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Blogger friend Annie posted this post earlier this month (where has September gone???) and it is an excellent and timely reminder for those who may still be sitting on the fence about the November election. Please take a few minutes to read. Thank you, Annie & Infidel!


[Note from Annie: I feel the post below, written by my fellow blogger Infidel753, is so thoughtful and persuasive that I’m featuring it here.Infidel’s highly informative, provocative, and often entertaining blog may be accessed at]


This November, one of two things will happen. Either Biden will be elected president, or Trump will be re-elected. Many people fervently believe there should be some third option. There isn’t. It’s going to be one of those two.

This post is addressed to those who, for whatever reason, don’t like Biden. Maybe you consider him too centrist or too old or too old-fashioned or “Republican-lite” or whatever. Maybe you think the Tara Reade accusation has credibility (though there are good reasons to believe otherwise). Maybe you think the process by which millions of rank-and-file Democrats chose the nominee (from among a remarkably large and varied group of candidates) was tainted…

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4 thoughts on “The Choice

  1. Hi Jill, thx for sharing this compelling post. Sadly, there’s a fundamental reason why over 100 million Americans don’t bother to vote every single election. Our political system favors the rich and connected, does nothing for the poor and middle class.
    Ask yourself, why does Europe, Latin America, Russia, Asia, Netherlands and most of the world have free universal health care, living wage, free or lost cost education, cheap prescription drugs, better overall quality of life… yet the United States is the richest country in the world by far but can’t afford to care for it’s citizens?
    Joe Biden most likely will win this upcoming election, but he’s old guard for the establishment, nothing will essentially change, his administration’s policies cater to corporate interests and will align with Republicans very well. Joe Biden is not the solution but a continuation of the problem, granted he’s better than Trump but not by much. In reality there’s really no choice in a duopoly 2-party system, just the illusion of left vs right. When both parties actively encourage partisanship and in-fighting, we all lose. It’s divide and conquer, that’s why the upper echelon of society – the 1% always win and everyone else is poorer. The system is rigged in their favor and both parties want to keep it that way!
    Watch this video and you’ll understand why our political system has failed us:


    • one earth, you are absolutely right and I’ve been saying for a long time that the republicans and democrats are really the same, think about it, they both support the patriot act, they both love interventionism and war, they do nothing to curb the debt but plenty to flatten the mythical curve, they both take special interest and corporate money, they don’t audit the federal reserve and they both support the xm bank which is just a nice way to say corporate welfare.
      So in all of those ways, Trump and Biden are the same.

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      • Precisely Scott. Here are some headlines of hypocrisy from both parties:
        “House Democrats gave Trump ‘everything he wanted’ on a $738 billion defense bill while on the brink of impeaching him”
        During the height of the pandemic, Democrats sided with Trump to leave out medicare for all, or free contact tracing/ testing when drafting the Cares Act.
        Democrats approved Trump’s 5+ TRILLION corporate bailout package, but denied further funding for unemployment or add’l stimulus checks to help citizens.
        Democrats certainly did not vote against Trump’s tax cut for the wealthy! Perhaps b/c tax cuts benefited them directly!
        There are so many more examples of blatant and wanton collusion with Republicans, it’ll leave you scratching ur head that we actually live under a plutocracy! Both parties are a joke, so transparently greedy and corrupt.
        I predict this year’s election to be the lowest voter turn-out in history. Biden should comfortably win, only b/c Trump has mismanaged the plandemic infowar so badly.


      • What about the more relevant differences between the two parties, Scott? Like … democrats believe in such things as affordable health care and college tuition, lower taxes for working class, while republicans are all about big business and strike down any talk of helping the poor. Or, what about women’s rights? Minority rights? Oh yeah, there are mega differences between the ideologies of the two parties.


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