Jolly Monday … It Is Monday, Right?

Good Monday morn, my friends!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  I’ve been a bit under the weather, but we still managed to put up the Hallowe’en decorations & lights this weekend – the girls actually did most of the work while I supervised (there are advantages to being old and infirm!).

Have you noticed that more and more, websites are demanding that you either become a paid subscriber or disable your adblocking software?  I utilize over 50 different sites in the course of a week … if I had to pay for each one, I would have to win the lottery!  As it is, I have paid subscriptions for a few of the more important sites I use, but I’m not about to pay for a site I only use once or twice a week seeking something fun for Jolly Monday or seeking good people!  UPI (United Press International) has long been one of my best sources for fun Jolly Monday stories, but all of a sudden they are demanding I turn off my adblocker … which I amn NOT about to do!  So, for this morning’s post, I went on a discovery mission and found some other good ideas!  Maybe I should thank UPI!

Anyway, it’s another week full of promise to be harrowing and stressful, so grab a snack and let’s start the week off with a bit of humour …

A murder gone awry?

Did I tell you that I committed murder this weekend … not once, but twice?  I typically refuse to kill any critter.  When I find a cricket or a spider in the house, I coax them onto a piece of paper, then take them outside and release them so that they may live to see another sunrise.  However, this weekend, two very stubborn flies got into the house, and they were driving me crazy … no way to get them to go back out into the wild, and finally I gave in to my baser instincts and … WHAP! WHAP!

So, I can understand the frustration of the 80-year-old man in the French village of Parcoul-Chenaud in Dordogne, who was only trying to eat his dinner in peace when a fly began buzzing annoyingly around him.  He picked up his electronic fly swatter (who knew such a thing existed???) and took aim at the fly.  Suddenly there was a huge explosion in his kitchen!  Turns out that unbeknownst to the man, there was a gas leak and when he ignited the electronic gizmo, it set off a reaction and caused the explosion.

Fortunately, the man suffered only a minor burn on his hand, but the explosion also damaged part of his roof, and his house is temporarily uninhabitable.  No word on what happened to the fly.  I think there is a lesson here …

And speaking of insects …

I am an anomaly, for I actually like spiders and, except the one that came zooming through my kitchen a few weeks ago at 70 miles-per-hour, they don’t intimidate me.  A newfound spider species that wears a striking red-and-white pattern on its back that resembles the grin worn by Batman’s long-standing nemesis, the Joker, has recently been discovered by scientists in Iran.joker-spiderThe resemblance is so uncanny that the researchers who described the arachnid named the species Loureedia phoenixi after actor Joaquin Phoenix, who portrayed the tormented, smiling villain in the 2019 film, “Joker.”  Now, personally I will always think of Jack Nicholson as The Joker, but that just shows my age.


Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker

Ironically, the colorful spider belongs to a genus that was named for the late punk rock icon Lou Reed, who famously wore black and rarely smiled.

On the backs of the male L. phoenixi spiders, a splash of vivid red stands out against a background of white, much like the Joker’s unnerving smile contrasts with his white facial makeup, the scientists wrote in the study. Though, you’d need magnification to see it clearly, as the spider’s body measures only about 0.3 inches (8 millimeters) long and is covered in tiny hairs.

Discovering Loureedia spiders is challenging, because the arachnids are active aboveground only for a three-week period each year.

These spiders spend most of their lives in their subterranean nests. Males leave their burrows to hunt for females, usually from late October to mid-November, and spiderlings come to the surface when they leave their mother’s nest.

And now, the part of Jolly Monday you all love … CARTOONS!!!


And a few funny memes …


I’m sorry this Jolly Monday is a bit shorter than usual, but I’m just not quite up to par, and neither is Jolly, but we did manage to find a cute animal video we think you’ll like!

And for our friend Hugh, who is going through a difficult time at the moment … know that you are in our hearts and thoughts, dear Hugh!

I hope you all have a wonderful week … or as good as you can.  Keep safe, my friends … these are difficult times for everyone.  Please remember to share those smiles … you never know when one smile might change someone’s outlook.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

33 thoughts on “Jolly Monday … It Is Monday, Right?

  1. Re: ads … what blocker do you use? I use AdBlocker and it allows you to “pause” on a site (like ones you only visit occasionally). You can also tell it not to “run” on a particular site … like ones that you visit often. There are some other features, but these two are the ones I use the most. And it’s FREE … altho’ there’s also a paid version.

    What’ interesting is even though I “turn it off” on some sites, the ads still don’t show … ???

    Of course, there are those (usually the big news sites who already are making plenty of $$$$) who simply will not allow you in unless you subscribe. And I REFUSE!

    Anyway, this may all be “old news” to you but thought I’d throw it out there just in case.

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    • I use AdBlocker Plus, and also the adblocker that comes with Opera. I can disable either or both for any given site, but I won’t because the ads waste my time and annoy the bloody hell out of me! 🤣 Plus, some of the ads flash, and I find that flashing things on my screen cause me to lose my ability to read what I’m trying to read. Very few things are of such value that I’m willing to see their tacky and often offensive ads, for most everything can be found on another source, too. Thanks, Nan!!! Have a great week!

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  2. With all that YOU and your devoted followers are traversing, I must shamefacedly admit to my feeling a bit sorry for myself. Chastise me if you must, but this Monday is neither as Jolly nor as Joyful without Benjamin by my side. School, though virtual, has taken him away for the entire week! “Mommy” has taken the week off to learn the workings of the program along with him…what happens next week is the great unknown this week. But, I will save this for Benjamin to enjoy at some future date. As for me, I will gorge myself on those blueberry bars and a nice cup or two of half & half with a fair amount of coffee! Ahh, I feel better already!! Jill, hope you feel better soon! Positive thoughts and good wishes sent to Hugh! Greetings and thanks to Jolly and Joyful for their efforts and their ever present smiles. Thank-YOU! P.S. Your decorations are up 1 &1/2 months before Halloween!?!? Does your Christmas tree and decorations go up on Thanksgiving Day too? No criticism, just curious!

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    • No ma’am, I will NOT chastise you, for I feel your pain! I am missing young Benjamin’s comment this morning, so I can only imagine how lost you must feel. I do hope that one way or another he is back with you next week, even if you do have to be his surrogate teacher! Thanks for your well-wishes, dear friend, both for myself and for Hugh. We usually put Hallowe’en decorations up around the last week in September, but we are early this year because … a few nights ago Miss Goose sighed and said, “Grannie, it’s been so long since we had something to look forward to.” My heart nearly broke. She and I have been confined to the house since mid-March now, with no end in sight, and I can relate to how she feels. So, I decided we’d decorate early this year to hopefully bring her a bit of cheer. No, we always get a fresh-cut tree, so that goes up no sooner than around December 20th, though we do put up the LeMax lighted houses and other decorations around mid-November when we take the Hallowe’en stuff down.


  3. Thanks Jill. After the sorrowful week I had these jokes made me smile. In fact, the Turtle and Hare one will be my new trademark. Love it. The last one though….
    PS My favorite Joker was Heath Ledger. His performance was the first to shed light on the nightmare of his life that led to his maniacal rage. I couldn’t beginto think of Halloween decorations. In so many ways I wish I still had young ones at home…

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    • I’m so sorry to hear you had a sorrowful week, my friend. I remember you were going to visit your dad … I presume that was not a happy trip and that he is not doing well? I’m so sorry. That said, I’m glad you found something here to bring a smile to start off the new week. I likely would have skipped Hallowe’en decorations this year, too, were it not for the girls. Although my granddaughter will soon be 26, she still delights in the holiday trappings. The other night she sighed and said, “It’s been so long since I had anything to look forward to.” Nearly broke my heart, but she’s right … she and I have been confined to the house since mid-March. So, I decided she needed some cheering! Have a good week, Cheryl!!!

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      • Thanks Jill. It is apparent that, although his health is improving, my Dad will not be leaving nursing home care when his rehab is over. His mind is just too fragmented to function properly at home. 😔
        Im sorry you have been so isolated. I’m glad the decorating helped. When I phoned my youngest granddaughter to say Happy Birthday, i noticed lights in the background. When I asked my son if it was actually a Christmas tree or just strung lights, he said yes it was a Christmas tree. My daughter in law read that to cheer up it is a good idea to put up your Christmas tree early. I hope you have a good week Jill. I appreciate all your posts and information. 🤗💕

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        • Awww … I’m so sorry to hear that … I can only imagine how hard that is, both for him and you. The Christmas tree up already??? Wow! I would have to draw the line there, for our house is rather cramped as it is, and when the Christmas tree is up (we always have a live tree) we can barely walk through the living room! I keep trying to convince the girls to go for a small table-top tree, but no luck so far! Thanks for your kind words, my friend. I only wish I had words to cheer you up. Know that I care and am thinking of you. ❤


          • I know Jill. Your heart is a bottomless well of of empathy and hope. We all appreciate you. While I admit to feeling the long missing spark of holiday excitement as a light at the end of the tunnel, I could not look at my tree from now until New Years. Once, however, we had a magnificent artificial tree and a big entryway; and for that year, I left it up, changing its theme to reflect the current holiday-Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras and St Patrick’s Day. I think it was more about having to take the behemoth down and hauling it up to the attic again. 😉😂

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