“It’ll Start Getting Cooler. You Just Watch.”

I’ve written a couple of times in the past week about the West Coast wildfires, but our friend Jeff today shared an open letter to Trump by the esteemed Governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, that pulls no punches, that “tells it like it is”! I have always respected Governor Inslee, and now even more so! Thanks, Jeff, for sharing this letter!

On The Fence Voters

Every day, the current president seems to be on a mission to eliminate as many people as he can in the United States of America. Whether it’s through his immense incompetence and failures to address the worst pandemic in a century, or ignoring the ongoing climate crisis, we can see in real time how devastating another four years of this administration would be to human life and suffering.

Today, I’d like to share a letter written by the current Governor of the state of Washington, Jay Inslee, that was published today on Medium. In it, he addresses the current president in an open letter to lambaste him for his abject failure to even acknowledge there’s a climate crisis emergency in progress.

Open letter to President Donald Trump on the role of climate change in historic wildfires

WA Governor’s Office

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September 14, 2020

The Honorable…

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3 thoughts on ““It’ll Start Getting Cooler. You Just Watch.”

  1. He’s never going to admit he’s wrong or there’s anything he hasn’t already fixed. It’s hopeless to think that facts, realities or any logic will reach his two working brain cells. The truth is not something that idiot recognizes or understands. He would happily kill all of us, and the planet, as long as the mirror he had was big enough to see his whole face when he looked into it all day and night.

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    • You really think he has two working brain cells??? I thought there was a black hole where his brain was supposed to be. Never in my life have I known of a bigger narcissist … psychopath … than he, but what bothers me most is that some 40% of the people in this country can’t see it. WHY??? Are they that blind?


  2. Hey, Jill:
    I’m up past my bedtime, so I hope this question is readable, to ask you a question that you probably won’t get to until later tomorrow, but as I’ve been remiss in keeping up with current events, and I recall hearing something about this earlier, can you please explain to me why my landlady is insisting that the Dems are blocking a second stimulus payment?


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