Jolly Monday … It’s Autumn!

G’morning friends, and welcome to …MondayAnother weekend bites the dust and we return to our weekly routine, such as it is.  Today, by the way, is the first day of autumn, and after the hot, humid summer we’ve had, I’m happy enough to see it.

fall-1Fortunately for you, Jolly and Joyful are in better humour than I am this morning, so I’m letting them take over part of Jolly Monday this week.  Joyful has been in the kitchen since well before sunup, and I don’t know what she’s making, but it sure does smell good.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

The House that Bud built?

Have you been considering buying a vacation home, or perhaps a home to retire to in Florida?  Well, look no further! house-4This is a condo listed for sale in Lake Worth, Florida, for the (relatively) low price of $100,000.  Now, take a closer look … yep, those are Budweiser beer cans lining the walls and ceilings.  Every square inch of wall and ceiling, except the bathroom, is lined in genuine Budweiser beer cans!  No … sorry Joe … the cans are empty!

house-7house-6house-5house-3Needless to say, the condo’s former owner, now deceased, was a lifelong fan of the Anheuser-Busch beer.  Budweiser posted pictures of the house on Twitter, and his friend posted …

“This is Budman’s (the former owner of this house) Best friend/daughter figure/former neighbor. I wish he could see the recognition now! Thank you so much for acknowledging his 20+ years and many renovations of dedication to your brand! He would love this.”

I just wonder how many beer cans there are!  And I wonder how long it took him to drink all that beer!  Anybody care to make a guess?

How embarrassing!!!

Police in Britain responded to an early morning call from a man who became trapped in a pair of handcuffs in an apparent case of romance gone awry.

The Greater Manchester Police’s Rochdale station said officers responded to a home at 4:30 a.m. Friday to help a couple having difficulty with a pair of handcuffs.  According to the department’s Twitter post …

“Male phoned requesting help as his girlfriend had locked him in some handcuffs and they couldn’t now find the key. Wanted police as he feared the fire brigade would cut them and they were expensive.”

Police said the man was “released” from the cuffs, but the department did not say whether the expensive restraints were damaged in the rescue.

My best guess is that these two are no longer boyfriend/girlfriend after that!

jollyGwammie left me ‘n Joyful to finish up, so we just found lots of ‘toons for you, okay?


An’ we found a few weally cute pictures of animals …


We gots to finish now with a cute animal video, ‘k?

falling spiderBe sure to smile lots at peoples dis week an’ have a weally good week.  Love ‘n hugs from Jolly, Joyful an’ Gwammie, too!

24 thoughts on “Jolly Monday … It’s Autumn!

  1. There are so many things to celebrate on September 21st…the Autumn Equinox, International Day of Peace, and World Gratitude Day! World Gratitude Day found its roots in a gathering at the Hawaii East-West Center on September 21st in 1965 when the host, the Indian meditation guru Sri Chinmoy, suggested the idea of a globally unifying holiday. The day grew worldwide and was later formally adopted by the United Nations Meditation Group on September 21, 1977. The event took place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City when Chinmoy, also the director of the group, was honored for his work. In the spirit of this day which is to show appreciation for all things, both big and small…Jolly and Joyful deserve a standing ovation for today’s Jolly Monday! “Every moment offers an opportunity to be grateful. Stop, Look, Appreciate.” – Benedictine monk, Brother David Steindall-Rast. Thank-YOU!!

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    • Oh, bother! Whilst tidying up after a late supper, I happened to glance over at the large calendar on the side of my refrigerator and gasped at what I read! You and I are wrong…the Autumn Equinox or, as it is also known, the First Day of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere does not begin until September 22nd (tomorrow). Since waking this morning until late this evening I have been celebrating the future, not the present! I sent my ecards a day early too! Oh well, at my age, two out of three is not bad! Now I can have a second first day tomorrow…how many times in life can one say that?! Grateful for the opportunity…I will stop, I will look, I will appreciate! Thank-you again!

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      • Sigh. Oh well … in my book, it was fall yesterday, and it is certainly fall now, for it’s somewhere past midnight. Now, if only the weather would realize it is fall. I’ve still got the a/c running! Enjoy your 2nd Autumn Equinox, my friend! 😊


      • Since it’s Budweiser, I imagine others were forced to drink the beer (I use the term as a convenience) as punishment. Once you’ve had a good beer, Budweiser (and Miller (and — gag — Miller Lite) and Stroh’s, PBR, etc) is a joke.

        I looked at the whole ‘when does Fall begin, when is the Equinox’, and was dissatisfied by what I found. The Autumnal E is on the 23rd but all are celebrating it on the 22nd…

        Sounds right for 2020, a year of contradictions and confusion.


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        • Ahhhh … a beer connoisseur, eh? I rarely drink beer anymore, but when I do, it’s Coors Light which, since you didn’t specifically mention it, I presume passes muster? 🤣

          As re the Autumn Equinox … it’s a manmade contrivance just like time, months, days of week, etc. For some reason, humans feel a need to measure everything. Other species could care less … they still have instincts that tell them when to head for the cave, or fly south. We lost ours.


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    • Yes, much to celebrate on this day. Somehow, I’m not much in a celebratory mood, though, so I’ll hope for a better September 21st next year! Jolly and Joyful tell you ‘Thank you!’, as do I.


  2. Jill, please send me Joyful! The pics of the booty in the kitchen make my senses come alive this morning when I can’t think of a thing I weally want for breakfast — and lunch — and even dinner! Great toons, some saved to give my sibs a chuckle, and I especially loves the kitty with the bunny ears. It should have a name of its own, like canny? or buncat? or maybe “Puss ‘n Ears”? Bad, I know, but the best I can do with my finger tips freezing off! Guess it’s time to pull out the heavy sweaters and mittens. Now for some hot chocolate! Hugs! 😇💖

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    • I will send you Joyful some Sunday morn and she will make you a brunch fit for a Queen! And, the best part is there will be plenty for leftovers for a few meals! I know what you mean … nothing appeals to me anymore, even my favourite foods just don’t tempt the tastebuds. Peanut butter still does, though! Nature’s most perfect food! I’m glad you liked the ‘toons, and I love the last of your names for the kitty — “Puss ‘N Ears” … perfect! It’s cooled down some here, but I’ve still got the a/c running! I’ll be glad when it cools enough to turn it off and bring out the sweaters! Enjoy your hot chocolate! Big HUGS!!! ❤

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    • I’m so glad you’re feeling jolly now!!! And even smiling … wow! That’s more than I can muster these days, which is why I let J&J pick out the ‘toons! I’m feeling better … physically, anyway. You keep safe too, my friend! Huge hugs ‘n much love to you! ❤

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