Wise Words From A Wise Woman

I had not planned to post again this evening, but when this video came to my attention, I … just had to share it with you, my friends.  Please watch … Michelle Obama has always been well-spoken and passionate about the causes she believes in, and today is no exception.  For eight years, she was the First Lady … and in every way, she was a true First Lady … caring, compassionate, intelligent … and today she is still the same … fighting for people, for humanity.

17 thoughts on “Wise Words From A Wise Woman

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  2. These are indeed wise words from a wise woman. The sad part is that those who need to hear and heed will most likely do neither one nor the other. Michelle’s necklace says it all! Thank-you!

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    • Therein lies the problem … as my grandmother used to say, “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.” Michelle Obama, Pete Buttigieg, bloggers like myself, Jeff, Keith and more, can speak all the wise words in our vocabulary, we can speak the truth, present facts, but the people who need to hear us stuff cotton in their ears and don their rose-tinted glasses. Sigh.


    • She definitely is. She added dignity and class to the White House for the 8 years she lived there … unlike the current occupants. I doubt her message will change any minds, but … she tried and did a great job, I thought.

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