Jolly Monday — International 🥓 Day!!!

Usually, it is at this point that I remind you the weekend is over and it’s time to get back to work, but since today is a holiday in the U.S., you still get one last day to find some fun to be had, or just lie around pondering the meaning of your toes and why there are ten of them.  I hope you’re all enjoying this long weekend, the last one until Thanksgiving in November.  And, to my friends in the UK … you got your bank holiday a week or so ago, so no whining!

Today, as you will soon see, is a special day for the bacon-lovers among us, so Joyful and I whipped up a few bacon-y treats!  We also included a bit of fruit for those who are … um, shall we say more health-conscious, and of course we cannot forget Benjamin’s donuts & juice boxes!  So, grab a plate and cuppa and let’s learn about … International Bacon Day!

Now, I have to give credit where it’s due, and in this case that credit goes to our friend Ellen, without whose help I would never have known it was International Bacon Day on Saturday!  Ellen is not, herself, a huge bacon fan, but she thought of Larry, Larry, Emily and David, and knowing how much the Bacon Four, as I have dubbed them, love bacon, she made sure to give me a heads up!  Since Saturday was not a Jolly Monday, and since I was unable to exit the rabbit hole for a Saturday Surprise post, then we will celebrate the holiday today, two days late!  So, let’s talk bacon …bacon-day-2Not to be confused with National Bacon Day, celebrated in December, International Bacon Day is a relatively new unofficial holiday.  Here’s the story …

It all started in January 2004, when University of Colorado Boulder graduate student Alexa Halford was sitting around with classmates Seth Rittenhouse and Evan Salim.

“As I recall, Seth was sitting on the couch and said, ‘Bacon is delicious, there should be a day dedicated to bacon.’ Evan responded with something like, ‘Seth you are a genius, we should totally have a day dedicated to bacon.’”

Labor Day weekend was the only time of year that the bacon-obsessed gang, who dubbed themselves “Alexa and the Bacon Boys,” could get together and cook. Celebrating on the Saturday before the national holiday gave everyone a couple of days to recover from their pork-induced comas.

And so, the three started a blog and with the help of friends around the world, yet another food holiday was born.  Not every state or city recognizes International Bacon Day, but those that do each have a unique way of celebrating.  Take, for example, the state of Iowa …

Iowa is a bacon-happy place. Nearly 5% of their state’s income comes from the production of it, and they are the U.S.’s biggest producers of pork products. It’s no surprise that they’d host what is probably the biggest bacon festival in the country, and that their state legislature would be so happy to promote it, passing a bill to make it an officially recognized day in the state.iowa-bacon-festivalThere are numerous websites about bacon (who knew???) with stories, recipes, pictures, etc., but I thought I’d share with you some of the fun bacon-logo merchandise I came across while in search of information for this post.





If you go to the Bacon Scouts website  you will find varieties of bacon you’ve never heard of before!  I was sorely tempted to order a pound of the Apple-Cinnamon Flavoured Bacon … until I saw the $54/pound price tag!  Gulp.  Thanks, but no thanks!  You can also join the “Bacon of the Month Club”  .

Or check out the Bacon Today website for tons of recipes (even bacon sushi 🤢), desserts, news and even bacon videos!

And now, I’m feeling full from all this talk of bacon, even though I haven’t eaten any, so let’s have a few ‘toons, shall we?


I came across a few adorable animal pictures while I was over at Phil’s Phun  that I just have to share with you … they made me smile, and I hope they will bring a smile to your faces as well …


And I found this fun, short clip of a rooster chasing a dog … you’ve got to see this!

Back in June, I read an article in The Washington Post titled Go ahead and watch. Cute or funny animal videos can be good for you.    Just what I’ve been saying for years now!  Take a look at the article if you have a spare minute or two, but meanwhile, for our cute animal video today, I shall play the one they reference with the cockatoo dancing to Elvis’ Don’t Be Cruel!

And that concludes another Jolly Monday!  I would ask that you all keep our friend David in your hearts and thoughts this week … he is hospitalized for the second time in a month and I am not encouraged by what I am hearing.  Maybe if we all send good karma, good vibes, or whatever, it will help him to get well.  Have a wonderful Labour Day holiday, and a wonderful week ahead, my friends!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!!!

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  1. Surprise, surprise to all of you…. Larry and I are now on a key lime pie diet. Just a note about bacon band-aids. When I was child growing up on the farm, I was always running to Grandma with an infected splinter of some origin under my skin. She would slap a hunk of bacon on that splinter and cover it with gauze dressing. Within a day that splinter was drawn out and the infection gone. Just thought someone would want to know.

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  2. Namaste, Miss Jill! I missed Jolly Monday, but that’s okay cause Jolly and Joyful saved me some sprinkled donuts and juice boxes. I really love watermelon too! The watermelon pig is funny. I think Bacon Day is kind of weird! I think it’s good if you love bacon. I don’t like bacon very much, maybe just a little sometimes. Gem has bacon cookies that are pretty good. The rooster and dog video is so funny and the dancing bird is too! WNBHAK for Jolly, Joyful and You! I love you! Thank you and Bye!

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    • Namaste, Benjamin!!! Yes, I figured you missed Jolly Monday on Monday because it was a holiday and you were home with Mommy & Daddy. I love watermelon too! In fact, watermelon, blackberries, and bananas are my most favourite fruits! I do love bacon, but I try not to eat much of it, because it’s not very healthy, is it? I had to watch the rooster chasing the dog video 4-5 times, because it made me laugh every time! I’m glad you enjoyed them too! Have a wonderful week, my young friend! Jolly, Joyful and I love you very much!!! ❤


  3. You have certainly given Bacon a glorious day! I was recently informed that I had already missed the annual August 20th National Bacon Lovers Day which originated in Bradford, Massachusetts in 2000. The Baconoholic in my family opines : “Bacon is the perfect blend of salt, fat and love”. I have been told that I make a BLT incorrectly…the proper sandwich construction : 1 ) Bacon 2) Little more Bacon 3) Topped with Bacon. Sounds more like a heart attack betwixt two slices of bread to me! Love the cartoons! Benjamin will enjoy this Jolly Monday tomorrow! Sending positive thoughts and good wishes to David…missing his comments so much! Thank-you!

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    • Thank you!!! For both the compliment and for the initial inspiration! Heh heh … I need a bit of mayo or a fried egg added to that bacon + bacon + bacon sammie! Thank you for the positive vibes and good wishes … I will pass them on to David as soon as I can! Have a happy week, dear Ellen!!!


  4. I don’t care for international days much, Mostly due to them having morphed into the category I like to call, “Spend your money days“ BUT dayum. Bacon deserves its own day. I don’t overindulge (much to the hubs’ dismay) and we have it about once a week. But when we have it we cook up at least half the package and make strange noises. No words necessary. The worst part is deciding how to eat it. All by itself, on white bread with mayo, BLT, on a burger, a breakfast taco and then there is the Fried Chicken salad with Bacoooon on top. And deviled eggs just wouldn’t be the same without it. Cute cartoons. Have a great week Jill.

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    • I’m like you about the International Days … some are humorous, but most are just rather stupid. But yeah, when I heard it was Bacon Day … who could resist that one??? We have it about once a week in one form or another … often as a topping for either salad or baked potatoes, or an addition to a pasta or rice dish. I’ve never tried it on deviled eggs, but I will next time!!! Thanks!!! You have a great week also, dear friend!


  5. Jill, what a great name for a replacement dwarf – Pushy. I love Peanuts, as well, but that cartoon is too funny. Too bad he did not get Pigpen first, as the elephant would have stopped there. Have a great week. Keith

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    • I thought so, too!!! Ha ha … I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right … Pigpen would have been the last one he wanted! Or Eeyore, if for no other reason than his size! (Eeyore, by the way, is my favourite! I have an Eeyore coffee mug, Eeyore pajamas, and an Eeyore sweatshirt! My girls call me “Eeyore”!) You have a great week too, my friend!


  6. I thought Elephants were vegetarians? Charlie Brown and Snoopy are going to upset this poor guy’s constitution.

    Another words that contradicts iself: I was literally reeling after the car accident when I realized the EMT was reeling me back into reality.

    Another set of words internally inconsistemt within themselves. There is no light in plight, blight, or slight.

    On the other hand there is only one one in alone, two would be too many.

    Damn, had one more for you, but I made so many typos last sentence I forgot what I was going to give you in this one.

    Say, “Good Night, Dick!”

    “Good night! Dick.

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  7. Jill, now I have to get up and make myself a BLT! And what a bother that will be this late at night, or I guess I could look at it a different way. This early in the morning is okay for bacon in any form! The toons are great. As usual I grabbed some to send to my sibs so they can enjoy them also. Have a good day, enjoy some maple syrup bacon candy, easy to make, and have a good one! 😇❤🥓

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  8. I stop taking about partaking in your Monday bacon feast. and I get relegated to the bacon minots, how uncouth. Here I thought your readership needed some time away from my obsessive bacon commentary, and trying to be nice to them cost me , how uncouth!

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    • Heh heh … you’re right! Since you never mention it, I had forgotten that you loved bacon too. Sorry!!! You never engaged in “obsessive bacon commentary”, but perhaps you should put your 2 cents worth in when Larry and Larry start fighting over that last piece of bacon!

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        • That’s why I bake mine in the oven! No spitballs and it gets much crispier! I like it to go ‘crunch’! Lay it out on a baking sheet, cover it in pepper, and pop it into a 375° oven for about 10-15 minutes … perfection!!!


          • We used to do that, but no pepper. Now Gail cooks it in a frying pan, but one with about a haif-inch of water. When the water boils away, it browns very quickly.
            I 6told you before how we like ours not, but I’ve improved on it.
            Well done bacon, cut or torn into pieces. Chunked fresh tomatoes. Fresh–chopped dill, fine-chopped celery, torn lettuce, and lots of mayonaise. Season to taste.
            Scrumpdiddlyicious, not to be confused with Trump-diddles-viciously.0

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            • Hmmmm … never thought about cooking it in water, basically steaming it. My late mother-in-law used to cook steak that way, in a skillet with water. I still preferred it fixed on the grill or under the broiler, though. I think I’ll stick with my peppered bacon … the pepper removes all the fat, y’know! 😉


              • FRYING in water is not steaming, but the boiling water cooks the meat better, according to her famous chefs’ shows. The pan has no top on it. The wate boils away away, leaving a hydrated form of grease to finish the browning.
                No, I did not know the pepper removes the fat. Did you know that pepper (1 tsp per load) helps blacks stay blacker and brights stay brighter. There is actually a laundry cleaner (ECO EGG, no soap cleansers) company in England testing this scientifically right now. I expect to be hearing back from them soon.

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                    • Can you get 720 loads of laundry for about 8 pennies CD a load with your Tide Pods? WithOUT polluting your rivers and streams? I doubt it. I’m betting it would be even cheaper in the States, since Candians get gouged with all the duties and tarriffs and such. GAIL says clothes come out as clean or cleaner than with laundry soap.
                      AND seeing as we are on the subject, having 5 cats and all as both of us do, we wrap aluminum foil, shiny side out, into tennis-sized balls, and throw them into the dryer. All the hair comes off the clothes and ends up in the lint screen. The balls themselves get pounded into golf ball-sized things, and I just put another layer of foil around them as needed. This works like a charm!
                      Just call me Heloise, though that is actually Gail’s car’s name..

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                    • Probably not, but … and I know you will scoff at this … but I like the way they smell, and since none of the three of us are particularly hard on our clothes, don’t wallow in the mud or roll through cow pastures, it does a fine enough job of cleaning our clothes and making them smell nice.

                      Now, to the point of the aluminum foil ball … I did not know that!!! I will definitely try that next time I wash their blankets!!!! Thank you, Heloise!!! My van is named Socrates, and my last car was named Sadie Mae!


                    • 🤣🤣 I’d give up on the smoking if I were you, for I first started at age 8, some 61 years ago, so it’s not likely I’ll quit now. Most other things, I’ll at least listen. Yes, you’ve done a fine job, so ride Silverback back to the ranch for a well-deserved rest!


                    • I seriously have given up on you quitting smoking, except I know you are intelligent enough to quit without help from anyone, especially me. I say things occasionally just to keep my finger in the tobacco patch (notice how I slyly brought the topic of nicotine patches into the conversation), but I’m pretty sure the tobacco issue is dead

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