The Week’s Best Cartoons 9/26

I’m a bit late to the party!  I usually re-blog TokyoSand’s Saturday cartoon roundup on either Saturday or Sunday, but I got way behind this past weekend and am just now getting around to it.  These days, the cartoonists have so much material to work with that I imagine they aren’t getting much sleep, but then neither are the rest of us.  Thank you, TS, for another superb collection.

The nation’s editorial cartoonists respond to the week’s top news stories, including the passing of Justice Ginsberg, the Breeona Taylor case, a terrible COVID19 milestone, and Election 2020.

Source: The Week’s Best Cartoons 9/26

12 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons 9/26

      • LOL. I was nearly sick by the end. Though I felt the moderator did a great job. Much better than those on the Clinton-Trump debate. I think Biden did good. He talked to the American people directly. Not once did the other do so. He only talks to himself…
        Take a walk outside. (with a mask) Sun’s out. At least here.

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        • I did like some of Biden’s responses, and yes, Chris Wallace did a good job, though I wish they would give him the power to turn off the microphone of the one who obnoxiously and continuously interrupts and attempts to dominate the conversation! He talks to his base, and only his base … his rants are designed to energize them, for it is that sort of crude & rude nastiness that they love. Sigh. A walk in the sunshine sounds wonderful, except for the fact that it is cloudy, chilly and windy here!

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          • When I saw your comment on my phone, I had to laugh: I’d just said the very same thing to my wife. “Moderator should have control of the mikes!”
            But now look who’s got the virus? LOL.
            Sorry, I find it veeeery ironic. I guess Hope What’s her name has been fired. 🤣🤣🤣

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