Labor Day 2020

I had decided not to write a ‘Labour Day’ post this year, for my heart simply wasn’t in it. Then I came across Brosephus’ post that pretty much summed up my own thoughts, only more eloquently than I likely could have done. Thank you Brosephus, for this thoughtful post. Let us hope that next year will be better for everyone.

The Mind of Brosephus

Just like the year 2020 has been so far, Labor Day isn’t a “happy” day either. While the real-life Fantasy Island host, Donald Trump, tries to paint a rosy picture,

Reality tells an entirely different story.

The truth about job growth is that the sitting president has very little to do with creating jobs outside of filling federal job vacancies. Job growth or loss is dictated by the private sector and the decisions made in corporate boardrooms across the world.

That said, there’s a cottage industry built upon the notion that a president is responsible for jobs in his term. In reality, decisions made during one term will determine the direction of the country years after those decisions are made. For example, the job growth in his term that Trump tries…

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10 thoughts on “Labor Day 2020

  1. Oh, Jill, be nice here. It’s quite possible that the Turd created millions of jobs and in the 4 months he bragged, um, spoke of. After all, count all the advisors and department heads he fired in the course of weeks and/or months. Someone had to fill those empty seats eventually and after all, it was about jobs CREATED, not jobs opened by firing someone who disagreed with him. I’ll bet if we knew all the people he fired it would be in the millions, if not the billions!

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    • 🤣🤣🤣 Yes, plus he’s no doubt created jobs for lawyers, with all the lawsuits he’s inspired! And yes, all his firings have indeed opened up new opportunities for many … not for the sensitive or intelligent, though! I think one of the qualifications to work in the current administration is “a tough shell” and perhaps “a lack of conscience”. Sigh … I cannot wait for this nightmare to end!

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        • My magic 8 ball is in the shop for repairs after I threw it against a wall, so I cannot say when it will end, or how, but I surely hope it ends before it leads to war. Sigh. Yes, I hear that any who are so foolish as to disagree with him are quickly shown the door. An oath of complete fealty are the job requisites. I wouldn’t last 10 minutes in his employ!!!

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