The Violence Must Stop

Our friend Jeff has written a thoughtful post about the violence happening in Kenosha (and other places) Violence that is largely a result of Donald Trump pouring fuel on a smoldering fire. There is so much anger in this nation, that I don’t know how we stop the violence, but it plays right into Trump’s rhetoric, and if it isn’t stopped, it may be the thing that turns the upcoming election in Trump’s favour. Thank you, Jeff!

On The Fence Voters

I’m fearful of November 3, 2020. The polls are starting to tighten, as expected. And they’re going to tighten even more. While things still look good for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, what’s unfolding on America’s streets as we speak, cannot continue.

Folks, it’s playing right into the current president’s playbook. He has no desire to bring this country together. The violence over the past 48 hours in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after another senseless shooting of an unarmed black man, threatens to hand this election again to the most dangerous president in American history. We cannot let that happen.

The violence has to stop. And while I wish I had a bigger platform to shout from, I’m going to say it as loud as I can. The looting, arson, assaults, and overall anarchy and mayhem are playing across American television screens and social media 24/7. And the current president is exploiting…

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15 thoughts on “The Violence Must Stop

  1. How could anyone disagree that the violence must stop? Sadly, it is clear that it is not going to just go away. So, the question remains…HOW is it going to be stopped?? I wish that I had the answer, I wish that someone had an answer. Thank-you!

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    • Like you, I don’t know how it will be stopped, for there is so much justifiable rage right now that it’s going to be difficult. Like you, I have no answers, but I strongly suspect Trump will use this all to his advantage. I think it would please his base for him to impose martial law in places where the violence gets out of hand. Sigh.


    • Rioting and violence will stop when real police reform gets enacted. Mandatory retraining of ALL officers to stop killing and abusing citizens they supposedly serve. Body cams turned ON at all times to hold officers accountable for their actions. Officers must not be above the law, if they commit a crime then they must pay the same price as everyone else – no exceptions!
      Weed out all the bad apples from the force, also stop militarizing local police, their job is to serve and protect, not invade and conquer!
      This is a start, i’m sure many more reforms should be implemented or this country will burn to the ground.

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