Snarky Snippets Waiting For The Asteroid

A few days ago, I read that there is a slight possibility … about .04% … that an asteroid could hit planet earth before election day.  My first thought was to cross my fingers that it lands squarely on the head of Donald Trump.  My fingers are still crossed.asteroid-trump

Meanwhile, I shall open the vent and let off some steam in the form of snarky snippets …

Penalizing the Free Press???

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Fahrenthold is under fire by the Trump administration.  Why?  Because of his report in The Washington Post on Thursday exposing the way in which Trump’s company has been gaining financial benefit from the Secret Service when he travels to his own properties.

“Federal spending records show that taxpayers have paid Trump’s businesses more than $900,000 since he took office. At least $570,000 came as a result of the president’s travel …

Trump Organization charged the Secret Service — a kind of captive customer, required to follow Trump everywhere. In addition to the rentals at Mar-a-Lago, the documents show that the Trump Organization charged daily “resort fees” to Secret Service agents guarding Vice President Pence in Las Vegas and in another instance asked agents to pay a $1,300 “furniture removal charge” during a presidential visit to a Trump resort in Scotland.”

Apparently, Trump & Co took umbrage, though Mr. Fahrenthold has the facts to back up every statement in his story.  Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere issued a ‘statement’ …

“The Washington Post is blatantly interfering with the business relationships of the Trump Organization, and it must stop. Please be advised that we are building up a very large ‘dossier’ on the many false David Fahrenthold and others stories as they are a disgrace to journalism and the American people.”

Say WHAT???  Mr. Deere has a B.A. in Political Science and History from Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas, but apparently he never managed to take a course in Constitutional Law, else he might have a better understanding of the First Amendment as it relates to freedom of the press!

No doubt such a dossier would go back to Fahrenthold’s best-known article, the one that exposed Trump describing how he felt stardom gave him permission to assault women on the Access Hollywood videotape.

Fahrenthold responded to Deere’s threats …

“If you think the Washington Post got something wrong in a story, we want to know about it. Doesn’t have to be in dossier form, and you don’t have to be the president. We listen to everybody.”

Trump & Co need to tread very cautiously here, for their own house is riddled with vermin, the latest being multiple violations of the Hatch Act in their campaign rally known as the Trump Circus earlier this week.  We the People will not tolerate our free press being infringed upon!  We the People have every right to know where our hard-earned tax dollars are being spent, and I for one salute Mr. Fahrenthold for uncovering the fact that Trump’s businesses are benefitting from his travel.  This is a blatant ethics violation and should be public knowledge.  It only makes me wonder how many other abuses of our money are being hidden from us.

Speaking of that Hatch Act …

Doesn’t it seem to you that the “president”, the person who is tasked with ensuring the laws of the land are enforced, should … obey the laws?  Well, we all heard Attorney General Bill the Boob Barr say that Trump is ‘above the law’, but that immunity does not extend to his family and members of his administration!  There were numerous violations of the law known as the Hatch Act this past week, and this wasn’t the first time, but what made it worse this time was the blatant, in-your-face violations by more than a few people in the Trump administration, including his daughter, Ivanka.

The Hatch Act prohibits civil service employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president and vice president, from engaging in some forms of political activity.  Any way you cut it, the Republican National Convention is political activity.  And yet … Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared from Jerusalem, where he was on official state business, to make a campaign speech with the Old City as backdrop. Melania Trump delivered a speech from the White House Rose Garden. And acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf performed a naturalization ceremony on television as Trump looked on.

Ethics officials warned that using the White House (which, technically, belongs to We the People) as a backdrop for campaign speeches could constitute a violation of the Hatch Act, but their concerns were ignored.  And White House chief of staff Mark Meadows proved his complete disrespect for all of us when he said …

“Nobody outside of the Beltway really cares.”

Oh yes, Mr. Meadows … I REALLY CARE!  This was reminiscent of when Donald Trump first refused to make public his tax returns, saying that nobody would understand them.  BULLSHIT!  I would understand his tax returns (far better than he does, no doubt), and I DO care about the people in this administration using the power of their positions for political gain!  If we cannot trust them to follow one law, then in my opinion, we cannot trust them to obey any law.  Which makes them lawless.

Heads will roll …

The U.S. now has 187,000 deaths that we are aware of as a result of the coronavirus.  So far, Trump has pushed his uneducated theories that ingesting household disinfectants could be a cure, and has claimed that an anti-malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, is also a cure.  Neither are true, both can be lethal, but this is what happens when you let an idiot dictate to the scientific community.  His latest promotion is for another treatment, blood plasma treatment.  This, too, is unproven as a cure for the coronavirus and may well have negative effects.

However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can no longer be trusted and has gone along with Trump’s touting of the blood plasma treatment, authorizing its use without further testing and against the warnings of the medical community.  FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn initially said that 35% of people could be saved by this unproven treatment.

Mr. Wayne Pines served 10 years in senior positions at the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He was FDA’s chief of consumer education and information, chief of press relations and associate commissioner for public affairs. He was the chief media spokesman for the FDA for seven years and also was the founding editor of FDA Consumer magazine.  Mr. Pines was fired last week.  Why?  Because he recommended that Hahn reverse his misleading claim on blood plasma.  Such is life in the Trump administration … you either go along, or you go out the door!

Hahn later admitted that he had “oversold” the treatment and it was more likely that only 3-5% of people might … might be helped by blood plasma treatment.  Another FDA staffer, Emily Miller, was also fired this week, after only 11 days in her job as Assistant Commissioner for Media Affairs, although I’m unclear of the reason, for she was playing along nicely with Mr. Hahn’s myth.  Perhaps she was the ‘sacrificial lamb’.

A double whammy …

The poor people of Louisiana … first they are hit with Hurricane Laura, and then in a double whammy, they are hit with Hurricane Donnie.  Donnie went to Louisiana and Texas to “survey storm damage and receive briefings on emergency operations and ongoing relief efforts”.  His appearance helps nobody and accomplishes nothing, but is yet another photo op.  Ask yourself, if he weren’t campaigning, fighting to retain his title, would he have bothered?  I think not, and I can only wonder if he took a case of paper towels to throw at people as he did when he toured Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in 2017.  Ask yourself this:  how much did this photo op cost U.S. taxpayers?  I wouldn’t begrudge any amount of money to actually provide help to the victims of the storm, but I absolutely do not wish to fund Trump’s pointless trip.

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  1. I enjoy ur snarks for what it’s worth, b/c there’s an underlying truth to them. Plus ur heart’s in the right place, u want things to get better like we all do. Sadly i don’t think ANY president has the power and will to overcome the special interests so entrenched within our political system. Our so called Democracy has been systematically corrupted for a very long time. You will be much happier in another country… seriously! ❤


  2. if I said “I wish that the asteroid were to drop on the house of Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton, would you think that I was a horrible person who wanted death to come to people with whom I do not agree politically? If the answer is yes, you are once again demonstrating your hipocrasy. And if your argument would be that this isn’t merely a difference in political opinion but more related to actions of said opponents, may I remind you that Obama also put children in cages, bombed civilians overseas and toppled a dictatorship in libia which made room for something much worse to happen over in the middle east.
    trump is an idiot but my point is that every president, every single one creates policies that are damaging to someone or a group of people and biden will be no different in that regard.
    think about that for a moment if you can escape your constant anger to be reasonable and logical to use the brain that God gave you to consider something outside of the constant ranting information you feed yourself from the new york times, the washington post and Cnn, the only three trusted empires of information in the world.

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    • if I said “I wish that the asteroid were to drop on the house of Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton, would you think that I was a horrible person who wanted death to come to people with whom I do not agree politically?

      If you said that, I would take it as a bit of over-the-top rhetoric which did not reflect any real intentions, though it might indicate some frustration.

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    • Scott … Trump is not just another president with whom I may agree or disagree, not just another who sometimes fails to do the right thing. Donald Trump is the personification of evil, and that is not hyperbole, it is fact. He exudes evil and it contaminates all those around him. He has not only created policies that are “damaging”, but has been responsible for more deaths than I can even count. He has done irreparable harm to race relations, has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths by his bungling of the pandemic, and has set aside the needs of the people of this nation in order to sate his own self-interest. So yes, if it were in my power to ensure an asteroid or other flying object hit him and took his life, I would not hesitate. This is the first time in my life that I have wished death on another human being. No, Scott, I cannot escape my constant anger, for he refuels it every day. The only advice I have for you is if you are so thoroughly disgusted with me and my rantings, stop reading my blog. And for the record, I read more than 25 different publications each day, all reputable. No, I don’t read the tabloids or the right-wing publications, don’t watch Fox News or OANN. You don’t have to like what I write, but DO NOT question my integrity or research, for I spend over 12 hours every day reading and researching!

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    • Hi Scott,
      aThe following is merely my opinion.

      jill and Neil spoke to the physical, and mental sides of this discussion, so I would like to try to appoach this from the spiritual but non-religious side. Life is about living together, acting together, to benefit all living beings. There is nothing Trump does to make this world a better place to be. There are no positives by which he can be granted leniency. Donald J. Trump’s only true interest is Donald J. Trump, Esq. Oh, he has others he pretends to care about, but that is just false concern. Melania, Barron, Ivanka, Donald Jr, Eric, and Tiffany, their only worth to him is as worshippers to his godhood, One never hears about his 10 grandbrats. He also pretends to care about other Republican rich white men–as long as they are useful to him, such as Mike Pence, and Mitch McConnell, but really they and his conservative base, and his Evangelical base are meaningless, except as far as he believes they have his continued presidency in their hands, and ballots. But to defend him with superiority in your tone only declares you inferior, though to what I do not know. Superiority, bigotry, and racism are not words I want to think when I read your comments to Jill, Scott, but of late they are fast creeping into the spirit I think you are becoming. You make very beautiful music, sir. I once thought it took a kindly spiritual kind of person to make that kind of music, but I am no longer so sure. I am hearing hatred in your voice. It grates on my ears.

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  3. Because of his report in The Washington Post on Thursday exposing the way in which Trump’s company has been gaining financial benefit from the Secret Service when he travels to his own properties.

    It was already obvious during the 2016 election campaign, that Trump was benefiting himself this way.

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  4. As a native of Louisiana, I can say my home state has suffered numerous times to the blind eye and deaf ears of most political administrations. Nothing was as blatantly ignorant as the flood of August, 2016, when unexpected extended rain along with rising water levels in rivers caused catastrophic flooding throughout all parts of the state. Places that never flooded before were washed away, including my Father’s home and two vehicles. They were without a home for over six months and the mental stress caused permanent damage to his mind. He turned 80 years old only weeks later. You saw almost no reports of this on national TV. Of course Trump used the moment for a photo op bringing down one truckload of supplies. He is a billionaire and applauds himself for one truckload of supplies. I hate him because he causes me to feel hatred towards any other human…

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    • Yes, I remember that well, and wrote on the topic back then. Nothing will change with Trump, for he is a ‘man’ without conscience, without humanity. He will always put himself first and will never understand what he did wrong, why we all despise him. I’m hesitant to ask, but I do care … how is your dad now? Is he doing any better, and did your parents get a new home? Hugs, my friend.


      • They did and partially recovered but in the past few months near tragedy struck when his dementia escalated and my step mother hid it from us, instead allowing them both to become reclusive, her fear of germs making her take in little to no food so they were basically starving to the point of near death for him and a near breakdown for her. If I hadn’t figured it out and gotten with her children to force an intervention, he would be gone. As it is, he has been slowly recovering physically but will likely never leave nursing facility care. Only five months ago he could still mow his own grass. Now He manages to walk 200 steps on a walker. This year is still on the decline for us. 😔

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  5. Congratulations on getting unloaded from Friday and being back ready on the front llne snicket bombs at the rerady,
    Trumps money from using the secret service as an income source has been on the cards over all this admin period, I hope it leads to something thid time,

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    • Sigh … I would like just once to wake up and not already have snicket bombs in my head. The snark just rolls off my fingertips these days and I’m powerless to stop it. I struggle when I must set it aside to do a “Jolly Monday” or “Good People” post.
      No, it’s nothing new and most of us have been aware of it from day #1, but this time it was published as a result of an investigation, with facts, figures and dates to back it up. It seems to have gotten under Trump’s skin enough this time to treat the author as an “enemy of the state”, so to speak, by starting a “dossier” on him. Like you, I hope it leads somewhere this time. Sigh.


  6. I am in Louisiana and when I heard Donald was coming to Louisiana my first thought was, “Don’t we have enough trouble without that mess coming here?” There is nothing about Trump that doesn’t repulse me.

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  7. Jill, thanks. There is a reason David Fahrenthold won a Pulitzer Prize on his reporting. I read a lot of his stuff before the election and, if more people had, they would not have voted for Trump. He is thorough and he can back up his work. Is Trump gaming the tax payers for his own benefit? Based on his history, the answer is a very believable yes.

    Remember, his Foundation was basically a savings account for Trump expenditures and a court not only ordered it disbanded, Trump had to pay it back and no one named Trump could be on the Board to oversee payouts. Keith

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    • PS – Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has spent a career railing against government spending as a leader of the Freedom Caucus. Now, his boss’ misuse of government money for his own benefit is “only a problem inside the beltway.” Really?


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      • Indeed, I find it so odd that the Republican Party as a whole has turned a blind eye to the very things they have railed against for decades. What hold does Trump have over them? Why, if Obama had tried to do even 1% of the things Trump has done, they’d have impeached him so quick our heads would have spun. And the thing is that 95% of the people in this country probably don’t care about Hatch Act violations, for they are faced with the struggle to survive and don’t really even understand the Hatch Act or ethics violations, so in that sense, Meadows may be right … sadly.


    • You are right … he is the best of the best and always has the facts to back up what he writes. I have read some of his work, but not on any regular basis. I shall start doing so now, though! Oh yes, I well remember his fraudulent “Foundation” … a scam if ever there was one. And his “University” that was another scam. And the list is nearly endless …


      • Jill, the Trump University fraud led to a $25 million settlement. I saw earlier he brought former AG of Florida into his administration. She took Florida out of a class action suit against Trump U. Keith

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  8. If a very small asteroid and it would have to be a very small one (like titchy), to avoid great loss of life struck Trump you can be the right-wing of the wacky-doddle Konspiracy community would blame Democrats and Socialists for engineering it.

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  9. 6) No quote, just a quip. I could have sworn I heard on Today’s News Tonight Show that Covid-19 testing is now being offered to everyone who has a reason to be tested, but no one else–even if they want one for personal reasons, like mental health issues. Why? Because masks are proving to be ineffective, and social distancing barely needs to be 12 inches. Trump finally found a patsy at the CDC to swear such precautions are useless.
    Joe Biden help the USA.
    Enough for tonight, lullol.

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  10. 5) This was reminiscent of when Donald Trump first refused to make public his tax returns, saying that nobody would understand them.
    No one on earth can translate, and/or understand Martian characters or numerals.

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  11. 4) “Nobody outside of the Beltway really cares.”
    Please realize, this is not just a throw-away statement to be stoopidly funny, but is really a direct command to Trump’s followers to not care about any
    anything anyone says on the beltway about the present orange fathead.


  12. 3) It only makes me wonder how many other abuses of our money are being hidden from us.
    I’ve heard it said that if Trump sends out for Big Macs, Crispy KFC chicken pieces, Triple Whoppers, greasy fries etc., he makes SS officers pay for their own meals. (I don’t know if that is true, but it is of no consequence.) The major question is, who is paying for his take-out? If memory serves me correctly, the White House employs a fulltime chef who must be paid a daily fortune to be on call, like an ER doctor, but doctors must earn their salaries, the chef just needs to be there in case Donnie’s Junk Truck decides to come home for an occasional meal with Barron, and possibly Melania. Or maybe someone like Stormy Daniels, who caters to his other whims!

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  13. QUOTES and quips, in which I quote bits of your post, or quotes you quoted within your post, and then get to make quips on them.

    1)“Federal spending records show that taxpayers have paid Trump’s businesses more than $900,000 since he took office. At least $570,000 came as a result of the president’s travel …
    You sound, Jill, like this is a surprise to you. But have you not written yourself in the past of the costs of forcing Secret SerVice (funny how one does not note the word vice in service until Trump is involved!) for golf cats to keep the Orange Greensman protected on Trump-owned business property, and so on. How many golfcarts does it take to protect a sick president to indulge his golf addiction? None. Let the SS agents get exercising their legs while Trumpelstiltskin inches closer to that massive heart attack he is courting. He is endangering the lives of his SS officers through inaction. And, just by-the-bye, is Farhenthold counting the salaries of these erstwhile guards? That money might not be going directly to Trump, but you can bet a goodly amount is indirectly. Anyway, this is discussed in Canada all the time. We don’t know what Trudeau charges We the Taxpayers for extras but I doubt (and hope) itmis nowtere close to $250,000 a year.

    2) “The Washington Post is blatantly interfering with the business relationships of the Trump Organization, and it must stop. Please be advised that we are building up a very large ‘dossier’ on the many false David Fahrenthold and others [sic] stories as they are a disgrace to journalism and the American people.”
    At the very least this sounds like a published threat to me, but really I believe it to be outright bribery/blackmail. If you don’t let us get away with theft of public funds, we are doing to do a nasty to you in return!

    Dear Jill, I never expected to have my Quotes and quips grab this much space, so for your readers I will stop here, and put only 1 Q&q per reply. However, I don’t know how many more there are to come… in this post alone. Tata fow now.

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    • I have long thought so … he is truly a man without a conscience, without the ability to feel empathy for ANY, even his own family, and without the ability to care for any but himself. He truly believes that he is the only person of any importance in the entire world. He is a very dangerous “man”, and I use the term loosely. Sigh. 🙋‍♀️


        • Indeed … I read the book the week it came out, and it was certainly enlightening, though nothing read surprised me really. Her premise, though, is that Trump’s fatal character flaws are a result of his upbringing, and I’m sure that contributed, but I believe that he was born missing some key components of humanity. Some people are, like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and others. I see Trump as being without whatever part of the brain controls conscience and compassion. He was cruel even as a child, trying to push another kid at school out of a 2nd story window in a dispute over a toy. There’s just something innately evil in Trump, and his family exploited it … and now we are paying the price. Please not for another four years, though! We cannot survive that!

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          • Sigh, I agree. I also belief that there is a point in everybody’s life when we decide consciously or not which way we want to go: to be creative and support our fellow humans or if we want to be power greedy and only think about ourselves. To me it’s not logic otherwise why some people growing up in the same circumstances become those who support others and others become the opposite. We don’t always know when this moment happened but I strongly believe we all have that moment. There is a reason why humans are supposed to have free will 🙋‍♀️🐝

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            • I fully agree. As adults, we have a responsibility to rise above our abusive childhoods, to think for ourselves, and decide what kind of person we want to be. Trump has had ample time, and it’s obvious he decided long ago to be a cruel, nasty person. I pity his children, but unfortunately they have mostly turned out just like him.


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