Da Queen of Snark Strikes Again!

There are so many things that have crossed my radar in the past 24 hours that my head is reeling and I don’t know where to begin.  I’ll try to be brief in my snippetry today …

Nobel PEACE Prize???  Surely NOT!

I guess every country has its share of nutcases in government.  I really thought Norway was better than this, but apparently I was wrong.  For the second time, Donald Trump, the person who stirs conflict wherever he goes and pits people against each other, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.  His very nomination disgusts and sickens me, rather reminiscent of Trump awarding the Medal of Freedom to the very dishonourable Rush Limbaugh.

The person who nominated Trump this year is the same one who nominated him in 2018, far right, xenophobic member of Norway’s parliament, Christian Tybring-Gjedde.  He claims he is not a big fan of Trump, but that …

“The committee should look at the facts and judge him on the facts – not on the way he behaves sometimes.”

The facts are, Mr. Tybring-Gjedde, that Donald Trump is the most hateful, cruel person ever to lead this nation!  Donald Trump is the least peace-promoting person on this planet!  He has done more to divide the people of this nation than any other president in our history, and he is continuing to do so every day.  Peace???  HAH!  If he is awarded this prize, then every past recipient should return their awards, for they will have lost all meaning.

Hopefully, the Nobel Prize Committee will have good sense as they did in 2018, and ignore Trump.  His odds are at about 20/1, and the most likely projected winners are among the World Health Organization, Greta Thunberg, and Jacinda Ardern … all three are excellent choices … far more worthy than a cruel tyrant.  He does have the support of QAnon, however, and gun-totin’ member Marjorie Taylor Greene, possibly the next U.S. representative from Georgia tweeted her gushing support.  DISGUSTING!

We the People pay for Trump’s sexual harassment???  WHY???

Author E. Jean Carroll accused Donald Trump of rape, in a Bergdorf’s dressing room in the mid-1990s. After Trump denied ever meeting her and dismissed her story as a Democratic plot, she sued him for defamation.  There is much I could say here … I fully believe Ms. Carroll’s story, as well as those of the many other women who have accused Trump of everything from grabbing them inappropriately to out and out rape. Trump called Ms. Carroll a liar and said he did not know her, even though the two had been photographed together at a party in 1987 with Ms. Carroll’s former husband. However, none of that is my point today.

Ms. Carroll’s defamation suit is still pending, but this week, the corrupt Attorney General of the United States made a decision that means if Ms. Carroll wins her suit, it will be We the Taxpayers who pay the penalty, while Trump skates free.

The White House asked the Justice Department to replace Trump’s private lawyers in this suit.  The Justice Department’s intervention in the lawsuit means that taxpayer money will be used to defend Trump, and it threatens the continued viability of the case of the plaintiff, Ms. Carroll.

Mr. Barr defended the decision to intervene, arguing that it was routine for the department to take over lawsuits against federal officials — substituting the government as the defendant.  Ms. Carroll’s lawsuit has been reassigned from a New York State court to a Federal District Court judge in New York, Lewis A. Kaplan. If he signs off on the department’s certification that it meets the standards to substitute the government as the defendant, he could dismiss the lawsuit because the government has sovereign immunity and cannot be sued for defamation.

Ms. Carroll has requested a DNA sample from Trump to determine a match.  An innocent man would give up the sample and be done with it … case closed.  But, this is akin to his withholding of his tax returns … a man with nothing to hide would release the returns!

So, Trump rapes a woman and we pay the price.  Frankly, she should have done a Lorena Bobbitt on him when she had the chance!

Destroy the nation, but don’t make “Trump look bad”

Brian Murphy, who had previously served as undersecretary for the Office of Intelligence and Analysis within the Department of Homeland Security, filed a 24-page complaint on September 8th, alleging that he was instructed to halt the reports on Russian influence activities in the United States because they were making “the president look bad.” The report was delivered by Murphy’s attorney, Mark Zaid, to the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday.

The report alleges that acting Secretary Chad Wolf, his predecessor Kirstjen Nielsen, and other senior DHS brass engaged in “a repeated pattern of abuse of authority, attempted censorship of intelligence analysis and improper administration of an intelligence program related to Russian efforts to influence and undermine United States interests.”

In his complaint, Murphy claimed he was instructed by Wolf to stop reporting on Russian activities altogether and “instead start reporting on interference activities by China and Iran.” Wolf told him that the instructions came from Robert O’Brien, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, and Murphy pushed back and said he would not comply “as doing so would put the country in substantial and specific danger.”homeland-securityTaken in conjunction with last week’s announcement by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe that he was suspending in-person briefings to Congress about foreign threats to the 2020 election, I think we all have ample reason to be concerned … very concerned.  Our government, led by a cruel tyrant, is withholding vital information from us, and from Congress.  THIS, my friends, is an abomination!  It’s as if … as if we are naught but cardboard cutouts with no ears, no eyes, no brains.  Funny, though, how the government that doesn’t even pretend to represent us still takes our taxes every week, isn’t it?

I’m not even halfway through my list, so you can count on more later!  On a brighter note, even though George Conway is no longer an active participant in The Lincoln Project, they are still turning out some great, hard-hitting ads!  Here is one of their latest …

21 thoughts on “Da Queen of Snark Strikes Again!

  1. Jill, good post as usual. A couple of comments. 1) why is the AG interested in Trump’s individual court case? That is not his job. That is not what we pay him for. 2) I am all for peace, but the agreement in question left off the Palestinians and it seems Trump is taking more credit for his role than he probably should. What troubles me is we are less safe because of this president – backing out of the Iran, TPP, Paris CC agreements, focusing on transactions not relationships, bullying allies, etc. In a Pew Poll, 64% of Europeans do not trust Trump, trusting Xi and Putin more. 3) Not making Trump look bad at the expense of our country is not what the oath to the constitution means. More Americans have died due to COVID-19 due to his admitted misleading and sycophants furthering his lies. Keith

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    • Thanks, Keith! As I understand it, the deadline was coming up for Trump to submit his DNA and his lawyers had already tried every trick in the book to get around it, but the judge was having none of it. So, his lawyers went to Barr and put forth their case that it fell under the Westfall Act. In other words, whatever a sitting official says while in office can be considered part of his job, thereby making the government, not the person, responsible. Now it’s up to the judge to decide … let’s hope he sees through this subterfuge.

      As for the Peace Prize … I think Trump had next to nothing to do with the agreement in question, and it is, from what I can tell, an agreement that is certain to fall apart quickly. But, it takes more than one agreement … even if Trump negotiated it (he didn’t) and even if it was a great agreement (it isn’t), one should take into consideration how much he has done that created division and discord, disunity within his own borders, which more than offsets any good in the Middle East agreement.

      It seems that our lives aren’t worth much to this administration. He makes himself look bad without any help from the Russians or anybody else! But to lie to us, to lie to Congress, just to preserve his “image” is an abomination. He simply must go …!


    • That is true, the noble peace prize has nothing to do with peace and is entirely political. In 8 years, Obama took us from Bush’s 2 hot wars to 7 conflicts. He’s the “war-ending President” who has ordered airstrikes in seven different countries (that we know of). From that standpoint Trump deserves this bogus award as much as any other imperialist US prez, lol.

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    • No, he was awarded the Prize for his efforts at both nuclear non-proliferation and at international cooperation, even reaching out to the Middle Eastern predominantly Muslim world, which nobody had done for quite a while. And yes, there were many who spoke out, who said he didn’t deserve it. My own opinion is that he did, but I’m only one opinion.


  2. I can’t fathom how you or any other sensible American can still speak coherently. Shamefully unimaginable as outrage after Trump outrage is, it begs the question – how did America let it get so bad? Surely by now it’s crystal clear the system is broken. Without question, Trump rule accelerated America’s fall from grace, erosion of global respect and partisan divide teetering on collapse. Call this Canadian naïve, but why aren’t Americans demanding legislated political reform|? It’s no longer good enough to shrug and say “the system worked 200 years ago, why change it now?”. Sigh and hugs.

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