Wake up America

Blogging friend Brosephus is an intelligent, reasonable man, not given to conspiracy theories or rumours. When he speaks, I listen … and what he’s saying today, I’ve seen said in several places over the past couple of days. Just something to think about, something to be aware of, for we all know that Trump is not an honest person and there is no low that he won’t stoop to in order to hold onto his power and unlimited source of funding. Thanks, Brosephus … let’s hope it never comes to this.

The Mind of Brosephus

I’m typically not an alarmist, and I’ve gone back and forth on writing this post because I hate sounding like a conspiracy theorist. However, I honestly think that Americans need to open their eyes to  all that’s happening around them.

This tweet made me really think about the context of what this would imply. This implies that a significant population of America would be perfectly okay with shredding any and all semblance of constitutional rule.

In ordinary times, you’d be hard pressed to convince me to even think about something of that magnitude. However, we’re not in ordinary times anymore, and conservatives have more than communicated their intent.

For example:

This screenshot from a Trump follower tells you all you need to know. It’s not about anything other than hatred that drives conservatives now. He tried to clean up his statement the next day, but the statement is clear. It’s…

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11 thoughts on “Wake up America

  1. Thank you for sharing!.. unfortunately there is a great deal of closed minded individuals in the world’s societies who have found their “comfort zone” and refuse to change of any kind… along comes someone like Donald Trump who will do anything for a vote and fuel his ego so he will give them what they want and they will fuel his ego.. I would say ” a match made in heaven” but I am not into religion… in spite of their efforts with their image, today’s technology exposes them for what they really are… 🙂
    At this moment they are like the proverbial “drowning man grabbing straws” because change is in the winds, a great deal they have no control over… 🙂

    Have a great weekend and hope all is well in your part of the universe and life is all that you wish for it to be… 🙂

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    • I know you’re right, Dutch, and I suppose it has always been so. But, I am hoping there are enough people in this country who realize what is at stake and do their duty to vote … it’s such a simple thing, really, but can make such a huge difference. In my book, those close-minded people use their religion as a spear to attack any who don’t agree with them. I will never understand them, and of late I’ve given up trying … now I’m just trying to ensure the rest understand what’s at stake and can be convinced to make their voices heard.

      You have a great weekend too, my friend!


  2. The amount of insanity is becoming overwhelming. I am more angry than frightened at this point. I fear the universe will just let us puny humans burn ourself out and salvage what is left of the beautiful planet we were here to protect and enjoy. Anti maskers make me want to make them stand on a railroad track in front of an oncoming train to see how long it takes them to jump off. Anti vaccine maniacs should be forced to visit countries where malaria, measles, pneumonia and tuberculosis are rampant while they refuse to protect their children and their fellow countrymen. People who want no constitutional rights are the biggest fools of all. How insane to believe that never at amy time will the things THEY value, need or hold dear come under threat in a society without fair trial or unbiased rule. And they call liberals, democrats and non right wing fanatics anarchists? WTF? Seriously. I feel like I woke up in the Twilight Zone. The one ‘conspiracy theory’ that nags at the base of my brain and no one else seems to really want to consider is far more insidious than the Trump administration merely meeting Covid with gross ineptitude and flagrant ignorance. Imagine a scenario whereby a man who wants ultimate power enlists/allows a deadly virus into our system just to make himself a Savior- a sort of political Munchausen by Proxy situation, only it backfires horribly. Neither Savior nor able to create the police state he wants, he resorts to distractions like starting racial conflict, instigating rebellions; and behind the ensuing smokescreen of utter chaos, he builds his army of zombie followers. They want to eat his opponents faces off or at the very least, watch them die a slow horrible death. Yeah, sorry, but this is how I am feeling tonight. So much ugliness and so little sensibility are getting to me. Sigh.

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    • It is overwhelming. I often think this just cannot be reality. It seems somehow we’ve gotten into an alternate universe where everything is turned inside out.
      I feel fear, anger, depression…but mostly disgust at many human beings.

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