Jolly Monday Rides Again!

Good Monday morning, my friends, and welcome!  Joyful has gone to visit her grandmother again, and Jolly is not allowed in the kitchen by himself, which left little ol’ me to do all the cooking.  And so, you may not find as much of a selection as usual, but Joyful will be back next week, so you can make do for this week.  Larry, David, Emily and Larry … you’ll have to share a plate of bacon today, for one is all I have managed!  How was your weekend?  Mine?  Don’t ask.  But, a new week lies ahead, and for folks here in the U.S., it will culminate with a three-day weekend (Labour Day), so it gives you something to look forward to, yes?  So, help yourselves to a snack and let’s try to start this week out with a smile, or maybe even a chuckle. 

Now, I have never been a fan of thoroughbred animals.  Personally, give me an ol’ mutt any day over a purebred poodle or whatever.  I’ve never even considered paying for a purebred pet … but I know that many people place some value on breeding … both of animals and people.  Sigh.

Anyway, Double Diamond is a sheep.  He’s been bred to perfection, apparently, though I’m for sure no expert on sheep.  But, I have to question the sanity of the person who bid and paid nearly a half-million dollars for ol’ DD!!!dd-1Well, I have to admit that ol’ Double Diamond has … um … shall we say … one certain attribute!  Hung well, DD!

Now, my first thought when I heard he had been auctioned off for some £368,000, or approximately $491,390.40, was … how much are they gonna have to charge for each lamb chop???  How many lamb chops even come in a sheep?  But then I came to understand that DD was not purchased to butcher and sell the meat, but rather for breeding purposes, and … it still didn’t make a lot of sense, but then, I’m not a breeder.  (I still think it’s stupid to pay that much for a single animal, though.)

Well, Jeff Aiken and two other breeders were the winning bidders, so I hope they get many years of cute baby lambkins out of ol’ Double Diamond, and I hope that DD has a great time in the process, as I imagine he will!

A hair-raising tale …

Now, I’ve never really warmed to the Mohawk hairstyle for men, but after a couple of friends went with a Mohawk, I decided it wasn’t really all that bad.  But this …

A Minnesota man broke a Guinness World Record when his hair was styled into a Mohawk that measures 42.5 inches high.  Joseph Grisamore said he initially attempted to break the Guinness record for the world’s tallest Mohawk in 2007, but his hair fell short of the needed height.  Grisamore’s attempt for the 2021 Guinness Book of World Records took place at Family Hair Affair in Park Rapids, where stylist Kay Jettman spent hours working on his hair with help from wife Laura and mother Kay.

The stylists said it took a half can of Got2B Glued Blasting Hair Spray to make Grisamore’s hair remain vertical.  Take a look at the results …

I think it’s time to hop over to Phil’s Phun … for some ‘toons and memes … don’t you?









Folks, I’m sorry today’s Jolly Monday is a bit short, but it’s a bit hard to see what I’m doing from down here in the rabbit hole, so let me just finish with a cute animal video featuring one of my favourite critters — koalas!!!

I hope you all have a great week ahead and that the holiday weekend will bring you some much-needed joy!  Please remember to share your smiles … I could even use one if you have a spare.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and Joyful!

44 thoughts on “Jolly Monday Rides Again!

  1. Jill, I’m sending a bagful of smiles and a bunch of hugs your way…..oh, I forgot….the USPS could be delayed. Well, maybe airmail? or pony express? Oh, what the hell. Consider them sealed and sent with a kiss.


    • Oh Larry … you can never know how very much those smiles and hugs were appreciated today, for it has been a horrible day otherwise! Thank you so much!!! They arrived promptly, despite the USPS inefficiencies! I think it must’ve been that sealing kiss that did it! And here I thought you’d be upset that there was only one plate of bacon!

      But seriously, thank you, my friend. I really did need that today. Big hugs back to you! 🤗

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  2. Jill, from “Tequila Mockingbird” to unknown masked cursers of the boss to very tall Mohawks. You covered several bases. For Mohawk man, does he avoid elevators or get on his knees and crawl in? Keith

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    • Forget elevators, Keith, think about him trying to get into an Austin Mini, or a hardtop Vette, or a Sting Ray?
      I crrtainly would not want to be hid bedpartner. Worst of all, once the glue is gone, I guess that’s what one might call a true true mane!

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    • I do tend to bounce from ‘pillar to post’ in these Jolly Monday posts, don’t I? The Mohawk was jaw-dropping, though! We have a guy here in da hood who wears a Mohawk that is … oh, probably 10 inches high, and I thought that was amazing! No clue how he handles elevators! Or doorways. Hope you had a few chuckles here!


  3. Namaste, Miss Jill! I have a question. If Joyful is at her Grammy’s house, how did she get on the bottom of the page with Jolly? I’m happy that she is back and Jolly is happy too! I really love the smiley face donuts! The sheep looks weird and the hair video is funny. Gem explained some of the cartoons to me, I still don’t understand some of them but I like the pictures anyway. I remember the one with all the spotty puppies. I love the koala video. The butterfly and the koala are so cute together. This is a good Jolly Monday. WNBHAK for Jolly, Joyful and you! Thank you and bye!

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    • Namaste, Benjamin!!! Well, you see, Joyful returned from her visit with her grandmother just before you read this post! She felt badly that she hadn’t been here to make the snacks, but I told her all was well. I thought you would enjoy the smiley face donuts … pretty soon it will be time to make some Hallowe’en donuts! I’m glad you enjoyed the koalas … aren’t they just about the cutest critters ever? Have a fun week, my young friend! Jolly, Joyful and I all sent you bunches of hugs and kisses, and much love!


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