Lindsey’s Looming Loss: A Lesson on Loyalties

Whatever traits Lindsey Graham may possess, character, integrity and honesty are NOT among them. Our friend Jerry over at On the Fence Voters compares him to a ‘remora’, sometimes known as a suckerfish, and the comparison is apt, as Jerry will show us. Thanks, Jerry, for this spot-on post!

On The Fence Voters

Poor Lindsey Graham; he’s facing a legitimate—and downright tough—challenge for his seat in the U.S. Senate. The Republican senior senator from South Carolina recently bemoaned on a Fox News interview, “I’m being killed financially. This money is because they hate my guts.”

Graham’s Democratic opponent, Jaime Harrison, has raised $3.5 million in campaign support.

Why might Graham, a three-term senator, be facing this unfamiliar uphill battle? Why do so many South Carolinians hate his guts?

Loyalty: The Absent Attribute

Graham is a conservative in a solidly conservative state; he should cruise to victory. In 2002 he gained the senate seat by a 10-point margin, then he won by a nearly 16-point margin in 2008, and by 10 points again in 2014. Yet, in this crucial election cycle, polls show Graham tied with Harrison, his Democratic rival. What happened? Might Graham’s slide be tied to his gross miscalculations on the character…

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13 thoughts on “Lindsey’s Looming Loss: A Lesson on Loyalties

  1. what a strange coincidence; yesterday I was showing my students an article from the Wall Street Journal, and one of the words in the article was remora. I remarked to my students that I wasn’t quite sure what that word meant, and about four hands immediately shot up to tell me what it meant. And now I see it mentioned in one of your/Jerry’s posts! I certainly hope Graham loses…

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  2. An excellent share! I fervently hope that the door hits Lindsey Graham in the a** on his way out of the Senate! I also fervently hope that there is a long line of other GOP Senators (#1 – McConnell) and Representatives right behind him. Thank-you!

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  3. Jill, all the reason to send Messers. Graham and McConnell packing. The election now has become about Health Care thanks to the rush. Americans need to know that their access is at risk. But, what the majority of Americans do not realize, if the ACA goes away, this will impact requirements on the 200 million Americans covered by employer plans. The ACA requires features in employer plans on ignoring pre-existing conditions, guaranteed renewability and wellness doctor’s visits not being subject to deductibles.

    If people are made aware of this, they may not be as eager to bang on the kill the ACA drum. Keith

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    • I fully agree, and it will also take health insurance away from millions altogether. Enough has been written that everyone should be aware of the implications, but apparently some believe Trump when he says he has a “better plan”. Hah! He doesn’t even have a plan, let alone a better one. Too many people are wearing blinders, and in so doing are shooting themselves in the foot.


      • Jill, you need to start with the premise Trump does not know a whole lot about the ACA or healthcare. But, many politicians do not. What Trump signed last week was just a promise to do something, but his promises don’t mean a whole lot. Keith

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        • For sure … remember when he said, “who knew healthcare was so complex”? And you’re right … most politicians aren’t actuaries or insurance specialists or medicos, but most are smart enough to listen to the experts, to seek expert advice. Not Trump … he says his ‘instincts’ are better than the knowledge of experts. Could be why we have the highest death toll from the coronavirus, eh? His promises mean less than nothing. Sigh. Let’s just get rid of him, shall we?


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