Conspiracy Theories Abound … From The Oval Office

Conspiracy theories abound, more than any other time I can remember, except perhaps in the aftermath of 9/11 when the theories ran rampant for a brief time.  WHY??? There is no simple answer, but in part it is because this nation is so divided right now.  In part, we can blame the pandemic that has kept people from many of their everyday activities and given them too much spare time to sit around making up stupid shit.  And in part, we can blame the ‘man’ who sits in the Oval Office and his minions who lick his boots clean on a daily basis.

conspiracy-2Take, for example, his statement on August 31st during an interview with the nefarious Laura Ingraham of Fox ‘News’:

“We had somebody get on a plane from a certain city this weekend, and in the plane it was almost completely loaded with thugs, wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms, with gear and this and that.  It’s under investigation right now. But they came from a certain city. And this person was coming to the Republican National Convention. And there were like seven people on the plane like this person, and then a lot of people on the plane, to do big damage.”


Perhaps Trump has missed his true calling … perhaps he should be a writer of Science Fiction, for that story is as far from reality as I am from the planet Jupiter!  There was no such plane, no such ‘thugs’, and no such plot.

Remember the conspiracy theory he is most famous for, the ‘birther’ theory that President Obama was not, in fact, born in the U.S.?  Obama was born in Hawaii, but apparently Trump failed history/geography in school and did not realize that Hawaii actually became the 50th state in 1959, two years before President Obama was born?

Or a month ago, when he said …

“And you have people coming over with bags of soup — big bags of soup. And they lay it on the ground, and the anarchists take it and they start throwing it at our cops, at our police. And if it hits you, that’s worse than a brick because that’s got force. It’s the perfect size. It’s, like, made perfect.

And when they get caught, they say, ‘No, this is just soup for my family.’ And then the media says, ‘This is just soup. These people are very, very innocent. They’re innocent people. These are just protesters. Isn’t it wonderful to allow protesting?’”

Bags of soup? Seriously???  How can anybody not question his sanity?

And he has engaged in some of the QAnon conspiracy theories, such as the ridiculous notion that the world is run by a group of Satan-worshiping pedophiles that is plotting against him while operating a global child sex-trafficking ring.

Lately, a few republican members of Congress have begun parroting Trump’s unsubstantiated lies to their own constituents.  (See Keith’s post from yesterday) There is a very real danger in all of this, my friends.  Yes, it’s laughable when he spews some of this, such as bags of soup being used as a tool of the anarchists, but the danger is in the people who listen to him.

Don’t believe me?  Step back, if you will, to October 2018.  It began on October 22nd, when a package containing an improvised explosive device (bomb) was found in the mailbox at the home of Democratic donor George Soros in Katonah, New York.  Over the course of the following week, similar packages were mailed to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, John Brennan, Joe Biden, Robert DeNiro, Cory Booker, James Clapper, Kamala Harris, Tom Steyer, and the CNN World Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

The FBI, with assistance from other federal agencies and law enforcement organizations, arrested Cesar Sayoc in Southern Florida.  Sayoc had a history of mental illness and criminal activity, but what prompted him to target the above-named individuals was that after watching Fox ‘News’ and viewing social media platforms, he concluded that Trump’s critics were dangerous, unpatriotic, and evil.  At his sentencing, Sayoc said his idea was “first was how to tone down the liberal left violence platform.” He wrote that he believed prominent Democrats were encouraging violence.  Again, yes Mr. Sayoc has a history of mental illness and violent episodes, but where did he get the idea to send mail bombs to prominent Democrats?  From hearing conspiracy theories and inflammatory rhetoric.

Most of the targets were people who Trump had targeted in his campaign of hate, such as Hillary Clinton, whom he has not shut up about even now, nearly four years after the election in which she beat him, but he walked away with the electoral vote.  John Brennan pointed directly to Trump’s rhetoric, saying that Trump …

 “… fuels these feelings and sentiments that now are bleeding over into potential acts of violence … Unfortunately, I think Donald Trump, too often, has helped to incite some of these feelings of anger, if not violence, when he points to acts of violence or also talks about, you know, swinging at somebody from the press or the media.”

Or, consider Kyle Rittenhouse about whom I wrote a few days ago, the 17-year-old punk who took an assault rifle into an area where violent agitators were mingling in with peaceful protestors, and killed two people.  What was his inspiration?  Well, he was a Trump supporter and was in the front row of a Trump rally in January in Des Moines, Iowa.  Just speculation on my part, but I think he absorbed every word Trump said and thought he was carrying out Trump’s wishes.

Brennan’s words are no less true today than they were two years ago.  There are people in this nation who are not deep thinkers, who have little or no moral compass, and who will believe anything they hear from Donald Trump, and some will act on their beliefs.  It makes no difference how many times his conspiracy theories and hate speech are debunked, for they hear only what they choose to hear.  For the ‘man’ who holds the highest office in the nation to engage in such dangerous rhetoric is unthinkable … and yet, that is where we are today.  And sadly, with the easy availability of all sorts of firearms in this country … it is a recipe for major disaster.  Take a look at some statistics regarding people who buy into conspiracy theories.  Note, especially, the 2nd one …conspiracy-theoriesI believe that Trump will dial up his hate speech, conspiracy theories and ridiculous rhetoric even more over the next nine weeks.  We are already seeing enough violence in this nation today … if Trump has his way, what we see today will seem like a day in a kiddie zoo compared to what we will see in October.  We cannot control what people think, but we should have some control over what the ‘president’ says in a public forum.  Never before has it seemed necessary, but it sure as hell does today.  A roll of duct tape for his mouth?

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    • I loved that video! First time I’ve seen that “Liberal Redneck”, but I love his good sense and his passion. I considered re-blogging that, but wondered if some of my readers might be offended by his language. Thanks for sharing that … I follow Scottie, but often miss some of his posts, for he is … prolific!


  1. While I won’t speak of theories associated with assassinations and, at the very least, ignorance involved in 911, the rest of that garbage is frightening because I know people who thrive on these ideas. I always knew there was a deep underbelly in this nation just by the numbers of people who purchased The National Enquirer And The Daily Globe rag mags. As an intelligently raised, conscientious adult, I always thought these were purely for entertainment, like Mad magazine, a parody of life’s idiotic circumstances. But, hey, one year I was tempted to vote for write in independent Alfred E. Newman. 😫 I’m sorry but this road began with the election of GW, and his puppeteering presidency was just the setup for the entrance of the circus clown…Pennywise, The Trump! Think about it. The republican Presidents have had loose bolts for years- Nixon the spy, Reagan with his trigger finger, George Bush (Well he hated broccoli) the warmonger, GW who couldn’t speak without bumbling, and now this nightmare of a leader….

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    • Dweezer19, you have raised some good points. Taking it a step further, the following were not conspiracies, although the accused leaders made them out to be;
      – The Pentagon Papers confirmed the DOD and presidents Nixon and LBJ knew the Vietnam War was a lost cause yet continued to fight it for years.
      – Nixon’s own tapes confirmed he was fully aware and covered up Watergate
      – Reagan had to go on TV and say he lied about the Iran-Contra affair which would have been an impeachable offense had Oliver North not taken the rap
      – Clinton had an affair in the White House and lied under oath leading to his impeachment
      – A British post-mortem review confirmed George W Bush and Tony Blair lied about weapons of mass destruction and other matters leading us to invade Iraq
      – A Republican led Senate Intelligence committee just confirmed the findings in the Mueller report, actually going further to link the Trump campaign to Russian intelligence officer.

      Again, all of these were called conspiracies, but they all turned out to be true. With the exception of Clinton and LBJ, they are all Republicans. Keith

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      • Thanks for bringing those up Keith. I think as an impressionable teen and an idealistic young person, Watergate was the first real political scandal that I became interested in. My friends and I all wore POW bracelets and were very affected by the Vietnam occupation and its fallout. And while Bill Clinton certainly misbehaved morally while in office and lied about it, how benign is that compared to what has occurred over the last four years of this administration? In fact I can only think of two presidents in my lifetime that I considered to be forthright and trustworthy and they were Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. I believe the most scandalous thing that was ever even mentioned during President Carter’s years in the White House was a statement by the man himself when asked if he had ever been unfaithful to Rosalind. While a simple ‘no’ would have been sufficient and true, he admitted to having ‘lusted in my heart only’ at sone point. Who has EVER been more honest, more genuine or as humble in that domed political palace?

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        • Well said. Carter is a “good person” and arguably the best ex-president we ever had. Obama raised a family in the White House and is also a good person. I would never use that term to define the incumbent. Keith

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        • Don’t know if this is common knowledge, or even newsworthy in the USA, but when in 1995 at the G7 Summit in Halifax, NS, the “private housekeeper for the Clintons had to change bedsheets for the Clintons many times a day. Hilary anb Bill did not sleep together at all while staying in the hotel, but what surprised the housekeeper was that she had to change Hilary’s sheets more often than Bill’s. If I remember correctly, the exact word she used for Hilary was quite often. She also mentioned Hilary room’s bar had to be refilled more often than her husband’s. Neither Clinton had a problem with the other’s infidelity–the gander’s indiscretions were monitored by the goose, and he monitered hers. It seemed to be more politically-harged rather than sexually-inspired. Just so happens there were more men at the meeting than women.
          Of course, this could have been a woman in a boring job trying to spice up her own love life, but I will let you choose to believe or not for yourself.

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  2. In my local news a gun shooting range had a big trump pence sign and someone defaced it with red paint saying f—- hate, which is wrong on either side and I know of plenty of Biden signs defaced and stolen as well.
    But the comments were enough to frighten anyone….all against democrats..all full of hate..
    I casually know two people here who are into conspiracy the deep state business and the other COVID conspiracies and one was truly unbelievable.
    Trump knows exactly what he is doing. He is setting the plan up for if he loses to claim fraud, sue sue sue and refuse to go with the full backing of the republicans and the judicial system he has now installed. He is not going anywhere, I fear.

    I can’t believe how stupid and gullible people have become. It’s hard to believe that this is even reality.

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    • It is real, Mary, and you are going to get gob-smacked right into the middle of it. I sympathize (the old-fashioned word for empathized that is so overused these days!) with you and all my American friends. I hope Trump’s –wait for it, it’s woth it–Stθθpid Stθθges! at least wait for the border to open so you can get to safety easily, but I doubt you (collectively) will be so fortunate.
      As I have been telling Jill for more than three years now, TrumpelstiltOrangeskin (Oops, that’s brand new for you too!) is an idiotsavant who does stθθpid things which unwittingly turn out to be in his favour in the end, though he might not foresee that the first time he did that thing, e.g. telling DeJoy to devolute (Is that a word? It means to cause to unevolve backwards.) the USPS machinary so as to not be able to handle a mail surge like the mail-in ballot election. (The storm surge of Hurricane Laura upon the Gulf Coast will seem unnoticeable in comparison. {Please forgive me for abusing the tragedy of Laura for political purposes, but it was too timely to not use it. My bad!})

      (Please accept this for what it is, but this comment to you, Mary, is probably the most innovative piece of writing I have ever done in my life, at least in my mind. I am as savantly idiotic as Trump is, or more.) I do apologize.

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      • rg — there is a difference between ‘sympathy’ and ’empathy’. Sympathy is simply feeling sorry for someone, for their situation. Empathy is being able to actually understand.


        • or culture.
          For example, I give you the word namaste. This is a very powerful word in Sanskrit. It sums up a whole ancient-to-modern philosophy in one word! Hello, goodbye, lesson over, what can those words possibly mean in comparison? Read this reasonably short article at and I guarantee you will not ever want to here the greeting nanaste again from an Anglo, or any non-Sanskrit speaker, because it debases both the user and the hearer!
          (Caution, please. Words used on the website, including divine, also have a much different meaning than that commonly used in English. Understanding is needed.)
          Sorry for the rant, but I have been looking most of my life for that one word which will repace the word spirituality for me, because while I know what I want it to mean but it never reaches that precision. Namaste held that possibility in itself, but by the time I found it, it was alrwady so bastardized I could no longer usurp it for my own purposes. If you can empathize with that, you will understand why I hate saying namaste.

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          • I am admittedly confused. Perhaps it is the lateness of the hour, my own personal angst this week, or the dark place my mood is inhabiting these days, but I don’t see what is wrong with using “Namaste” for a greeting between friends, people who care for and respect one another. No, it doesn’t offend me in the least, nor do I think it should. Words are just that until we give them context. I have a few friends whose greetings either start or end with “Namaste”, and rather than finding it offensive, it makes me smile. I’m sure I disappoint you in my lack of understanding, and for that I am sorry, but … it just seems you are placing too much importance on a single word.


            • There is you possibly only one safe way to reply to your comment without throwing the whold world into turmoil, so I will use this way to compliment and hope it does the trick for you, Jill.
              “Namaste, Ms Jill.” 🙏(Añjali Mudrā)

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              • From what I can see, Jill, the earlier version of this reply also vanished (you recently told me you would not censor anyone unless the content was filthy, racist, or hate-filled!) and my comment was none of those, so I will try to rewrite it, not because I want to preach to you or anyone else, but merely to explain my comment directly above (I hope).

                “Namaste, Ms Jill.”  🙏(Añjali Mudrā)
                Sanskrit, when used as a spiritual language, holds power. Yet even when it is used as a Lingua Franca, that power can come through to a sensitive and spiritual person. The fact that you can feel the goodness wrapped in the word namaste, no matter how it is being used, tells me how very spiritual you really are, whether you know it or not. You have never denied it, nor have you ever confirmed it. That no longer matters. At worst you just are not aware how spiritual you are. At best, you are one of now three women I have met in this lifetime who are what I call naturally yet highly spiritual, or, naturally gifted, though I do not like the 2nd term as it can be misconstrued into being someone religious, rather than someone spiritual.
                You are, Ms Jill, someone who could be revered with an honourific, yet someone who wants no part of that world. I do not want to make you blush, Jill, but in your next life, while I know you want to be a wolf, you could easily return as the next Dalai Lama. Had Tenzin Gyatso not already been the 14th Dalai Lama when you were born, the searchers might have found you, and wouldn’t they have been surprized to have found you, in a female body. I would have loved it. Maybe next time!

                (to be continued.)

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                • (Continuing…)

                  But you will not be able to have a tobacco addiction, so get your inhalations of nicotine while you still can. (When my potential mentor interviewed me for whatever position he thought I could fulfill for his group in 1967, I think the cigarette I was holding in my fingers keyed him to look more deeply than he might have for what it was that I was not ready for. Yet those few minutes of having my spirit sought out, and then having found wanting, I call it my brush with eternity, changed eternity for me.
                  Funnily, about 25 years later, I had another unsolicited interview in a restaurant from another stranger, though this one was not a spiritual experience!. I had met this man once before, though in a bar, and surrounded by a bunch of drunks. We didn’t speak to each other, but apparently he was listening. Two days later he asked to join me at the table I was using, and I said to myself, “Why not?” He seemed safe enough. Once he was served his tea, he started to tell me about a position he wanted to offer me. No details immediately forthcoming, but it involved world travel, and plenty of it. The way he spoke it sounded like some kind of British MI5 or MI6 secret service thing. I knew right away my criminal record denied me access to the US, though I figured if he was MIx strings could be pulled. I have to admit I was intrigued, and I told him so–the intrigued part, not the criminal part. I was approaching middle age by this time, so we both made assumptions about the other, but neither expected the difference in business culture language. He asked when he could see my CV; at that time I had never heard of a CV. How was I supposed to say when he could see mine, when I had no idea what mine was. He saw me stumble mentally, and I guess he thought I had something to hide.
                  Like the monk in Vancouver who diappeared after telling me I was not ready yet, this guy got up, said “Forget it!” and he too walked out of my life. What is it with me? Why do I attract mysterious people to me?
                  And why am I talking about me, Ms Jill, when I want to be talking about you?
                  TIME OUT!
                  I’ll start this one over when I get back…

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                    • Ah, Jill, not reading carefully, are you, lol? I may not have asked you clearly, so, I will try again.
                      In the reply starting “(Continuing…)”:
                      First paragraph, Second sentence, first word “(When “…
                      The open bracker “(” is danlgling. I meant to hit the “New Paragraph/ENTER” key, a combination of these two symbols but with only straight lines (⬅️↩), usually found at the end of the “asd” line of a simple keyboard.
                      My request was two part, though this I did not state wll:
                      1) Remove the offending dangling “(” open bracket symbol. Half a bracket is worse than no bracket at all!
                      2) Hit the “ENTER KEY” in order to separate the second sentence from the first sentence, which were two unconnected ideas. You could now possibly hit the ENTER key twice, in order to separate the thoughts


                      Though I am making a serious request, I am trying to do it humourously. I am not sure if that came through. I hope you caught it. I would hate to have to try again…


                  • You have certainly led an interesting life, rg! Mine cannot hold a candle, so it’s far more fascinating for you to talk about you than me! Also … I will not mind not having a nicotine craving when I return as a wolf … perhaps I’ll be able to breathe better!


                    • Almost Anything will ne better than what you have today, lungwise.
                      My life, interesting? Didn’t seem that way when I was living it, but maybe it was that I was too busy living to notice. But I have never experienced childbirth as have you, multiple times. Nor was I ever tasked with bringing up other living beings, not ones I helped create. I have only fulfilled two of Robert Heinlein’s requirements for a good life–I have made love to a woman (today that should read another person!) , and I have set foot on a foreign soil. I have no desire or need to kill another person, though I have purposely and intentionally killed other living beings–I hereby apologize to them for that. For some, I did not know any better yet how sacred life is to me. That is not an excuse. Most were because our society doesn’t give a shit about any life but human. So much was for food, even if someone else does the killing for me. The reasons don’t matter, while life must still die for life to live does not mean we should enjoy it, or condone it.
                      My mind seems to be going in disconnected d8rections.
                      I wish you a good day, Jill, and a happy labourless Monday.


                • I don’t know what happened to your earlier comment, but I did not remove or ‘un-approve’ it. I am honoured by your compliment, for I know it comes from your heart. In truth, I’ve never given a thought to whether I am spiritual or not. Ever since I concluded at a young age that the whole religion thing was a sham, that Marx was right in calling religion the ‘opiate of the masses’, I rather discounted the notion of spirituality. If I have a spirit, though, I do hope it comes back as a wolf. Or a bear or koala … just NOT a human. I’m done with the human species and will commit suicide in the womb if I’m made to return as a human! LuL!


                  • In my mind, Bobby Darin sang one of the worst songs ever written, to wit, “If I Were a Carpenter”. But now you are making me change the lines, which might help it, if that is possible.
                    (Of no importance to anyone but me, the 2nd worst-ever song was “Sylvia’s Mother” by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show–I have a sister Sylvia, so the song insulted my mother–but even worse, my then girlfriend’s mother was forcing my girlfriend to break up with me, and to hear it on the radio over and over did nothing for my mental health. My 3rd-worst-ever song was sung by yet another Bobby–“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby Ferrin. OMG, their last names rhyme!)

                    Back to the new lyrics, (please set aside all ego and thought of personality):

                    If I were a she-wolf mom,
                    And you were my baby,
                    I would give you all my love,
                    Because I am a lady

                    If a Buddhist were my life,
                    And you the Dalai Lama,
                    I would follow you anywhere,
                    Even Alahambra

                    Share your wisdom everywhere,
                    Let it shine on all life,
                    The world needs a better way,
                    From the darkness bring us light.

                    Will you love your kitty cat,
                    Will you love your camel,
                    l can be your spider bat,
                    Axl Jack Duhamel

                    But I’m not a she-wolf mom
                    You’re not the Dalai Lama,
                    Break away from samsara
                    Create your own Dharma
                    There’s no such thing as karma
                    There’s no such thing as karma
                    There’s no such thing as karma…

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    • Well, Mary … all I can say is we cannot give up now, for if we do, then all is truly lost. I understand your concerns and fears, and I share them, but I won’t stop fighting until the last vote has been counted. Stupidity seems to be the #1 trait among the people of this nation, and there will be a price to pay for us all if they have their way. Sigh. But keep fighting, my friend … don’t allow them to win without a fight.

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  3. Jill, you made an excellent reference to Trump being a science fiction creator. L Ron Hubbard was the most prolific science fiction writer and he dreamed up one of the greatest conspiracies by creating a religion that exists today. His first wife said on the record, Hubbard wanted to create a religion as a source of income.

    Maybe we should call the president J Don Trump in honor of L Ron Hubbard.

    The biggest conspiracy J Don Trump has going is to convince his followers every one else is lying. That is the greatest con. Keith

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  4. I can only reach the conclusion that there is something terribly wrong about the USA’s education system – and has been for a couple of generations. How can intelligent individuals who have been taught to think for themselves possibly believe this shit?

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    • I think you are right, that is a big part of the problem. Several years ago, schools stopped teaching ‘Civics’, or the study of how our government actually works, and today I find there are many who are completely clueless. Our schools have also stopped teaching most humanities and social sciences, opting instead for technical courses to prepare students for jobs. Okay, I get that, but the one thing that should be the highest priority of education is teaching young people to THINK. In this, we have obviously failed.


  5. To anyone who wants to join in a visual protest about anything coming out of the θval θffice, whether from Trump or someone else, that can be considered stupid, please used an alternate spelling: stθθpid. While the word itselfsay everything about any θθ

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    • I do not like how badly my tablet is acting up these days… To pick up just before I screwed up, “While the word itself says say[s] everything about any[…]” θval θffice unthinkingness, the closed eyes as represented by the
      θθ look tells us Repuglygarbagecans are asleep at the wheel, allowing DJT to run amok on their behalf.
      This Canadian who does not want to see another civil war below our southerm border, (Please tell me those Americans living above our north-western border, or those disconnected from the 48 contiguous states by bodies of salt water! will not take part in such stθθpidity!), because I think it will spread to our country, and I am hoping it will not, but knowing it will!

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      • Time for a new tablet … or maybe even a laptop?

        You’re right … if there is Civil War in this country, you guys will not be unscathed, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that?


        • It’a a 2 year-old tablet that I only know how to use the basics on. I suck at technology. I think it is time for a new me! I cannot afford $300 every few years, esp when it takes over a year to learn now to turn the damn thing on.

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          • Hmmmm … I suspect a slight exaggeration about taking a year to learn to turn the thing on. However, the rest I completely understand. I just got a new laptop and I’m still trying to convince it to do as I wish, not as Dell has programmed it to do! Eventually I will win this battle, but we’re not there yet.


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