know what today is? National Dog Day! I don’t have a dog anymore, just cats, but I used to and I really do love dogs! I’m glad you liked the Batman in Santiago! Oooohhhh … cookies? What kind? Chocolate chip … or perhaps peanut butter? I’m sure humankind will all love your cookies! WNBHAK!!! 💖


  5. Jill, Melanie and Tyler made a lot of lemonade with the lemons. I love the best “creature” part, but donating the food is just a class act. And, skipping over to Willie Ray’s Q shack is a great story as well. Nothing like good Q to make you feel better in hard times. Keith

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    • Indeed they did make a lot of lemonade! I think they’ll have a good marriage, for both have big hearts. And Willie … well, he’s obviously just a great guy! So easy to find these ‘good people’!


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