While The West Coast Burns …

The West Coast of the United States is on fire.  Property is being devoured by the hungry flames, lives are being lost, people are being uprooted with nowhere to go, having lost everything.  Surely the nation’s leader must be on top of this situation, must be worried and seeking help from all venues to assist in the firefighting, yes?  Well, no … not exactly.  In fact, he hasn’t actually mentioned the fires since a few weeks ago when he taunted California’s Governor Gavin Newsom for not … um … raking the forest properly and threatened to cut off funding to the state.

fires-5Oh, but the so-called leader has many things to draw his attention away from the disaster that is taking lives and leaving thousands homeless!  He is busy throwing away his campaign money on such foolishness as limos and paying his businesses for his own profit.  And he’s very busy watching Fox ‘News’ for 6-9 hours per day, and denigrating Democrats and thinking up new nasty names for us all, but especially his likely successor, Joe Biden.  Oh, and holding mask-free campaign rallies even in cities that have banned large gatherings.

While the nation burns.  The fires that started in California, then spread to Oregon, have also now spread to Washington State.  Consider, if you will, that those three states account for 16% of the U.S. population total, as well as some of the most beautiful natural resources in the nation.  So, why is the person in the White House ignoring the fires in those three states?  For starters …

All three states have Democratic governors:

  • California – Gavin Newsom
  • Oregon – Kate Brown
  • Washington – Jay Inslee

Trump seems to have some misguided notion that democrats are not his problem, that his job is only to represent republicans, and especially those who “like” him.  Another reason …

fires-4The fires are largely a result of climate change.  Trump can still be heard calling climate change a “hoax” (one of his most favourite words) and during his 45-month tenure, he has done everything possible to add to the destruction of our environment.  He has rolled back regulations … nearly every one that was in place to help repair and protect our planet … he has pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accords, letting down every other nation on earth.  He has signed “executive orders” to virtually destroy the planet by the end of the century.  So, to spend time focusing on the fires would be to open himself to intense scrutiny and criticism in his handling of all environmental issues.

And the third reason, I think, is that to care about what is happening on the west coast would require a certain level of empathy, of compassion, and Trump is an emotional black hole when it comes to caring about any but himself.  Even his children and grandchildren are judged by him and found wanting, they may get financial help from him, but they will never receive love or compassion from him.  So, how can we expect him to care about Jacob and Jamie Hyland who just lost their one-year-old child to the wildfires in Washington, while they themselves both suffer serious burns?

fires-7fires-6Or Blake Campos who just lost his house and the family farm to the fires.  Or Dewey and Anabel Bratcher who lost not only their home, but all five of their kitties.  Jesus Mendoza, a 42-year-old tree-trimmer who lost his home, truck, car and all of the equipment he uses for his gardening business. Eileen Menzies Gram, age 78, who lost her ranch, all of her possessions and several of her animals in the fire. The list is endless already and there is no end in sight.  Do you believe for one minute that Donald Trump cares about any of these people?  If you do, please contact me, for I can give you a great deal on a bridge – practically new, barely used!

fires-1fires-2fires-3I have a number of friends who live on the west coast, who are potentially in danger of losing their homes, their livelihoods, perhaps even their lives.  In fact, our friend Jeff Marzick (Brookingslib from On the Fence Voters) lives in Oregon, not too far from the site of one of the fires.  Never having been up close to a wildfire, I can only imagine the trauma, based on the pictures I’ve seen.  For the “leader” of this nation to shrug it off and put all his energies into his re-election bid, his hate campaign against the 60% of the people in the nation who do not support him, is beyond unconscionable.  It is criminal.

We learned this week that Trump intentionally downplayed and blatantly lied about the coronavirus pandemic, calling it a “democratic hoax”.  His greed and corruption, his self-dealing, cost thousands of lives in this nation.  And now, we have wildfires out of control and all he can do is shrug his shoulders and … “Nothing to see here, folks, let’s move on to the Trump Family Circus Show”.

When Trump took that oath of office on January 20, 2017, he swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution and he took his office to support all 330 million people in this country.  Not just whites.  Not just males.  Not just Republicans.  Not just people who “like” him, for whatever reason.  But he has let us down … has let us all down.  Congress cannot step up to the plate and fill in the gaps Trump is leaving, because the majority in the Senate are paid to do Trump’s bidding!  Oh sure, We the People pay their salary, but they are paid much more by big corporations and lobbying groups that see an advantage to keeping Trump in office and therefore they care NOT ONE WHIT about the people in California, Oregon, and Washington.  They care NOT ONE WHIT for the Black people who have been killed by police for no reason other than the colour of their skin.  Like that ‘man’ they have sold their soul for, they have only their own self-interests at heart.

To all our friends on the West Coast … keep safe, and know that you are in my heart and thoughts.

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  1. yes, my thoughts and prayers to the people on the West Coast. One of the guys who was in my wedding lost his house a couple of years ago to one of the California fires. And it seems like not much has been done to improve the situation over the years…

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    • As I said, he is a black hole when it comes to emotion … he hasn’t the ability to care about any but himself. I’m currently reading Michael Cohen’s book … while it’s not particularly well-written and sometimes fails to link one event to another, there are some very interesting revelations in there, mostly about Trump’s treatment of others, including his own children.

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  3. Jill, the president needs to be reminded he represents all Americans. And, someone needs to tell Trump that California is just shy of 1/6 of the US GDP. When California sneezes, we all get a sniffle. The next closest are Texas and New York at around 1/12 of US GDP each.

    It would behoove any president to make sure his or her best money makers can still make money for the country. Otherwise GDP will suffer.

    Then, there is that climate change thing, he seems to deny. It further enables the fires which hurt crops, livelihoods, businesses, property and lives.


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    • I’d be willing to bet that he has been reminded of that numerous times, but apparently it does not matter either to him or his advisors.

      And even if it weren’t about the economic impact, weren’t about money … what about our lives? 😥

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      • Jill, the people’s needs and wants (even their lives) are secondary to winning and accolades for a person with sociopathic tendencies. Just think, he has his loyal base’s vote, but he endangers them to hear their applause. Keith

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        • You are so right, Keith. I am currently about halfway through Michael Cohen’s book, and even given what I know about Trump’s lack of empathy, his uber-narcissism, some of the revelations are jaw-dropping. It’s not the most well-written book in the history of publishing, but I highly recommend it for a deeper understanding of just how much an empty shell Donald Trump is.


  4. I read today he’s going to visit California. Most likely he’ll spend his time (unmasked) in an office chatting with the Governor and various fire-related department heads. Heaven forbid that he might actually spend time with the people who have experienced this tragedy first-hand.

    I would love for him to tour the towns in So. Oregon that are simply “not there anymore” because the fire destroyed them. Of course, he’d undoubtedly be so busy hobnobbing with all the contingent that accompanies him, he’d never even notice the burned-out houses, the forever lost possessions, the memories, or even consider the people who lived in these homes.

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    • Yeah, I read that after I had finished this post. Just another photo op … perhaps he’ll even autograph another bible that Californian’s can auction to help them re-build their homes.

      Personally, I would love for a burning redwood tree to fall directly on him, but of course he will stay far away from the actual fire. Perhaps he’ll shrug his shoulders and say, “It is what it is”, as he said of the deaths due to the coronavirus. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  5. Jill, I hugged my cat and Jim several times today. And, being a farm boy, I thought of all the livestock that had to be abandoned to the fires in an evacuation. And, having traveled many times across the West Coast states, the awesome natural beauty…..gone. Here’s a bunch of hugs for you and yours.🤗🤗🤗🤗

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    • Good for you, Larry!!! Yes, some livestock has been saved, but much has gone up in flames and it breaks my heart to think of it … and family pets, too. Big hugs back to you, Jim and the cat, dear Larry. 🤗🤗🤗

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  6. In southwest Washington where I live, we’ve had moderate-to-severe smoke advisories for several days now primarily because of southerly winds blowing in from Oregon which has been devastated by the wildfires. At first, the sun appeared in the sky only as a dim red circle. Then, it disappeared from sight and we started getting intermittent ash falls. The smoke did have one positive side-effect by significantly reducing the very high temperatures of the heat wave. Fortunately, the winds have shifted back to the normal west-to-east direction and air quality is expected to improve by Monday.

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    • Nothing … and I mean nothing … is good here right now. Trump is so full of lies I’m surprised he doesn’t burst, and his followers are such fools they are going to burn this nation to the ground. I’m about at the end of my rope.

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        • What the hell is wrong with the people in our countries??? It’s as if … as if they are no longer human! Like you, I’ve often said I do not recognize my country any more. I want out so badly … even death is beginning to seem preferable. 😥

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      • sometimes I think I’m the only one with the sense to be scared…terrified…glad to know you’re with me. Usually I love being right, but in the case of our idiot leader situation I could hope to be wrong. The thing that really got me is Mattis sleeping in his workout clothes in case of a missile launch…that scares the beejeebers out of me!

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