The Week’s Best Cartoons 8/29

As always on Saturday, our friend TokyoSand has picked the cream of the crop in this week’s political cartoons. She also shares a story of one of those cartoons that appalls me and I think it will you, too. Thank you, TS, for all your work on this. By the way … I did go follow Luckovich on Twitter and re-tweeted this important cartoon!


ByMike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

As a lifelong admirer of editorial cartoonists, I love looking for the cartoons that grab my attention throughout the week and compiling my favorites for all of you. This week, the cartoonists were primarily focused on the GOP convention and the ongoing fallout from the police violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

In a slight departure from what I normally do on Saturdays, which is to let the cartoons speak for themselves, I do want to point out that I picked Mike Luckovich’s “Active Shooter Drill” cartoon as the header for a very specific reason. That story is at the end of today’s roundup.

GOP Convention

ByMatt Davies, Newsday

ByClay Jones

By David Fitzsimmons, The Arizona Daily Star

ByAnn Telnaes, Washington Post

ByPat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

ByMichael de Adder

ByMatt Wuerker, Politico


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19 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons 8/29

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    • Oh yes, I heard. I wrote a bit ago that their only platform seems to be ‘anti-abortion’, but even that wavers depending on who they are talking to. Trump thinks he doesn’t need a platform for his … cough … charisma … cough … choke … is all he needs.

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  2. Jill, good toons. David Brooks said it well last night on PBS Newshour. He observed Trump is positioning himself as the insurgent, not the incumbent. Trump is saying hire me again to solve these problems, but as Joe Biden said these things are happening on your watch, Mr. president. Keith

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    • Heck, he created or at the very least exacerbated most all of the problems! If he couldn’t ‘fix’ them in the first four years, there is no reason to think he could in the second four years. In fact, he would almost certainly make them worse, for it seems his goal to completely divide the people of this nation.


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