Inhumane, Cruel and Unconscionable

Yes, of course I am talking about the current occupant of the White House … who else?  I am so damn sick and tired of writing about Donald Trump … and yet, it is he who poses the gravest threat to not only our own well-being, but to the lives of people all around the globe.

For the past week, he has been an even bigger jackass than before, starting with his unhinged behaviour during last Tuesday’s debate and culminating with his untimely return to the White House from Walter Reed hospital last evening.  And now, predictably, he is continuing to put the lives of his family, the White House staff, people in his administration, Secret Service agents, members of Congress, and others at risk for the sake of his own ego.

Worse yet, he is putting my life and yours at risk by convincing his not-too-bright base that the coronavirus isn’t dangerous after all, and that they should return to their everyday activities sans precautions.  This was tragically predictable, that if he lived and suffered no lasting effects, he would say, “See … it was nothing … just like I said … nothing to worry about.”  And some will believe him and they will take risks that put others at risk, and the chain is endless.

I have said it before, but perhaps now people … at least thinking people … will believe me when I say this ‘man’ has no conscience.  He is an abuser … he has abused his own children, his wives, other women, his staff, and now he is abusing this nation.  Yet just yesterday I read a comment by a woman claiming that he was put in this position by god and that made him godly.  Oh please, spare me …

A number of Trump’s minions have claimed that he is living proof the protocols called for by the medical community – mask wearing, social distancing, etc. – don’t work because … well, because Trump caught the virus, too.  TRUMP DID NOT FOLLOW THOSE PROTOCOLS, FOOLS!  He mocked people who did, he ‘demanded’ that businesses and schools reopen well before they should have, and he never wore a mask, thus exposing himself and everyone around him.  Knock off the damn lies, the obfuscation and the gaslighting!

The day that Donald Trump leaves office, hopefully at 12:01 p.m. on January 20, 2021, I hope there is a huge class action lawsuit filed against him for the lives he has cost us and for making our own lives a living hell on earth.

Three senators now have the coronavirus, Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Senator Mike Lee of Utah, and Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.  Two of the senators, Tillis and Lee, are on the Senate Judiciary Committee that will oversee the confirmation hearings for Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett.

Mitch McConnell has announced that he will delay the Senate’s return for two weeks, in light of the three who have the virus and others who may have been exposed.  However … he claims that the hiatus will not impact the confirmation hearings scheduled to begin on October 12thSay WHAT???  So, no useful business will be conducted, but he will continue to ramrod Barrett’s confirmation so that she can be seated before the election, or at the very least before the inauguration of (hopefully) Joe Biden in January.  I don’t know how he expects to do it, with two members of the Judiciary Committee out, or how he will gain a vote of 50 with three senators out and two, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, pledging they will not vote to confirm Barrett for they believe it is wrong to rush this confirmation.

Senator Ron Johnson is so eager to confirm Ms. Barrett that he said, “But if we have to go in and vote, I’ve already told the leadership, I’ll go in in a moon suit. We think this is pretty important.”  What an ass.

So, the people’s business will not be conducted in the Senate for the next two weeks, but a bigoted homophobic misogynist woman will be seated on the Supreme Court.  Wonderful, just what this damn country needs.  Well, ol’ Mitchie might find it harder than he thinks, especially if a couple more senators test positive for the virus and must quarantine.  Fingers crossed.  Sorry if that seems cruel, but the stakes are high here.

For four years now, I have been saying that this is no longer a country I recognize, and today that is truer than ever.  After the election, I will decide whether my family and I can continue to live here.  It isn’t just Trump or the bootlickers in Congress who have sold us downriver, but it is the 40% or so who even today, even after all that has happened, still cling to their “leader” and refuse to see or hear how far he has driven this country toward becoming a banana republic.  I don’t know that I can continue living among such people, nor that I even want to.

Until the election, though, I am full-steam ahead, and will continue to opine on the events of the day, to work with Jeff on our project to try to enlighten and encourage people to oust the clown in the Oval Office, so … hang on to your hats, my friends!  Twenty-eight days … exactly four weeks from today … until the election.

56 thoughts on “Inhumane, Cruel and Unconscionable

  1. My opinion about voting this year is it has nothing to do with Republican issues or Democratic beliefs, it is about getting an arrogant, insensitive asshole out of our government. For all the Republicans, just think, if Biden becomes president then the next election may be “normal”. Roe V. Wade…I can’t even begin to imagine what our world will be in 4 weeks if people don’t listen to the truth.

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  2. Ranting is fine; I do it myself. At this point, action is more important. The Biden-Harris campaign is well organized. I just signed up for texting to get out the vote for Biden-Harris and down ballot Dems everywhere. I’ll have a Zoom training session and will then devote 1 hour a day until the election. They need phone callers too—an army of volunteers.

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    • Sometimes, ranting is action if it enlightens. I give you two thumbs up for what you are doing. I would be hesitant, for I personally get so many unsolicited texts and calls that it was driving me crazy, until finally I installed a blocker on my phone that does not allow calls or texts from anyone not on my contact list. However, I do plan to volunteer to transport people to and from the polls on election day. It may not be much, but it’s the best I’ve got at the moment.


  3. I agree about getting out. That 40%, the brainwashed by Fox News and many other nefarious things are here to stay and they will try again and the racists and white nationalists will grow and the new trump Christianity will grow and demand more control. He could die tomorrow and not much will have changed because we are a dying country all due to greed and ignorance.
    I just wish I could leave if he’s ready elected. But alas, too old now, too tired and too settled.

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    • I am torn between wanting to “get the heck out of Dodge”, and staying to fight, to “give ’em hell, Harry”. Since I haven’t the means to leave (money), for now I’ll stay and fight, but … maybe not much longer, especially if the madman wins his re-election bid.

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  4. Excellent rant partner! Every day I keep thinking…well, surely this latest stunt will turn his base off. And of course it does no such thing. Deplorables…..every last one of them.

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    • Thanks Jeff!!! I have concluded that his base are lacking the ability to process information and draw logical conclusions. Now he has intentionally put his staff, his family and others at risk, yet the beat goes on … I doubt he’s lost any supporters over it all. Sigh. I’ll email this afternoon … a couple of things to discuss.

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  6. Jill, two-thirds of Americans per a CNN poll say the president mishandled his illness and how it impacted those around him. 60% said he has mishandled the pandemic. I wish him and others well, but he brought this on himself and others, who include his staff, base and donors. He and other senior staff do not only avoid masks, they mock staff who wear them and they work in close proximity to each other.

    The staff are scared and mad. Employees know when managers do not care about their welfare. This is a key reason the Trump White House has more turnover than any previous one. I would expect to see more, as the danger persists. They know the boss is concerned more with his perception than their reality. By the way, days 7 to 10 are the key days of concern for the president, so he is not out of the woods.


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    • I think his staff should qualify for hazardous duty pay! How many more will he infect because he must feed his massive ego? When will we wake up and hold this ‘man’ accountable for his unconscionable actions? Two-thirds of the nation agree that he mishandled his own illness, and three-fifths agree that he has bungled the entire response to the coronavirus, and yet he is still considered to be “above the law”, hence he is allowed to go about spreading the seeds of a deadly virus to his staff, members of Congress, and ultimately the public.

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  7. they are in the right to confirm the judge because they have the senate and presidency and there’s nothing unconstitutional about that. You just don’t like her because you’re erroneously fearful that rowe v wade is going to be overturned. It didn’t happen with cavinaugh like the unhindged left predicted so why would it happen now?
    Rowe v wade isn’t the only issue and as you know, I don’t think abortion should be an issue at all. Let people decide what they want to do about the matter, either pro or against. government shouldn’t take either side on the issue and that also means they shouldn’t fund planned parenthood, who, though they don’t just do abortions as you have rightly pointed out, they do provide that service and it shouldn’t be funded in any way by the government, it’s none of their business what a woman does with her body as you correctly point out.
    and since this organization is funded by the government, they are taking a side on an issue that they should expressly not have a say in.

    Before I post my comment, I looked and didn’t see the typical “you’re posting with your wordpress account, so I don’t know what’s going on with that and I don’t know how to fix it. If it does show my username like it did when I commented on Jolly Monday, then I guess it’s fixed and this whole disclaimer was unnecessary.

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    • WordPress is having issues, or playing around with things, I believe, for I have had the same issue … I post a comment and it asks me to enter my name and email address or else sign in with my WordPress account … when I am already signed in! I wish they would stop trying to make “improvements” and just fix what they have!

      No, Roe v Wade isn’t the only issue, and I agree … it shouldn’t be an issue at all. Women have the right to control their own bodies, just as do men. But, the evangelicals have made it an issue. Another issue that shouldn’t be one is that of Obergefell v Hodges that gave same-sex couples the right to marry. It should not be the business of the government or religious right to decide who a person can love. But again, the evangelicals are determined to turn this into a “Christian” nation at all costs. So yes, it is important that we not put a homophobic, misogynistic bigot like Ms. Barrett on the Supreme Court … we already have a few of them there, like Thomas, Alito, Kavanaugh, and Gorsuch.

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  8. The most horrific part of these ‘base’ people for Emperor Cheetoh Head is that many are people I know, family and those I considered friends. Nothing he does fazes them. To those who think it is fine to wish him well just because he caught Covid I want to ask you something. If it is ok to wish a man well who has purposely locked up children from another country and left them to die, has incited White Supremacy groups to harm or kill if necessary-news reporters, protestors and, as of late, ‘non purebloods’(Hitler, Voldemort?) as well knowingly exposing who knows how many people to a potentially deadly virus; then why do these same people not get out and protest against capitol punishment and abolish the death sentence for other rapists, murderers and psychopaths? I see no difference but that they were convicted and he is protected by his fame and money, all of which have been gained under illegal and/or false pretense. He is no hero, no Savior, no decent human being; and if he WERE the right hand of God, I daresay God would cut it off for surely it doth offend the Creator of this world.

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    • I completely understand, for about half of the people I thought were sane, caring people are now pro-Trump and I find it difficult to even carry on a conversation with them. This includes family, even some young 20-something nieces. The adoration for him, despite his many atrocious actions, is incredible. I cannot find a single explanation for it that makes sense. No, my friend, he is no hero … he is, in my book, Public Enemy #1 and needs to go by whatever means necessary.

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      • The Daily Show routinely goes out and interviews his base with often inane questions which thypey blindly answer yes to, making for a comical episode pointing towards their general idiocy. But yesterday they posted ine they did in which they went to Michigan and asked a group of Magamaniacs very pointedly what they thought about his remarks regarding molesting women and the proven p…. commentary he made years ago. You would not believe the blind support from all, even those calling themselves wives and young sons. I was aghast at what they said. But I loved the interviewer because he just kept pummeling them with, “Do you say things like this? Does your husband speak this way? Does your father speak this way? Would your pastors speak this way?” In every instance, the answer was no but also they would still vote for him. What I want to see happen is for someone to capture one of these slippery pig folk and inject them with truth serum, than ask one question. Why would you vote for him no matter what illegal, immoral, unjust or vile he did? The answer would be surprisingly simple and appalling. Because hisbehavior says I can do whatever I want and no one can touch me. For that he is their hero.

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        • Wow … that leaves me (nearly) speechless! And most likely those are people who consider themselves to have high religious values. Sigh. Yes, in large part it is because he has basically given them license to act in whatever way they please, being racist, homophobic, and more. It speaks volumes about their own character … or lack thereof.

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  9. Trump:F**ckwit. Action toy of The Right-Wing voters. That’s all we need to know.
    I make it a socialist style point of having him as a sort of non-person, thus every time I see a headline or photo of him I just move onto another item I don’t even spend time reading anything about him. Why bother, I know it will be another portrait of the ridiculous and the inexcusable circumstance of him being in The Whitehouse.

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    • For me, sir, and ma’am, I still listen, and read, but it just doesn’t affect me the way it did even a month ago. I am going to live my life as I see fit! and not worry anymore about how DumpystiltOrangeskin and his ilk are destroying the world as we know it.
      I have come to the conclusion the damage is already done, and it isn’t going to be healed by the results if one election–an election I cannot even vote in. This may seem defeatist, and I apologize if you feel that way, but I cannot control what happens in Ottawa, Washington DC, London, Moscow, or any other world capitol. But I can control, at least a bit, what happens in my sphere of influence, as small as that is.
      Believe it or not, Covid-19 is the factor that freed me up from Trump-hating long enough to see how sick I had become, how sick the whole world has become! Watching all the stupidity over mask-wearing and social-distancing or not-mask-wearing or not-social-distancing has opened my eyes to the fact the human race is more of a failure than even I gave it credit for, and I have believed most of my conscious life that we are a failure best eradicated. That is no longer a belief
      but a fact! We were, and still are, a noble experiment, but all hope is gone for us. We came, we saw, and we failed miserably. Caesar would be so proud of us!

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      • An experiment gone as wrong ad possible. People expected a Damien as the antichrist but instead they got a Trumpster dumpster. I watched The Day the Earth Stood Still a few nights ago, then walked outside and gazed up into the skies, hopefully. 😞

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        • Was that the 1950s movie, or is there a remake? Back then humans still felt they had a duty to the universe. That idea fades away the more Dumpy and his henchmen conclude their only duty is to themselves, and remaking the world into their own image. Yah, I guess they can be said to want to be gods, but they are so short-sighted they cannot see beyond the size of their wallets, and bank accounts. And the people worship them in droves; they deserve whatever they get.

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      • I came to the same conclusion you did when Trump was inaugurated… all hope lost, time to abandon ship. I’m an ex-pat no longer living in the US, and soon will renounce my citizenship. The experiment in democracy has run it’s it’s course but it was always an illusion. The power players behind the scenes will always be there while the poor and disenfranchised will always be exploited. It has now become so egregious the even the most obtuse can discern the injustice. Trump is the culmination of this rapacious and inhumane injustice that infected the world.
        May I suggest ex-pat relocate to a country where there’s real community, and people are (mostly) decent, caring and compassionate. In all my travels there are a handful of such places. Mexico and Puerto Rico ranks high on my list. Canada, Mallorca, Russia, Cuba are wonderful as well. Mind you I’m referring to the people and culture, not their respective governments, as all gov’t have their issues… but non so as offensive, noxious as the US.

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      • My response to you would likely be much different if you weren’t Canadian and unable to vote either for or against the Oaf in the Oval. In that case, I would hammer home the fact that we cannot make changes if we don’t try. But, under the circumstances, I’m just glad to know that you have found a way to be at least content amidst the chaos to the south of you.

        While I have often said, and sometimes believe, that the human species is a failed experiment and that the planet will be better off once we have self-extincted, I do still believe that we can turn things around. Will we? Doubtful, but we could if we tried, if people bothered to care about others and educate themselves. Sigh. LuL

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      • I can be very ‘Darwinian’ about this and say that if this species does not change its ways it will go the way of others which failed to adapt and will become in our case just a very thin smear on the fossil record…bye-bye you had your chance and blew it. In ten million years time gone and forgotten while the planet and Life moves on.
        However I can also take my historical stance and assert that in comparison with the previous ages and eras, this is nothing new, its just that we have a media to advise us of every twitch and tingle, then we all comment. Therefore bearing in mind the ignoble fall of the worst of them (recent examples Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pol Pot, to name but a few) these creatures can be toppled. More to the point these creatures can in most cases be avoided if folk are given the gift of the VOTE, the result of toppling someone like Trump will not be perfect, in fact consider the rabid wing of his supporters there will be a backlash HOWEVER not to take part in toppling him makes an American citizen guilty of a disregard for those disadvantaged and currently held in detention for the crime of being poor. Not taking part is simply supporting action toy Trump and satisfying all those who put him there. Simple as that.
        There again you have my own unashamedly authoritarian approach based on the premise that you can’t trust folk to run society and freedom is something earned if you can prove you are responsible (Which means a lot of prisons and correction facilities)….I can say this because it an’t never gonna happen- it’s a dream

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        • Speaking of Darwinian, did you hear Jason Kenney’s response to the Canadian feds announcing a ban on single use plastics? He not only thinks the feds are overstepping their boundaries vis-a-vis provincial constitutional rights, but it is his intention to produce more plastics in order to save his oil and gas economy, but he is going to build a bigger plastics recycler to offset the effects of all the plastics he is going to produce. Talk about throwing good money after horrible decisions, the man has no sense of his own empire. Fully 90% of Albertans do NOT recycle their plastics right now. He thinks because he builds a new recycling plant that is going to change Albertan’s habits. Producing more plastics will just end up with 90% more of them ending up in landfills. He is as out of touch with our population as Trump is with his. All pomp, no circumstance. The world is going to hell in a Kenney oil refinery. His head is buried so deep in the oilsands the only thing sticking up is his stinking-oil asshole.

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              • Yeah, like there were all these guys sitting around and saying:
                ‘I tell ya Martha (or whatever) to stop with the worryin’. The rain will ease off. I mean did you ever hear of it raining for 20 days, never mind 40? I’m gonna have a word with the council about that crazy coot Noah down the road building that big boat. He’s blocking the view, an’ what’s with all those animals. He’s running the neighbourhood I tell ya,’
                ‘Hey Felicity. Are you coming with me an’ the rest of the girls? Like that volcano is totally the scene, an’ (giggle) those cool charioteers from our home team The Pompeii Thunderers will be there’
                ‘Dashed shame that Carruthers! Daphne and I were going to have our photos taken alongside of the Titanic when she berths in New York, but that wretched iceberg will have scraped the paint work and will quite spoil the ambience of the scene. Oh well, we’re for an early night,’

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    • Well, while I fully agree with your assessment of him, I still read the articles, for I still think it’s important to know what he’s up to. If all of us began ignoring him, it would be a huge blow to his ego, which I would love, but at the same time, he would have carte blanche to do as he pleased, since none of us would be watching. A double-edged sword, so to speak.

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