Snarky Snippets Volume MLXIV

I don’t honestly know how anybody can not have an overload of angst these days, but some appear to be perfectly content doing whatever it is they do and largely ignoring the fires that are burning all around them.  More power to them, I suppose, but I just don’t understand it.  I, on the other hand, have such an overload of angst that I punched my coffee pot this morning and called it a b*tch, even though it is a male!  What … you didn’t know appliances had gender?  Of course they do, just like cars, eagles, puppies and people!

Anyway … lucky you, dear friends, get the dubious honour of listening to me vent my snarkiness!  Hold on tight …

Politicizing food …

Back in April, as part of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) started a program called the Farmers to Families Food Box Program whereby the Department purchases agriculture products and distributes food boxes to local food banks for distribution to people in need.  The food boxes contain a combination of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and meat products.  A worthy cause, for certain.

Recently, however, the boxes began to include something else … a letter in both Spanish and English, signed by none other than Donald Trump.

The utter arrogance of the ‘man’ in the Oval Office should not surprise me, right?  Nothing should surprise me anymore, but … I find my hinged jaw still drops when I read stuff like this …

Trump requires food aid boxes to come with a letter from him

This, my friends, is a sign of a desperate and despicable ‘man’!  This is, in the words of one food bank director, ‘egregious’.  I think there is no word in the English language that can fully describe what a foul act this is by a foul ‘man’.  It is reported that this was Ivanka Trump’s idea in the beginning.

Anti-hunger advocates and food bank workers are outraged, saying the move violates the Hatch Act and compromises relationships with the food-insecure people they serve, but attorneys say that since the election is not mentioned, there is no Hatch Act violation.  Personally, I think that since Donald Trump has not contributed one single dime to this program, nor was it his idea, then he has no right to mandate his name be included.

Many food banks are removing the letters from the boxes at the distribution sites, which of course takes extra time.  Some recipients who received the letter have thrown them out of their car windows.

Banned again …

twitter-6Well, Twitter has once again banned Filosofa, this time only for 12 hours, though … last time, when I referred to a female Fox News ‘host’ as a bimbo (she really is!), I was banned for three whole days!

So, what did I do this time?  I happened upon this tweet

Trump-tweetAnd my fingers were flying before I had time to stop them.  Still, what I said wasn’t all that bad … not a single bit of foul language, no threat, no name-calling.  I simply said that if he honestly believed he won Tuesday’s debate, he is deranged and belongs in a mental institution rather than the Oval Office.

Within minutes, I received this email from Twitter …Twitter-noticeNow, I think it is hilarious that what I said is considered “glorifying violence”!  How does this in any way, shape or form ‘glorify violence’???  I’ve seen far worse things on Twitter by Trump’s two sons, Junior and Eric, and in fact I’ve seen worse by Trump himself.  I could have appealed, but I don’t care enough to waste my time … Twitter can ban me for life and I won’t lose a moment’s sleep over it, but I just thought it was ridiculous.  Ah well, I wear my suspension as a badge of honour!Badge_Honour

Breonna’s murderer wants your help

It was just over a week ago that I wrote of the fact that none of the three officers who fired the shots that killed an innocent woman, Breonna Taylor, were indicted.  The only indictment handed down in relation to the case was against one officer who fired shots into a neighboring apartment, where nobody was injured.

Myles-CosgroveToday, I was incensed to read that one of the three officers, Myles Cosgrove, who whether officially or not, did indeed take part in the murder of Ms. Taylor, has set up an account on a “Christian crowdfunding site” GiveSendGo so he can “purchase the remainder of his service time” and retire!  That’s right, folks, he says that it will be impossible for him to return to work because he feels that he and his family are in danger.  But, what really galled me … well, two things actually.  The first is a portion of a statement by his family …

“With regards to the media, nationally and locally, the Breonna Taylor case has been forged into a tool for an agenda that has no regard for the lives that are being destroyed.”

Lives that are being destroyed???  What about Breonna Taylor’s life???  He and two other officers, men entrusted with the safety of the public, robbed Breonna Taylor of her life!  And he has the unmitigated gall to ask people for help and say he is the victim here?  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The other thing that angered me was seeing that already the fund has received 943 donations totaling $44,838!  Apparently there are a lot of fools out there who would rather support a murderer than donate to a legitimate charity that feeds the poor or shelters the homeless!  Oh, and by the way, the same site, GiveSendGo, hosts another murderer, Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin, and murdered two people.  His account has received 12,596 donations totaling $535,361!  What the hell is wrong with people???

And now, Filosofa will take a few minutes to catch her breath and listen to some music to try to calm the snark monster within!  OH … By the way … I almost forgot that today is World Smile Day!  Since I won’t be doing a separate post about it this, year, please do take a minute or two to check out my post from last year!


20 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets Volume MLXIV

    • It certainly is … it raises the question of just what values our society has these days … if any.

      Thanks! I’ll likely get banned again sometime before the end of the year! I thumb my nose at Twitter with its double-standards!


  1. Dumpystiltskin knows nothing about honour, and trying to attach his name to something so meritorious as this food program is about as despicable as one can get, although the murdering crybabies begging for financial forgiveness comes mighty effin’ close. And what does it say about those so-called christians who are supporting the criminal actions–for their sake I hope there is a Hell they can end up in, and gather to talk about how righteous they were to uphold their loving values and racist ideals. They all deserve each other.
    AND THAT IS INTENTIONAL VIOLENCE, let WordPress ban me for that! What you said on Twitter doesn’t rise to the occasion.

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    • And speaking of despicable, Ms Amy Conehead Barrett is another example of the true ass-kissing conservative. If she had any integrity at all, if she had any love for America, she would have told Trump thanks, but no thanks. The Supreme Court was designed to be non-religious, as well as non-political. To give one ideology a clear advantage over another is to denigrate the Court’s function. If anyone knows that, it should be her. But she loves only her own personal values, and that defines her need for power!

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      • You are 100% right … the Supreme Court is intended to be non-partisan and to uphold the Constitution … a document that calls for this to be a secular nation where people are free to choose any or no religion. Religion should not play ANY role in public policy! And Ms. Barrett is a bigot and a religious zealot by my book, a woman who has no right making public policy that will affect 300 million people.


    • Hah! Well, I see your nice mellow mood of the past couple of weeks has moved on, eh? I agree that it was a despicable move, but what else would we expect from a despicable person? No, my Twitter comment didn’t rise to the occasion, but then, I wasn’t trying to rise to an occasion anyway, but merely trying to express my opinion that the ‘man’ is delusional if he thinks he won that debate. Twitter seems to have a double standard!


      • When it comes to the debate, I think k they both lost. Biden fell into the blame game trap right away, and he never got out of it. Trump, he lost before he began. And if the C-19 diagnosis is real, he lost there too. Now, with half his security staff in quarantine, as well as a bunch of other GOP bigwigs, the chickens will come home to rest.
        As for my more mellow mood, it’s still here, that was just a momentary lapse. I’m good.

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        • Biden did take the bait a few times, but mostly he just shook his head and chuckled at the madman’s antics. It will be interesting (if interesting is defined as ulcer-causing) to see how this impacts the election and the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court. Every hour, it seems, more of the people in the administration and in Congress are testing positive … Trump started his very own pandemic! That said, it’s also serious in that … what happens to the election? It will still take place, but will Trump be on the ballot or will the RNC have to quickly nominate a replacement? And thousands … nay, tens of thousands have already voted … just more chaos into an already nightmarish election. Sigh. LuL


    • Thank you, Michael!!! Actually, I think that writing about these things is my vent, keeps me from imploding! You have a wonderful weekend, as well … I hope you have sunshine and can get out and enjoy nature for a bit.


  2. Dear friend, do not bother to twitter or tweet within the confines set for some and not for others…SNARK here where your talent is not wasted, your wit is appreciated and you are loved! Other than that, ditto David’s astute observations! Thank-you!

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    • P.S. I try to smile often because its the only good curve that remains on this old body! The cartoons sure made me flaunt that curve off (even if only to the computer screen). Thank-YOU!

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      • Ha ha … I hear you, my friend! Even my smile is a bit jagged and lopsided these days, on the rare occasions it appears! I’m glad the ‘toons gave you a chance to flaunt your curve, if only for a bit.


    • Thank you!! That was my thought, too. I have little use these days for either Twitter or Facebook and I was able to laugh about the Twitter suspension, though I would still love to know how they perceived my comment to be ‘glorifying violence’!


  3. Jill, several thoughts come to mind.

    – Putting his name on letters is akin to putting his name on buildings, Three letter word, begins with E and ends with O.

    – The emperor has no clothes. Aids are scared to tell him he did not do as well as he thinks he did at the debate. There is a reason Fox and Friends were coaching him.

    – One must remember Trump’s self-grading is vastly different from reality. Too bad, he does not have a supervisor – “Let’s see Donald gave yourself an A+, I was thinking along the lines of a C- or D+.”

    It is sad to see the president and first lady (after learning that Hope Hicks did too) did test positive on COVID-19. I do not wish illness on anyone and wish them well, yet it is not a surprise with the exposure he placed himself in. This is a real threat and maybe others who have not, will start to take notice that this disease is communicable.



  4. What a ridiculous reason Twitter gave for suspending you. The Badge of Honour is well deserved. Trump may not be offending the Hatch Act with his letter but it certainly offends public decency. with him trying to gain kudos for someone else’s idea. That it should be impossible for a murderer to profit from his crime is a rule that should be enforced to the letter and the money donated should be sent to the families of the victims.
    Go enjoy some nice soothing music and Smile.

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